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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on August 31, 2007
Author,Jeff Lindsay had an inspiration upon looking at a crowd "serial murder isn't always a bad thing." Dexter is a blood splatter specialist who works for the Miami Police, he spends some of his off time hunting, confirming the facts of the subjects crimes, then the killing and disposal of someone who kills the innocent. Dexter is a serial killer who targets serial killers using the 'Code of Harry' inspired by his dead adopted father. Season one of Showtime's Dexter is based upon the first of Jeff Lindsay's books, with the 'Ice Truck Killer'. The series and the books eventually begin to part ways, without going into the differences and similarities of the series and books I have only one fan reaction, it's the best cable series I've seen. Michael Hall was great in Six Feet Under but I prefer him as Dexter Morgan. I think that Dexter attracts and repels as you may root for a truly bad person being erased from the world while at the same time wondering about the methods used to trap them. The strongest feature of the show is Dexter's growing involvement in the world around him which includes his sister Deb (a cop initially trapped in a 'sex suit' working as a vice cop), his girlfriend Rita (damaged by an abusive husband), and his co-workers. Dexter is a new kind of monster, one I'm not ashamed to watch shrink wrap his way into a second season.

My only complaint is that the DVD has only 2 commentaries first on disc 2 the episode 'Return to Sender' and the second for the season one finale 'Born Free'. The Slim set is my preferred packaging, each disc not just floating around to fall on the floor when the package is opened.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 3, 2010
I found Season 1 of "Dexter" in a used record store about 2 years ago for a great price.

I put off watching it because of my apprehension about its violence and gore but after viewing the complete Season 1 I realize all my fears were unnecessary.

I loved Michael C. Hall's portrayal of uptight David Fisher in "Six Feet Under" and he has the acting ability and personality to pull off essaying a character as complex as Dexter Morgan.

At first, I despised Lauren Velez as Lt. Maria Laguerta because of her self-serving attitude and nasty power-tripping but she has become a very likeable character. The writers have slowly peeled back the layers of Maria and let her vulnerable, human qualities come to the surface.

C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka is hysterical to watch as he makes lewd comments to any females in the vicinity that border on sexual harrassment.

The acting and writing on "Dexter" is all top-drawer.

I feared the story content and locale would borrow from the CSI franchise, which I have seen and cannot say I enjoy at all. The murky photography and MTV-style editing do not sit well with this viewer. I was glad to see "Dexter" does not share these negative traits.

Though it took a few episodes to get hooked, once the Ice Truck Killer plotline kicked in, I was addicted and had to pace myself to one or two episodes a night until I got to the gripping Season Finale. I did have an inkling of the killer's identity though, due to the way the character was introduced.

The creepiest scenes were in Episode #10 ("Seeing Red") where Dexter encounters a horrificly bloody crime scene which unleashes some disturbing repressed memories. (The hotel room rivals the infamous room 237 from "The Shining" featuring those creepy twin girls).

Thankfully, there is not a lot of gratuitious gore in the series, considering it's a cable property.

If you are unsure of this series due to its premise, the gore is minimal and is as tastefully handled as can be. I highly recommend "Dexter" as one of the best current offerings on TV.
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on January 27, 2011
Everyone knows that Dexter features a serial killer who only preys on other killers, but what it's 'about' is so much more than that. This series gives us one of the most subversive, complex, and challenging looks at morality on television and, for my money, the first season does it better than any other. Subsequent years would see improvements in acting, writing, etc., but I dare anyone to find tighter plotting or character development over twelve episodes.

Dexter's pursuit of the 'Ice Truck Killer' grabs you the throat in the first episode and doesn't let go until the incredible conclusion. Along the way we're treated to a wonderfully twisted take on the super hero origin story as Dexter struggles to relate to other people while doing what he 'needs' to do. A series this dark isn't for everyone, but anyone that gives it a chance will be treated to some of the best writing and acting on TV.

The two commentary tracks are more self-congratulatory than insightful, lots 'ooo, this is a great scene' with Michael C. Hall's absence being truly unfortunate. Beyond that we get two 'meh' featurettes and a two 'bonus' episodes of Brotherhood. All due respect to that show, I think most fans would prefer the disc space go to material on the show they bought rather than to promoting another one.

The transfer is about as good as you're going to get without going to Blu-Ray. This show was never about blistering visuals, but its unique colour palette and cinematography come through well here along with the cringe inducing sound-effects of Dexter's trade. The menus are fugly but functional.

Bottom Line
Substandard extras just aren't enough to drag a series this good down. Dexter really is one of the best things on television and if you're only going to own one season, it needs to be the first.
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on April 13, 2008
You can believe all the superlative comments on the 5 stars-reviews. My brain grew lips of its own to produce a hidden grin of vicious pleasure while watching the episodes of this series. It is to TV series what H.R. Geiger is to visual arts: Not beautiful, definitely gory, not really ugly, but oh so fascinating you just can't stop watching.
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on January 2, 2008
Alright, I have been waiting for this review. I read all three of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter novels and have seen the first two seasons of the hit TV show and I can't express in words that this is the best show on television and possibly one of the best shows ever. Mind you everyone seems to enjoy a good comedy (Seinfeld) but for me to put this show in that elite category I need to justify my stance. For a show to make me talk to my self while watching it and get me from lying down, to sitting down, to being on the edge of my seat, to standing up, to kneeling by the television and once it ends watching it again on a later telecast or on demand - I have never ever had a sitcom or a movie elicit such gripping emotion and other than making me laugh, no comedy has ever made me sweat watching it. Putting aside the writing and the acting, the sheer emotion is why this show has to be ranked amongst the best ever.

Dexter is brilliant and intelligent and best of all not for everyone. The writing is the best I have ever seen and the acting especially from Michael C. Hall is as "real" and as genuine as acting can be. The show is an indirect spin off of the first novel with the same characters in a similar but actually better story line than the novel. If you read the novel(s) then you have to see the show and if you saw the show you might be a little disappointed in the novel(s). I was. I can't wait to write the review for the second season.
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on October 29, 2015
I had seen 1 episode on t.v. years ago and found it quite disturbing. It was recently recommended by a friend and so I took a chance and ordered season 1 and am now awaiting the complete series. Yes, it is violent and gory. Yes, I find it difficult to justify murder of even the worst criminals. It's still strangely satisfying to see the bad guys get nailed (or cut up).
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on November 20, 2010
Dexter is a well thought out show, full of twists and suspense.
The characters are all easy to like. Even when they shouldn't be.
My only complaint is that there are just not quite enough episodes.
We can watch a full season in about a week. But that is not much
Of a complaint.
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on May 12, 2014
I was hooked on Dexter when it was on TV and wanted to rewatch. The first few seasons were amazing and how could you not love this adorable serial killer?
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on February 10, 2014
Best series ever! It's funny to like a serial killer...oh well! I can't wait for the other seasons. Just have to find the time :(
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on March 18, 2014
Didn't think I like it but it was great. The premise is different and the cast is first rate as well. I'm going on to season 2 .
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