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on April 1, 2008
I have to admit, I bought the Wii in no small part for the gun games. Links Crossbow Training seemed to fit the bill, including the Wii zapper and game. I just played through it the first time, and it's quite fun!

If you're looking for a classic light gun game, you'll find a bit of that here, but it's definitely more than that. Basically in every level there's 3 sections: The first is a classic shooting gallery, where you are confined to the one screen. Light gun fans will like this one. Link is in a variety of locations (including one riding on the horse), and you just aim and shoot at the targets that pop up. The second section is similar to the first, but instead of targets you'll be shooting monsters, and link can now turn left and right by pointing the gun at the edge of the screen. The third part is the free-roam section, where you now use the analogue stick to walk link around, while aiming and shooting at monsters. You'll also fight a couple bosses in the later stage.

The game is heavily rewarded for accuracy. For every target you hit, the multiplier goes up, and if you miss one shot (or a monster attacks you), your multiplier is gone. So while it's fun to be trigger-happy, if you want to earn the medals you'll have to focus on accuracy. In addition to just shooting at the required targets, you can shoot environmental objects such as pots and skulls,and by holding the trigger you can even charge up your crossbow, releasing an exploding shot that has a blast radius. You can also zoom with your nunchuck button, which is a cool feature for those targets far away.

Overall this is a worthwhile addition to your Wii. It's over pretty fast, but has some replay value for the high scores. The multiplayer is alright, you basically challenge your friends for high scores in any of the levels from single player. It would've been nice to see simultaneous play, but a pass-the-zapper is better than nothing. The peripheral works perfectly for this game and feels great, and while it's better than a bare remote for other light gun games (like house of the dead), a standard pistol attachment would probably be better, since the nunchuck is not needed.

(NOTE: Because you can't align the crosshair horizontally in this game, you'll want to put the Wii sensor EXACTLY in the middle of the screen, this will ensure where you point your zapper will be where Link shoots. You can then adjust the vertical alignment and sensitivity in the options.)
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on December 10, 2007
Picked this up when Amazon was selling it for $20. The game is included which makes it a nice bang for the buck. Links is fun to play and easy to pick up. The Zapper does make it easier to play shooter games and you can still move around the Wii menu easily without taking the controller/numchuck out.

I bought this with Ghost Squad and for the cost of both items, still less than a game for my xbox 360. I'm not into Mario games, so this was a great purchase for my Wii. It's been lonely with just Wii Sports!
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on February 22, 2008
This is my favourite game on the Wii (hint: shoot the scarecrow body 8 times, and then the pumpkin head to unlock higher scoring areas on a lot of levels), and the Zapper is a nifty design. Unfortunately, if you're using your Wii remote with the rechargeable battery pack, it won't lock into the zapper mold like it's supposed to. You can still play with it, but it seems like a simple design feature that could have been factored in. Still, well worth the $20-$25.
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on February 17, 2010
Having already played with the Wii Nerf game (I do not recommend that set for anyone above 14 years of age, by the way), I was a little wary of this wii accessory, but I was pleased to find that this is certainly one shooter accessory/game that does not disappoint.
The pistol rig is well shaped; though, the accessory could be longer overall. Still, the shooting action is quite excellent and the lay-out for the wiimote and nunchuk are simple as well as logical.
The shooter game is also quite good. It is a quick study of the gaming operations of this kind of shooter game for beginners while still being quite interesting for those of us who are more experienced.

I can't wait to look into ordering further shooter games to see how this incorporates itself into game play.
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on January 27, 2010
This game was exactly what I expected from something bearing a reference to the Legend of Zelda games. The game has many levels of target shooting, and incorporates moving Link around and shooting "enemies" while clearing levels. These areas where you move the character are very good in terms of first person shooter games, and because you're using the zapper gun instead of a controller it draws you in to the game.
Anyone who likes a little target shooting, and a first person shooter atmosphere would enjoy this game.
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on March 14, 2011
I orderd this item because I needed a second zapper gun, having two kids, not the game. The image showen was the box and zapper. I only receved the cd with a letter saying the item inclosed is the cd only. I went back to check and it is not indicated that it is only the cd and not the full box with cd and gun!
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on July 25, 2008
i just got the wii zapper and link crossbow. played it once. loved it. will play again and again. cant wait to try other games compatible with the zapper. FUN
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on November 29, 2013
Great shooting game for archery with multiple different skill levels. The levels are fun and interactive and you don't really want to stop -playing!
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on May 6, 2010
we love this game and the price!!! We've become addicted. Anyone who likes target practice and just plain shooting things,well this is for you!!!!
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on November 2, 2015
Item is in great shape. Seller sent everything promptly. Look forward to many hours playing. Very happy with the game and zapper.
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