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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on November 25, 2008
This is an excellent series that is great to watch on DVD as you can watch episode after episode and that is exactly what you will want to do when you pop the first DVD in. I watched it over 3 days (13 episodes, each about 45 minutes in length) and could not wait to see what happens. Glenn Close does an excellent job and her character Patty Hewes is one of the most interesting female characters I have seen on video in some time. Great supporting cast. I hear they are filming a second season and I can't wait.
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on February 6, 2011
Believe the hype. With superb writing and even better acting, Damages somehow breathes new life into legal drama, the most clichéd and over-exposed genre on television. That's no small task but the show succeeds by keeping the action out of the courtroom and focusing on the characters. Patty Hewes, the brilliant, merciless head of Hewes and Associates, is among the most compelling characters on television and Glenn Close's' performance deserves all its praise, but what's truly astonishing is how well the rest of the cast keeps pace with her.

There are a few rough patches as the season's mystery unfolds, and the best episodes are to be found and at the beginning and end of the arc. This show really pushes the envelope with its narrative structure, being as bold as anything we've seen on Lost. Reaching so high sees it come up short a number of times, but when it succeeds (and it often does) your jaw will drop.

The two commentaries with the cast and creators do an excellent job exploring how their respective episodes came together. This series is driven by the great actors working with great material and hearing about the collaborative process was a treat. The making of featurette is alright, but the guide to class action lawsuits is purely superfluous.

The transfer is top drawer, but this show is by no means a feast for the eyes. The visuals are merely there to present the writing and acting, so you'll need to look elsewhere for a showcase for your HD set. The menus are function and unobtrusive.

Bottom Line
Don't mistake this series for a 'gritty Law and Order,' it steps well off the beaten path of legal drama, delivering fascinating characters and an inventive narrative. Damages' reach does exceed its grasp on occasion, but its best episodes are brilliant while its worst are merely 'ok.' Well-worth the price.
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on April 29, 2010
Damages is nothing short of completely addictive. Glenn Close is incredible - you respect, admire, and hate her character all at once. Damages is about a very ambitious young lawyer, Ellen Parsons, who just finished her first year, who lands a job with the top high powered lawyer in the city, Patty Hewes. Patty is notoriously difficult because of her exacting standards and complete ruthlessness in winning her case - which she always does. Ellen becomes embroiled in a mystery as she tries to uncover the truth about Patty's latest case, and we learn bit by bit what happens both to her and with the case. it's incredibly entertaining, and as a recent law school graduate, I can tell you, it's also good on the law side of things.

If you buy this, be warned: you will stay up all night watching it!
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on February 1, 2009
This is an amazing show. Extremely well written with flawless acting. Best TV series I have seen since West Wing.
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on July 3, 2010
I really enjoyed this series. Glenn Close does an amazing job as always. It is well written, and the characters are believable. Season 2 is just as good.
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on April 28, 2011
Even when you think you have it figured out, another twist is thrown into the plot and you are back guessing "who did it?". Patti is doing what she thinks is best but she will stop at nothing to get her way and you better watch out if you get in her way. Ellen has a fast downfall into corruption while working for Patti and her life will never be the same, even after all the warnings she cannot leave Hues and Associates. This is a good show and if you are like me and enjoy a show that actually stumps you and keeps you guessing till the end and has you saying "what the?" then pick it up because it is a good crime/court drama. Even though Patti is a "B" you can't help feeling sorry for her because she really is screwed up.
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on July 10, 2008
An excellent series. Characters are complex and memorable. The narrative, while grounded in the seamingly mundane (a lawsuit by a failed company's former employees), is epic in scope.

Having said that, I be aware that subtitles only come in French. (It's in the product description, but I falsely assumed English subtitles would be a given in such a new DVD set.)

5 stars for people with no or limited hearing impairments.
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on May 4, 2012
My husband and I bought this to watch before bed every night. It is was a sassy,coniving,good time.Glenn Close is at her best and this role was made for her. Ted Danson shows that he's no Sam Malone. Loved this, loved this.
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on January 27, 2011
We LOVE Dexter and other HBO shows and although this series was carried for the first three seasons by FX, it has an HBO feel. We breezed through this season, and season 2 and loved the brilliantly written style. In the beginning we meet Ellen (Rose Byrne), the newly graduated lawyer, covered in blood, in a police interrogation room and then we flashback to 6 months prior where some of the questions begin to be answered. Each episode adds a new piece to the puzzle. We loved that we were always wondering whether particular characters were trustworthy. We anxiously await the release off season 3 on DVD and are thrilled that Direct TV has picked up the show for the soon to be written seasons 4 and 5.
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on July 29, 2013
excellent acting,superb script,top direction .
Maintaining interest in the episodes
Music soundtrack to match.
What more does one expect?
Fully satisfied
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