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on March 30, 2017
Thank you infinitely, everything is perfect.
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on April 29, 2014
DVD came fast Perfect picture quality
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on November 20, 2002
Yes, "Jingle All the Way" is chock full of bad acting and ridiculous situations, but hey, it's a Holiday comedy, and a darn good one! And for those of us who are really into Christmas shopping and have been on that search for the elusive "must have toy of the year," it really touches a nerve!
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Howard Langston, a workaholic father who's failing with his family. He is constantly breaking promises and missing family events, simply by being absent minded and overly concerned with his business. When he shows up far too late for his son Jamie's Karate presentation, he realizes he's got some major sucking up to do. Howard immediately offers to get his son anything he wants for Christmas as a quick fix. But little does Howard know that the toy Jamie wants, the official Turbo Man action figure, is the hottest toy of the season! No stores in town have one! And tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!!
Howard gets an early start in the morning, arriving at a toy store that hasn't opened yet and already has a large crowd outside. Here he meets his biggest competition, an unstable mailman named Myron (Sinbad). Myron is also an inexperienced shopper who's son has asked for a Turbo Man figure. Both men are shocked and angered when everyone in the store mocks them upon hearing what they are looking for, and this is where their heated rivalry begins. Howard and Myron bump into each other at location after location in their search for the evasive toy, and continue to physically abuse each other at nearly every encounter, and every bit of it is quite hilarious! And in addition to dealing with Myron's attacks while searching for Turbo Man, Howard has to keep tabs on his intrusive neighbor, Tim (Phil Hartman), who is continuously making plays for Howard's wife, Liz (Rita Wilson). It's not as confusing as it sounds, but it's a lot for a man to have to worry about on Christmas Eve when he's gotta meet his family at a parade later on that same day.
"Jingle All the Way" is a great Christmas adventure that is full of laughs and mayhem! It's not supposed to be "It's A Wonderful Life," it's just supposed to be funny! And it is, if you have any sort of sense of humor at all, and any experience with last minute shopping during the Holiday Season! Arnold Schwarzenegger is still not a great actor, but he plays the role of a helpless, inexperienced shopper rather well, and this is probably my favorite of all his movies that I've seen. Sinbad is great as nutty mailman Myron, and Phil Hartman steals the movie as Tim, the seemingly perfect single dad that all the neighborhood women want, but who only has eyes for Liz. And upon repeated viewings, Jake Lloyd (who plays Arnold's son) isn't as annoying as everyone says. "Jingle All the Way" may not be as magical as "Miracle On 34th Steet," but it still qualifies as an annual MUST WATCH Christmas movie for this viewer, and probably many others! Heck, I've already seen it twice this year, and it's still a week till Thanksgiving!
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on December 23, 2001
Jingle All The Way is the kind of Xmas film that seems sweet to some, but tart to others. You just have to get into the groove of what the film is about, which is the craziness of the hectic holiday shopping season. Every year there's some big toy out there that every kid must have (anyone remember Tickle Me Elmo?) and it's always up to the parents to find them. How many parents can put themselves in Arnold Schwarzenegger's shoes when they are overworking and forget to get their child his or her all time favorite toy for Xmas? Yes, the film is a bit cartoonish which allows it to have that fantasy element at the end which is a rehash of the opening scene of the Turbo Man TV show. The craziness of finding the doll is also enhanced from what would happen in real life, not to lose the "real" feel, but to just take it a step beyond which is what always happens when you tell your friends stories and each time you tell them, they become more farfetched and unbelievable (just like the film :-) Sinbad is just hilarious as Myron the mailman, who's a little too competitive for his own good to get a Turbo Man doll. This is definately more of a Xmas movie for the Guys, although I know a few women who like it too. And for those who don't like it the first time may enjoy it after a few more viewings.
The DVD is nothing special...just a Theatrical Trailer as the only bonus feature and it is shown in Widescreen (1.85:1). I wish 20th Century Fox would release a "Special Edition" and include the extended scenes shown in the Television Version which include: 1) The Mall Santa (Jim Belushi), his midget cohort & Arnold exchange extra dialogue as they're driving to the Santa factory, 2) Jim Belushi breaks out into song at the Santa Factory singing about "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot". 3) At the diner, Sinbad explains more about what the Johnny Seven O.M.A. Gun can do with Arnold: discussing all seven individual guns that it contains in greater detail. 4) As Arnold is driving back home in a tow truck (since his car was stripped) he gives the female driver different versions of how he should suck up to Liz, his wife (Rita Wilson), for screwing up so badly. There is also an extended ending after Arnold is carried off at the end, but this scene is also used in the theatrical version after the end credits have finished.
The scenes were added for TV to fill time because the film is only 85 minutes long and even with added commercials, some time needed to be filled. And FOX should even get Arnold & Sinbad together for a DVD audio commentary which would be a lot of fun to listen to.
So, to those who love the movie, more power to you! To those who don't, give it another chance. It'll grow on you.
"It's Turbo Time!"
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on October 26, 2000
I have been a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan ever since I can remember watching movies. A big part of my fascination with the big guy is because of the image he has produced of himself. That tough-guy image was shattered when he played a pregnant man in Junior. While many people applauded his willingness to change his image, many of us were rather close to tears. This film wasn't what I needed after watching the previous disaster. Here Arnie plays a devoted father who goes out of his way to get his son his favorite doll. The movie shows promise early on but doesn't deliver. It goes for cheap laughs all the way and it let's Sinbad carry way too much weight. Sinbad has got to be one of the worst comedy actors of all time.
Arnie can be funny, he proved that in Twins. That was a good film and he didn't abandon everything that many of us have come to admire of him. In this film, he even makes countless jokes of his earlier films and roles, and in a very poor manner. I thougt that after this film, Arnie couldn't make any more really bad films. I was wrong-Batman and Robin had yet to surface.
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on April 16, 2000
Jingle All the Way is a highly entertaining movie for the Christmas season. It is very reminiscent of pleasures and pains the holiday season can bring. Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is an ordinary business/familyman who promises to buy his son Jamie (Jake Lloyd) a TurboMan, the season's hottest selling toy, for Christmas to make up for breaking past promises. Little does the big man realize, every other last-minute shopper in Minneapolis including stressed-out postman Myran Larabee (Sinbad) is looking for the exact same toy. And the toy is nearly sold out! So what starts out as the simple pursuit for an action figure gift turns into a hilarious Christmas shopping nightmare.
I think that anyone who has gone through the pains of last-minute Christmas shopping, especially for young children, will identify with this film. This action/drama/comedy is sure to get Christmas lovers to feel the warmth of the spirit of the season. Furthermore, Jingle All the Way sends a very positive message to parents, that in the end the true parental hero is the one who has the love, trust, and respect of his/her kids.
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on October 7, 2000
I can't beleive this movie gets the bad reviews it does, but it seems to be a love it/hate it relationship. Even Dr. Laura chimed in about how bad this was, but at least she admits she didn't watch it all (else I think she may change her mind).
First - unless you watch it to the conclusion, you may think it's about parental materialism and purchased loyalties. IT'S NOT! In fact, the end of the movie very firmly reinforces the idea that Christmas is NOT about materialism.
I don't want to spoil the plot for you, but so many bad reviews may lead you away from this movie if I do not dispell at least some of them. The movie is in fact quite heart-warming. Where others have said that the kid is annoying and materialistic, he is the one who best demonstrates true christmas spirit at the end by admiting that it is not the TOY that matters at all - in fact he GIVES IT AWAY after getting it, in favour of a BETTER gift: his own father.
The supposedly leacherous character of hartman is, in fact, leacherous. But his target (Arnold's wife) quite firmly affirms her monogomous loyalty by cold-cocking the leacher upside his noggin. Also, at the end.
And Sinbad's performance is pure, well, Sinbad! I love this guy. An overweight postman trying to outrun the President's Fitness Council chairman! HA! Running down the street throwing mail overboard to lighten the load! I don't think this part was written for Sinbad... No, I think he improvised most of it himself! It's great!
Don't listen to the naysayers. I suppose these people completely missed the point of the movie which was driven home very strongly in the end.
Buy it! I did, and it's one of my favourites.
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on November 13, 2001
"Jingle All the Way" is a holiday film in the mode of a "Home Alone" that has alot of problems. Arnold tries so hard to make this movie work. In fact, he is trying so hard to come across as a funny, put-upon, average joe that it's almost painful to watch. I did laugh at parts of this film especially in the middle when the pursuit for the toy was at its peak.
However, the major problems with this movie are the: ending, Sinbad's characters transformation from funny to dangerous, and Jake Lloyd. The ending is so incongrous with the rest of the movie, with it's big budget special effects and fight sequences, that the only explanation for it can be is that the producers decided to throw Arnold's action fans a bone just for watching him in the slapstick, family film that is the rest of the movie. Sinbad's character starts off as goofy and likeable, but ends the film as seriously deranged and scary. Last, and most certainly least, is the awful, awful Jake Lloyd. (I must admit that I do have a prejudice against him in that I believe that little Jakey should not have been allowed within a thousand miles of the "Phantom Menace" set, let alone be given the most important role. "Jingle All the Way" was made before the "Phantom Menace," and it really makes one wonder what in heaven's name did George Lucas see in this kid's acting?) Jake Lloyd doesn't have the talent to act in a toothpaste commercial let alone a major motion picture. He makes young Macauley Caulkin look like a master thespian in comparison. My theory why Jake got these movie roles- his parents aren't a pain in the neck like most other parents of child actors. That is the only explaination I can think of.
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on May 28, 2002
Last minute shopping has never been so much fun! It's an exhilarating experience that so many of us have gone through for our children. I say, why don't you forget shopping for Harry Potter toys or Legos, just buy "Jingle All the Way" for the whole family to embrace! The movie has the Jehovah known as Arnold Schwarzenegger (he alone should be the only reason why you should purchase this Christmas delight). Sinbad, yes, the man who brought you such hidden treasures such as, "Houseguest" and "First Kid". Comical! The late Phil Hartman whose legacy will live on forever and an annoying little brat that wants a TurboMan doll. Go away kid! But, aside from the runt, let me just tell you that Arnold gives a hearted performance as a loving, but ignorant father searching for the most popular toy for his son on Christmas Eve. He runs into Sinbad, a postal worker, Robert Conrad playing a silly police officer and many insane parents! An amazing experience that many of us can relate to! I remember fighting the crowds to get myself the Tickle Me Elmo doll! Wow!
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on November 13, 2001
This is one of the funniest Christmas movies I've ever seen! As you may know, Arnold Schwarzenegger's crybaby son is pestering him for a Turboman action figure. Since Arnold's long hours at his job have caused him to neglect his son, Arnold decides to make it up to him by getting the Turboman. You may recognize Arnold's son as the little brat from the Star Wars Phantom Menace.
Arnold spends an hour or so driving around and running through malls trying to find the Turboman. Along the way, he hooks up with Sinbad, who also wants the Turboman for his son. Some funny hijinks occur during their Turboman crusade.
Once of the funniest scenes in the movie occurs at a Turboman parade on Christmas Eve. Turboman's sidekick, a pink sabertooth tiger named Booster, gets knocked off a float by Sinbad. I almost lost it when all of the kids at the parade started kicking Booster. That was one of the funniest move scenes I've ever seen.
All in all, this is a great family film.
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