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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on August 14, 2013
After many years, this still stands as the most feature-laden edition of the first Die Hard film. The Blu-ray may have a better transfer, but still lacks some of the deleted/extended scenes included in this version.For me, trading the slightly better picture for a more complete sense of what went into making the film was worth it. Your mileage, on that count, may vary, as they used to say.
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on May 25, 2016
I remember when I first saw the trailer for this film in the theatre. Everybody else in the audience was groaning or chuckling, thinking it looked like it would be bad. I thought it looked pretty good. Time has proven Die Hard to be a rightfully appreciated modern classic. (All the sequels that followed, on the other hand, were terrible, but none of that alters the quality of this film). Great score, great performances (particularly Alan Rickman), and great action throughout.
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It's great and fun action film, one of the very best from the 1980's. The sequels it spawned are all decent but this first film is by far the best and the one worth owning.

They did a great remastering of this film and the Blu-ray looks and sounds much better than the DVD. Definitely the way to go. I picked the Blu-ray up for about $5 on Amazon and it can be found in store bins for about the same price ($5-7).

The DVD and the Blu-ray don't have much in terms of "good" special features, mostly commentaries and still photos. The Blu-ray does offer more of these than the DVD. No cast interviews or "making of" featurettes. Also, I do not like the menu on the Blu-ray for a couple reasons:

1) It does not automatically recall the scene you left off at, and to get to any scene on the menu you have to scroll through each one from the beginning, one at a time by pressing >> on your remote. A slow and tedious process.

2) Every time you press menu on your remote, the Blu-ray re-loads before it gets to the menu screen. You have to wait for the copyright warnings, etc. Again, a slow and tedious process.

A final note, the Blu-ray I bought had a glitch and froze up and pixelated and lost the sound at about 1 hour and 41 minutes in. It resumed playing about 2 minutes later on its own. Amazon sent me a replacement right away, which plays fine, and I returned the defective disc.

Highly recommended.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 29, 2012
Die Hard (1988)
Action, Thriller, 131 minutes
Directed by John McTiernan
Starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and Reginald VelJohnson

Nominated for four technical Oscars, Die Hard is one of the movies from this list which fun to watch without having any real substance or profound message. It's a guilty pleasure.

The plot is predictable and simple. A gang of terrorists, led by Hans Gruber (Rickman) decides to take hostages in a high-rise building while attempting to steal bonds from the vault. John McClane (Willis) is on vacation to visit his estranged wife and she's one of the hostages. McClane makes a base on the upper floors and tries to pick off the gang one at a time. His only contact is a radio link with a police officer (VelJohnson).

This movie is pure action with a little suspense. Do you think McClane will succeed? Like I said, it's predictable. But Willis plays this role well. Complete with one-liners and a recurring catchphrase, the four-movie franchise is extremely corny. Somehow it doesn't matter because it's fun. Sometimes I like to watch something where I don't have to ponder the plot and guess what will happen next. If you just want some mindless entertainment with good acting and decent execution, Die Hard fits the bill.
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on August 8, 2001
This is it the masterful film that started all terrorist films and gave them a genere. John McTiernan's fundimental action film is a classic action aventure film that made Bruce Willis an overnight star.New York City cop John Mclane is vacationing over the holidays to see his wife and spend time with his family ,his wife played by Bonnie Bedilia (Holly Gennero).But just as John Mclane is enjoying his vacation a group of terrorists , take over the 30 story highrise and declare war now tired and trapped, he is the only hope for his estranged wife and the other hostiges who are being held by Hans Gruber played by Alan Rickman. John has the experience for mortal combat and antiterrorist tactics his only support is officer Powell a officer that is on the scene. With only a handgun and what he seemingly gets from the terrorists he launches his own one man war with the terrorists. Bleeding and bruised he attacks dissapears and reappears to attack again and with the brains and intelligence of a cop if there's one thing John Mclane is it's that he's hard to kill and as tough as steel taking out the terrorists like flies in a spider web it's only a matter of time before Mclane makes the terrorist his prey. Bruce Willis plays John Mclane with style making him compareable with Clint Eastwoods Dirty Harry but infact this is the best cop movie since the likes of Dirty Harry. The specal edition has fun and interesting options such as an editing feature
where you can edit chosen parts of the film it's as if you have your own film school in Die Hard, other features are sound editing and a vault of deleted scenes and a branching version of the film.If you want an action classic then this film is the one your looking for amazing special effects and incredible action make Die Hard a must have for any DVD owner so get your popcorn buckle up and get ready to be blown out of your chair!.
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on August 1, 2001
Die Hard is a great acion movie, packed with (you gessed it) action, witty humor, and unbeatable suspense. The movies starts when a NY cop (John McClane, played by Bruce Willis) arrives in Los Angelas to meet his wife at a Christmas Party. Soon after he arrives at the party (which is taking place in a 40 story building)terrorists (lead by Alan Rickman who plays Hans Gruber)break in so they can steal money. Apparently, there is 650 million dollars locked away in a vault. McClane (armed with only a pistol) becomes the only chance that the hostages have. And since his wife in among the hostages, it gets personal.
Moving at an incredible pace, Die hard succesfully merges action, humor, suspense, and breathtaking thrills in to one tasty DVD. The action is well paced so that each few scenes lead up to a big action scene. For example, about a half and hour in to the movie, McClane gets in a fight with a terrorist, which leads up to a roof battle, which leads to a dangerous visit to the elevator shaft. (he he he) Once I saw the movie, I found that the only flaw was that it all ended too soon. All in all: SEE IT.
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on August 14, 2001
With it Willis became an international star, McTiernan the foremost action director of the age, and it has been infinitely copied. But the movie itself if very original and perhaps the best action film ever made. Why? Unlike most action films, this movie spends lots of time developing its characters and the plot. It creates people we care about. The acting is outstanding. I cannot think of one bad performance in the entire movie. The scene-stealer is Rickman, who gained his stardom from this film (and has been typecast forever as a villain). It does all this while being the most heart-pounding film of the century, and the directing is incredible, by the way. There is substance here, not just style. If you watch it enough times, you will realize the true genius of this production. McClane and Gruber become not only metaphoric of good and evil, but also of the struggle of the human spirit.
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on February 19, 2008
wow.i forgot how great this movie is.this movie has it all.this is one
thrill ride of a movie.all you need to know is this:terrorists have
taken control of a high rise building and have hostages.the only thing
standing in their way is one man:John McClane(Bruce Willis.)Bruce
Willis puts in a great performance as McClane,who becomes a one man
army.this movie is so much fun,you won't care(or have time to care)
about realism.this movie raised the bar for the action doesn't
take long to get going either,and you'll wonder where the tow hours
went.if you're an action junkie,and you haven't seen this movie,what
are you waiting for?for me Die Hard is a 5/5
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on February 6, 2008
This is the first and best of the Die Hard movies. It is action packed from start to finish. A New York cop (Bruce Willis) goes to visit his estranged wife for Christmas and finds himself caught up in the middle of an apparent terrorist attack on the office building his wife works in. The terrorists however turn out to be nothing more than thieves trying to get their hands on $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds.

The movie is action packed almost from the start, one of the best movies of it's kind I've ever seen.
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on May 31, 2004
Director: John McTiernan
Cast: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedalia, Alexander Gudonov, Paul Gleason, William Atherton, Hart Bochner, James Shigeta, Reginald Vel Johnson.
Running Time: 132 minutes.
Rated R for extreme violence, language, and brief nudity.
Fresh of his success with the popular television series "Moonlighting", Bruce Willis takes his stab at the motion picture business with full force. "Die Hard" works on many levels--mainly as an action flick with a powerful leading star that adds a touch of normalcy and humor--but it also discusses more important views such as the criticism of the culturization of Japanese technology that was taking place at the time as well as the horrific, ongoing threat of terrorism. It s a film that shows just how vulnerable any business or workplace really is to a terrible force but also how one man can stand up to the challenge and ultimately make a difference.
John McClane (Willis) is a New York City cop who travels to the Los Angeles area to reconcile with his seperated wife (Bonnie Bedalia) and family, who left him to pursue a lucrative job with a Japanese financial industry skyscraper. While participating in a Christmas Eve party, the building is overtaken by German terrorists who want to use the hostage Japanese executives to break into the company safe. McClane watches as the head terrorist (played brilliantly by Alan Rickman) blows the brains out of the Japenese CEO realizes that the game is on.
With the help of a gun-shy cop (Reginald Vel Johnson--yes, that's right--Mr. Winslow from "Family Matters") and to the annoyance of police chief Paul Gleason, McClane runs around like a chicken with its head cut off attempting to save the hostages. While on the explosive one-man war, Bruce Willis plays McClane in a very believable, humorous fashion--which is the quintessential reason for the film being one of the best of its kind. "Die Hard" is a non-stop frenzy of excellent action sequences, a superb and witty screenplay written by Jeb Stuart and Steven D. de Souza (adapted from the Roderick Thorp novel), and top-notch, edge-of-your-seat direction from McTiernan. The Five Star Collection DVD features a deleted scene and some excellent commentary from cast and crew. One of the best action films of the 1980's. A superb roller-coaster ride of thrills.
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