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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on April 1, 2014
For those who are unfamiliar with the series, the title accurately depicts what this game is about. However, what the title doesn't tell you is that this game isn't just a hack n' slash, but one to be mastered: monsters are unique beings to the extent that each one has their own ecology, set of attacks, and personality - a velocidrome (picture an "ice" raptor) will summon its pack as quickly as possible to tear your bones while a mammoth has no interest in you... a dragon will attack you head-on with flames while a vespoid (giant stinging bug) will only attack you when your back is turned. There are more than 50 of these animals, each with their different strengths and weaknesses, behaviours, and unique builds and movements. Each world (swamps, forests, volcano, desert...) is so beautifully designed that I constantly find myself starring at a rainbow, a lava river, or the northern lights even after 85 hours of playtime.

And so the game is beautiful, however, what makes it such an engaging experience is how the game grounds itself into reality. As you face new creatures, short documentary-type videos are made available, pulling you deeper into the world. Furthermore, the game's animation is the most realistic depiction of animals the psp has ever had. This whole world from volcanoes to beach shores is just so beautiful, that you find yourself wishing it could all be real.

But what kept me playing after 80 hours? It is true that seeing the next monster is a thrill worth playing for, however, the game entices you with much more; including countless weapon improvements and armor improvements that can only be obtained by salvaging limbs and bones from slain animals. The stronger the monster you kill, the better the weapon you can create. This is a great incentive to keep playing, but isn't nearly close to the draw that comes with defeating a monster who has taken you down so many times before. Words cannot explain that epic feeling of relief and accomplishment. And farming afterwards while you reminisce is so soothing and relaxing that it all feels perfect.

Unfortunately, I have never had the experience of playing online with friends, or anyone for that matter, but I still gave this game five stars. Although it is much more difficult, the game absolutely holds up as a lone hunter title. You feel full glory for everything that you do as you aren't relying on "stronger" allies to take down a beast. Instead, only mastery of a monster's behavior will lead you to victory. And it has been, at 80 hours I'm currently working on level 4 missions (of 5). I've completed all the earlier ones and I'm sure that I will be able to complete all of these ones as well.

To conclude, this is the ultimate psp game, I came back to it March 2014 and fell completely in love with it all over again. The biggest downside is that you will be looking at a 15 hour learning curve before you really "get" the game. However, once you defeat your first wyvern you'll be having the time of your life.
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on December 1, 2008
Monster hunter Freedom 2 is a game of skill, not button mashing, and achievements. To summarize your pretty much a an assasin/gladiator, except instead of trying to kill people, you kill monsters. I love this game, it's so much fun ONCE YOU GET INTO IT (which unfortunately took me about 10 hours to start fulling enjoying the game). Eventually, you'll understand the strategy behind killing monsters, and you'll start looking forward to doing farming. You have alot of motivation to play this game because you become truly proud and satisfied once you defeat a monster that has slaughtered you so many times before, your so happy as you run around your farm fishing mining picking mushroom and catching bugs. And your of course very excited to obtain the items needed to upgrade and invent new armor and weapons, however that's all the game is good for. The farm becomes and dedioues chore when you haven't accomplished anything big, and it just involves alot of clicking and waiting, bery repititious. Also, your dream weapong is about 20 hours away, the weapon that you master and you want to invent is very hard to obtain the parts. However, i'm not one who can go online,so i'm sure the friends you make who are further in the game can help you out. My last complaint is the difficulty, it becomes so hard, and i'm experienced, i've played about sisxty hours. I can't beat certain monsters, and I've been perseverent with killing the monsters before them, but the efoort that continouly increases just becomes impossible. However, if you can go online, I've heard there's always people online so with the help of three other people, i'm sure the tasks are do-able, but by yourself... yeah right. Anyways, if you have wireless interent and like games online, this is probably the best game for that, but without the help of random strangers, it's only a 3 and a half star.
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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - PSP, great follow up to the original, improves upon the original in every way! If you liked the first one, then you won't be disappointed by the sequel!
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on July 29, 2016
Got here good condition no problems great game
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