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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on April 23, 2009
I just received this box set and I am very disappointed in the packaging. It's probably the cheapest most flimsy box set I have, and I have many of them. It has three sections that open like a book, 1 DVD on each side. I will have to manipulate it like holding eggs so it doesn't crack or break into pieces like the Star Trek Voyager packaging that has already started to decay after only two viewings.
The Star Trek original series box set (re-mastered) that I also find cheap and flimsy by the way is much better than TNG box set. I expect much better from a franchise like Star Trek and for the price they are asking I expect quality.
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on December 29, 2010
While I love the show, the packaging is very disappointing. While some people may think packaging isn't important, this is the worst DVD packaging I've ever scene. It falls apart, it isn't organized, it's ugly, and all around hard to store. I'm personally going to buy DVD cases, and make my own packaging, because of how poor the packaging is for this expensive set. I would never have thought packaging could make me regret a purchase, but this set as proved me wrong.

As far as the actually DVDs, they are surprisingly bad quality. They actually look better on my non HD T.V. station, compared to my 480p DVD player. This is quite shocking, as the quality should be at least on par with what's on T.V. not worse. While I'd still rather watch the DVD as it is a lot more conventient, it still might not be worth the purchase for some people if you have a big DVR/PVR harddrive and could record the episodes from your T.V.

As much as I love the series, the packaging and bad quality may not warrent a purchase. This is the worst DVD series I've ever bought for these issues.
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on December 27, 2011
Usually, I have had a good experience with buying DVD movies or TV shows. Movies, even in regular DVD format will have a pretty decent quality and would give me no need to buy something of higher video quality. So I sat down and watched a few episodes of TNG and had a bit of the buyers remorse. I wished that the video quality was better, like my Transformers or The Rock DVD (again, non-Blu-ray). The video quality was pretty much identical to the original TV quality when I received analog TV through the antennas. I started to wonder if I should have waited for the Blu-ray release set to come January 2012. I may actually appreciate it more. However, with an Amazon deal for 60%+ off, this regular DVD set was quite a good value! I can't imagine holding out a year or two for the TNG Blu-rays to become remotely close in price. So, if I had money to throw around, I would wait for the Blu-ray release, but as a TNG fan on a budget, this will do just fine.

A word on the box itself. I have seen box sets nicely and organized, like the Friends box set for example. It clearly divides DVD's into seasons and you can find an episode within those sections. The TNG box set however, is a super space efficient setup. The discs are mounted onto a slim panel of green plastic. The thing is, it does not quite organize them into any visually appealing order. It really might as well be thrown into a spindle for you to go through and find. The only thing you can do is sticky tape and label and sort them on your own - like doing a job that the manufacturer and designers should have done themselves.

The extras. So the advertisements claim that the Box Set comes with a replica of the USS Enterprise Dedication Plaque. Eventually I found it. It is just a crappy printout on the folded poster/guide enclosed with the DVD's. This was not cool whatsoever.

Originally, I was going to give this box set a 4/5 stars for losing one star for having made no improvements to video whatsoever, but now I'm taking away another star for a disappointing me with lazy DVD organization and not having a good quality USS Enterprise Dedication Plaque.

The only thing that is keeping my review above 2 stars is because the series is so good.
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on October 29, 2016
Only in the 4:3 ratio? Why go through all the trouble of converting to blu-ray and not use 16:9? The quality is good and I am enjoying re watching the episodes. Still waiting for Voyager to go blu-ray and when it does cbs please do not make the same mistake with the ratio.
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