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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 15, 2004
While I am nowhere near a 50 something, and closer to a 30 something, I can still appreciate an intelligent romantic comedy with a convincing and witty cast. I love Diane Keaton's character, especially with her quirky hang-ups (no pun.) Humor, charm, intellect and vulnerability ring true for both her and Nicholson, to whom before this movie, I was not a huge fan. It inspires us all to develop our skills and talents and to never give up on finding our soul mate, regardless of how late in life he/she might arrive. It was precious in some parts, and soulful in others. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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on February 1, 2008
for once,we have a comedy/romance/drama that actually contains all
three elements in pretty equal measure.the main cast are all very good
in this one,as are the supporting players.i found the movie
heartwarming and touching,without being maudlin.the comedy bits are
handled well as are the dramatic and romantic moments.the movie is
dramatic without being melodramatic.the romantic moments are tender,but
not overdone.the comics moments are funny without being silly.the laugh
are honest in this movie.i felt the dialogue was sharp and witty,and
the story overall is written well.this is what might be considered a
"chick flick",but i'm a guy and i liked it.for me Something's Gotta
Give is a 4/5
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on July 19, 2004
Perhaps at 34 I am too young to 'get' this movie. I was hoping for a great romantic comedy, but found this one fell flat. Not even in the same universe as As Good as It Gets. After Jack Nicholson's character is stranded at Diane Keaton's house, I just lost interest. I didn't think he was anyone's dream man, and their love scene was frankly more than a little embarrassing. And the ending! Let's just say I find it very hard to believe a 60-something leopard would change his spots.
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on June 25, 2004
Looking at the impressive cast made up of Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Frances McDormand, Keanu Reeves, and Amanda Peet, one might think that this would be a brilliant film. In actuality, it's more of a brilliant facade.
First of all, the movie could have been pulled off in half the time that it was. I am not usually a person to get restless while watching movies, and after a half hour, I was thinking, 'Is it done yet?' It seemed to drag on and on and on, even though it was just barely over two hours.
Secondly, the plot is painfully cliche and utterly predictable. I knew what was going to happen far before it did. The ending would have been much better and much less cliche if Nicholson did not go to Paris (who does that sort of thing?!) and just got over Keaton. I don't know. It was a little too sappy for me.
And finally, I could have done without the weird sex scene. It didn't do it for me, and I don't enjoy see Nicholson getting it on because, frankly, he's sort of gross. I would have liked it much more if it were Keanu Reeves instead.
Overall, the movie was incredibly lame. Unless you enjoy predictable plot points and really long, sappy films, I wouldn't recommend it.
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on March 10, 2004
After numerous wonderful reviews, I went to watch this movie. It's entertaining if you don't mind being told in a movie when something funny is going to happen and that you should be prepared to laugh.
I am in my early 30s and have never known anyone (male or female) to find someone almost 3 times their age attractive, much less this film's Harry. Harry is not believable as a successful hop hop record producer nor is he believable as stud who can have any 20-something year old woman he wants. I give 20-something year old women more credit than that.
Erica weeps for days over the loss of her love Harry. She weeps as she pathetically tells him she loves him and she wishes it lasted more than a week. Later Erica tells Marin that she had never taken a chance with love before as she continues to cry. I was disgusted in the theater - close to walking out - crying over a over person who you loved for years and then betrayed you is believable - this farce was not. Give us a break - had Erica been 20 and Harry been 25 we would have chalked the short-term failed relationship to infatuation. Why just because these characters are older are we expected to believe the unbelievable? I give older women more credit than that.
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on April 23, 2004
Even as a straight female, I found the opening shots, scanning a variety of STUNNING women, engaged in their NYC lives, quite erotic, especially as choreographed to "Butterfly, by Crazy Town.
The rest of the film is "watch-able" - but highly unbelievable. Neither Diane Keaton, nor Jack Nicholson impressed me much. They're charming and quirky in the ways we're familiar with - watching them over so many years. This isn't a sexy film - and doesn't do much to negate stereotypes of aging men and women.
For me, Frances McDormund (spelling?) was the revelation of the film. She's the one who defies streotypes. She's cast as the no make-up, dressed like a boy, Women's Studie's Prof. She delivers a feminist rant one minute , and laughs at herself the next. Most surprsing, in going against stereotypes of the hot chick (like those at the beginning of the film), she is actually really sexy. She does a slightly lewd dance to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" - she's hot, funny, ostensibly single - yet happy. Now there's a woman I can identify with!
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on June 10, 2004
"Something's Gotta Give," is a movie starring Jack Nicholson as himself, Diane Keaton as the semi-neurotic character she's played in most of her movies, and Keanu Reeves as a nubile emergency room doctor who has yet to broaden his acting chops beyond "Evil Ted Logan."
My personal observations about the cast aside, the film is a decent romantic comedy that addresses the issue of love later in life. Except for the heart attacks, it seems never to change.
Erika Barry (Keaton) is a successful and brilliant playwright who wears turtle necks in the middle of summer. Her tightly wound world begins to unravel when she walks into her Hamptons beach house and finds Harry (Nicholson), her daughter's 63-year-old boyfriend, rummaging through the refrigerator in his underpants.
After a heart attack renders Harry unable to travel back to the city, he ends up staying with Erika during his recovery by order of Dr. Keanu. Never having dated a woman who wasn't freshly emerging from puberty, he is surprised by how much he appreciates her strength, wit, and experience. Less surprised is Dr. Keanu, a long time fan of her plays who falls instantly for her.
Even in the midst of a mild courtship with Dr. Keanu Erika can't help herself from falling in love with the surprisingly profound Harry. He seems to be in love with her as well, even using the word "soulmate" in a description of the affair. But it's not long before he's fully recovered and sowing his oats in the city again, leaving Erika feeling exposed and heartbroken.
After this, the movie goes from a romantic comedy for baby boomers to a film about the how the female spirit can triumph even after being trampled on by a philandering jerk. Erika gives the impression that she wouldn't do a minute of it over again if she had the chance, and goes on to turn every detail of her love affair into a hit play. She also begins dating Dr. Keanu again.
I'm not going to review the rest of the movie because that's where it would have ended if the story hadn't sacrificed its integrity for a happy ending. Overall, it was worth watching for the scenery and an accurate portrayal of love and heartbreak at any age, minus the cheap last half hour.
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on May 3, 2004
I love Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton..Without too much explanations, they are simply two of the best actors/actresses of all time.
But watching Something's Gotta Give, I can not but feel sheer disappointment at the result that could have been far better with a tighter script and better director.
First of all the problem with the film is its length, over two hours long..
I never minded long films, (I sat through Bertoluccis's Novencetto more times that I can remember without being aware or bothering too much with its length)..But to sit through two hours of an overstretched story that is drenched in sugary sentimentality was tiring.
Moreover, the problem with the film is too many unnecessary characters. For instance the characters of Frances McDormand and Paul Michael Glazer, although credited as stars, were too shallow, appearing in a couple of scenes at most and added nothing to the plot.
Amanda's Peet character was also very badly written: we see here at first falling for the rich older guy without sleeping with him, inexplicably telling him when they arrived at her mother's house: are you glad we waited?? !!! Then towards the end of the film and in a space of six months,( movie time), we see her the image of domesticity, married and three months pregnant!!
Keanu Reeves also inexplicably falls head over heels with Keaton's character, and their short romance is probably the lamest and most confusing I have seen in a film.
Now I have to mention few words about the acting of Nicholson and Keaton:
Nancy Meyers manages to get so much over the top acting from them, and fails miserably to get the right performances.
The scenes I cringed in the most are the ones we see them crying, probably intended to add some bittersweet humor, but it became overbearingly annoying.
When Nicholson cried at the very end of About Schmidt, I connected totally with him, and it was genuinely bittersweet because his tears reflected his whole story, his loneliness, frustration and tinge of hope for the future, in short they had deep meaning. In Something's Gotta Give, even for a comedy, it was totally pointless.
Yet I must say that there were few laughs in the first half of the movie, and some promise of a sweet romantic movie, unfortunately lost in the second half, ruining the whole film.
Having said all that, the only aspect of the film which I liked, was how refreshing to see people above sixty, falling in love and having sex..not many films have shown that.
I now must mention, maybe two trivial observations,that did not help this negative review.
The first is the issue of smoking..We see Keaton as an anti smoking healthy woman, but at the end she lights up!! Probably intended to reflect how she has lightened up..but it was a very wrong message to give (and this is coming from a smoker!!) it is time filmmakers take some responsibility in this very sensitive issue.
The other observation revolves around a scene when just before making love, Nicholson asks Keaton about birth control pills, and she naturally answers,no menopause!! Although it is kind of a funny dialog, she should have asked him instead whether he had a condom or not!! him being as it has been over emphasized,a sexually promiscuous man..again this would have been a good message to send at a time when sexual transmitted diseases and especially AIDS are still very much with us, and more so with straight people..
So Something's Gotta Give is a missed opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of talent involved, and a proof that excellent actors are not enough to make a good movie.
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on May 10, 2004
Actually, "Something's Gotta Give" could have been an ordinary romantic comedy. The story is not a surprising one, because it is a romantic comedy, of which ending we all know before the film starts. But the point is, it is an enjoyable, and in a sense, quite a unique film thanks to the two great leads -- Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. And greatness in that order.
Jack Nicholson's chracter Harry is a successful businessman who made his fortune in music industry. He is 63 years old, but makes it a rule to date only a girl below a certain age, like, 20. And now, he is happily having a fun with beautiful Marin played by Amanda Peet.
But now, in a quiet seaside house, he meets someone who might or might not make him bend the golden rule of dating. Interestingly, it is the last person Harry himself expected to fall in love with ... Erika, who happens to be Marin's mother.
The comlication goes on when Keanu Reeves's character as a dosctor steps in, but "Something's Gotta Give" belongs strictly to these experienced veterans who know how to infuse the life into the formulaic characters written by director Nancy Meyers. In spite of the predictable nature of the story, she knows the way to induce the stars to deliver the best as in "The Parent Trap" or "What Women Wants," and it is a pure delight to see the talented actors doing what they can.
In fact, Diane Keaton, even about 25 years after her Annie Hall, shows the natural charms that would convince us that a mature woman like her can easily enchant guys like Jack Nicholson, and some would be amazed at her decision to let the film include (brief) nudity. Speaking of nudity, Jack also reveals some part of his body in a hospital, in a quite hilarious (or to some, embarrassing) way. Still, he is thesame Jack Nicholson, which means he lost none of his charisma even in his 60s.
The supports include Frances McDormand and Jon Favreau, but unfortunately, their characters are virtually forgotten in the second half of the film, as if cut from the final version to make room for Keaton and Nicolson. It is quite regrettable that we miss the conversations between Diane and Frances as sisters, which would be another fun to hear.
Like "What Women Want," this romantic comedy is sustained by the leading actors' pleasing and deft performance. It is simply a delight to watch them Keaton and Nicholson.
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on March 29, 2004
I am normally one of these people who cringe at people of a certain age 'making out' or heaven forbid, 'doing it'. I was going to scream if I saw Jack Nicholson naked. Thankfully, we didn't, (...) And the [adult] scenes were done tastefully, and was quite sweet at the same time. Diane Keaton is also very brave, as she appears naked in this, which is quite a funny scene when Jack sees her naked. It takes a brave woman of her age to appear naked, especially when she's approaching 60!
I'm not normally a great fan of Jack Nicholson, ask anyone and they will tell you his eyes totally freak me out! Don't ask me why! But I loved him in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and this too - and there were two other Jack Nicholson movies in the "previews", Anger Management and that other one with Helen Hunt.
There was a great supporting cast in this, including Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky for all you fans out there) and Jon Favreau, both who's roles could have been expanded, to have a bigger part in the movie.
I was pretty disappointed with Keanu's role in this. He basically gets messed about by Diane Keaton's character, and his role at the end just gets left hanging. Hello, he proposed, he's not going to give up without a fight!
At 2 hours 8 minutes long, this film was about 20 minutes too long. After Diane & Jack 'get it on', the scenes which appear afterwards are just stupid, and the scene where Diane cries is just plain embarrassing.
If you're an old romantic at heart, you'll get quite teary by the end of the movie. If you're not - then you'll probably hate it.
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