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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 22, 2008
Be prepared to be captivated by the amazing vocal of ADELE.
The truly unique new artist releases her debut album, "19", citing influences that of Jill Scott, Etta James and Amy Winehouse.
The album "19" talks about love and being at the age of 18 and 19 and features 12 very frank tracks that spread the much-fancied songbird's calamitous love life bare.
It's a confident and striking collection, brutally honest and extravagantly revealing.
Pitched midway between the girl power of Natasha Bedingflield and the dark, destructive songcraft of Amy Winehouse, "19" is great, but at times a little exhausting.
It offers brilliant tracks like "Chasing Pavements", "Hometown Glory", "Daydreamer", "Make You Feel My Love", "Melt My Heart To Stone", "Best For Last".
You can't fault the youngster's candid lyric-writing.
"What am I supposed to do to make you want me properly?" she pleads on opener "Daydreamer". "Whenever you look at me I wish I was her" she sings on the gruesome "Cold Shoulder".The pain of being dumped for someone else expertly rendered.
But the self-regarding nature of the words soon cloy a little. By the time we're told her "blood boils for you" in "First Love" and the fact that: "As you tear right through me I forgive you once again" on "Right As Rain" you're desperately searching for a spot of light among the gloom.
Nevertheless one thing that can't be challenged is the extraordinary voice - and that combination of Joni Mitchelle and Carole King could melt the sturdiest of souls. The delicate and sparse orchestration of the tracks is a delight too.
"19" proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Adele is a worthy recipient of the BRIT's inaugural Critic's Choice Award.
With sold out tours in the UK, this is one album you do not want to miss!
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When originally released 19 entered the UK charts at number one, spurred by previously released singles Chasing pavements and Hit Me with your Cold Shoulder.

Adele appeared on the 18 October 2008 episode of Saturday Night Live, the same episode as US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, performing performed Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder. SNL achieved its highest ratings in 14 years with 17 million viewers. The next day, 19 topped the iTunes charts.

If one talks about Adele either a flattering comparative or a superlative might be in order.

Not since the Beatles has an artist had two top five singles and albums in the UK charts simultaneously. 19 sold more than 5 million copies.

Not since Madonna has a female artist held the number one position in the charts for 12 weeks consecutively before Adele with 21. In the Uk 21 is the bestselling album of the century so far beating Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. Six million records sold in the USA in 2011. 243 million views of Rolling in the Deep on youtube.

She has sold more than 4.1 million copies of 21 in Britain alone. She won two grammies for 19. Now she has 6 grammy nominations for 21 winning 6, including Song of the Year for Rolling in the Deep, and Best Album for 21.

Called 19 because that's how old she was when she wrote it. Several songs inspired by an ex boyfriend, who broke her heart and inspired her art.

In interviews, refreshing and down to earth. Asked on Chelsea Lately about her ex boyfriend, she said: 'I believe he's living in a shabby apartment in London. I am staying in a very nice hotel around the corner.'

Rarely have I experienced a singer who grabs your nervous system and drags you into her emotional world. At once she manages to sound both modern and retro.

If you are wondering whether 19 or 21 is better, get 21 first. Her voice is better. The song quality is better overall, the production values are superior. On 21 all the songs are good, and some of the songs are great. I love the energy of Rumor Has It, and also Turn The Tables, and Someone Like You is an iconic relatable anthem to lost love. I also love Rolling in the deep. Not to say that 19 is not good, just that 21 is better.

On 19, for me the best song is the cover of Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love, and I also like Hit me with your cold shoulder, and Chasing Pavements.

One thing that intrigues me about her songwriting is her figures of speech. Can you really hit someone with your cold shoulder or imagine what it's like to chase pavements, or shoot someone with a look, or even set fire to the rain? I highly recommend you check out Adele, and I only wish there were more artists like her.

If you like both these albums I recommend you check out her Adele - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD+CD), which includes a further cd, including two cover songs not on either of these albums, The Steeldrivers If it hadn't been for Love, and I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt, and The Cure's Lovesong. At the Albert Hall, she poignantly dedicated To Make You Feel My Love to her friend Amy Winehouse.

I think you will enjoy it, and I hope this was helpful.
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on July 11, 2011
Let me preface my review by saying Adele is definetly a fabulous singer..but I have to say that this CD for me was disappointing...only in the sense that I bought "21" first which is the an outstanding CD..if you don't have "21" get it!

However "19" was her first CD & within this CD there are glimmers of what & who is yet to come. She has a raw, earthy quality to her voice that is wonderful. I have to give a shout out for whomever was managing her & steered her in the direction she did take for the CD "21" because she definetly should be a bluesy, soul, pop singer as the tone in her voice is better suited to those genres.

Anytime an artist uses their own life experiences for their art...the music will be the best & that is true of "21" more so.

"19" I only liked three of the songs....tracks that I would want for my MP3 player..the rest are just okay in my opinion.......however in comparison if you buy "21" every song on that CD is simply the best....I have literally every song on my MP3 player from that CD. So hope this gives listeners some useful information for's not like "19" is a waste of your money.....just that "21" definetly is way, way, better!
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on March 9, 2012
Much slower paced than her recent hit "21". It can be favourably compared to Diana Krall or Sarah Mclachlan's music. Excellent music with soft melodies ideal for small get togethers, wine-tastings or relaxing by fireplace.
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on May 29, 2013
The Adele album is fantastic and her voice sounds better on vinyl than on a CD. The shipping was extremely fast and things were very well packaged. Highly recommend this vinyl album, she has a beautiful voice.
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on May 13, 2011
The soul and beauty in her voice is something that a women years older then Adele should have. Instead we have a up and coming very talented artist that will stand the test of time and this first album proves it very well! She is amazing! While North America got Kesha and Justin Bieber, England got Abele which is 100% better then those first two acts!!! A album I could recommend to anyone who wants newer music done by a talented artist.
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on March 1, 2009
I didn't even know about adele until the grammy awards this year. When I found out Leona Lewis lost to Adele in the Best Female Pop Vocal Category I was a bit mad but when Adele did her grammy preformance she made me a fan. None of the singers I liked before have a voice quite like hers. What made me a true fan is her performance on SNL, that made me go out and bought a copy of her album. She is one of the few singers who can actually sound better live than studio recordings. You can hear and feel the emotions she puts into a song. When she sings it's effortless, she doesn't need to push her voice, beautiful sounds just flows out of her mouth. One of the things I appreciate the most is that she made the album very personal to herslef and to her fans. The songs on this album are not on it just because they "sound nice". They are there to build a story, her story. You can totally see she had a hand in all of the songs, except "make you feel my love" since it's a cover, but the rest of the songs are magic.
My picks from this album: Daydreams, Chasing Pavements, Cold Shoulder, Melt My Heart to Stone, Right as Rain, Make You Feel My Love, My Same, Tired, Hometown Glory.
I would recommend to everyone who like Adele to find her Live CD (from the deluxe/expanded edition) because that's where you can really appreciate her talent.
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on October 30, 2011
Adele has certainly jumped from nowhere into greatness in music. Often one great cd is followed by a mediocre cd, but that is not the case here. Buy both cd's and wait in anticipation of her next cd. These cd's will be on your playlist for a long time guaranteed!
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on January 26, 2014
Everyone should appreciate this album. Straight from the soul. It was the predecessor to the infamous 21. The sales results of the charts do speak volumes for what you'll get by ordering yourself a copy of this.
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on June 10, 2013
Adele has a great voice that she uses to good effect on these songs that have been nicely selected to show her range but she comes across as a bit packaged. She hits her stride on 21.
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