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on February 5, 2010
The story isn't anything mind blowing, but it helps set up the sequel which is in development. It's still enjoyable, but nothing you've not seen before. Voice acting is decent, lip syncing is awful however. Graphics are great in my opinion. Everything is done in game, so that the armor that you equip shows up in each scene. The environments are huge and only take one load time. Unlike other RPGs, where areas are divided into sections. Even houses are loaded up right there when the town loads. You just open up the door and walk right in, then walk back out.

It requires an install, but load times are quick considering all that loads up. It takes awhile to save which is the only 'problem' I have with the game.

Gameplay wise, it's a lot like Final Fantasy XI and XII. You can move around real time, all enemies move around in real time. When you begin a battle, you have to wait for your action circle to fill up before you attack. [Much like the active time battle system of many RPGs, only you can move around at all times) There's a bar on the bottom of the screen where you assign abilities for use. Magic, Physical Attacks and combos you create. You use the d-pad to change between actions. Soon after you start playing, Leonard gets you the ability to transform into the White Knight. You need at least 5 Action Chips to transform into the White Knight. To earn AC, you need to defeat enemies and you earn them about each turn as well. Later on, when you transform with more and more AC stocked up the White Knight will gain new abilities to use while transformed. The White Knight will be dismissed when you run out of MP. Each move of the WK uses up MP, so you have to be careful at what you do.

When you level up you're rewarded with 4 ability points, which you can use on learning new abilities. Divided by weapon type, with two magic sections. One for White magic and another for Black Magic. As you learn abilities, you unlock even more. Which also includes status upgrades. When you learn 2 physical abilities [or even magic] you're able to create a combo. To use a combo, you'll have to use an Action Chip [or more depending on what abilities you have in the combo, each has their own value]. You use a combo, and you'll have to hit 'x' at the right time to go through the combo. Otherwise, you'll just use the first ability in the combo and it'll stop. Combos are really where the battle system shine.

The online, I've not delved into that much yet. So can't comment much about it. Georama and Geonet are great though. Georama allows you to make a town as a 'hub' for online. Where you can meet up with friends and head out on missions. You can also put shops into your Georama where everyone can shop. The Georama works a lot like the Dark Cloud series' town editors, which I think goes by the same name. You get materials in single player to make houses and various other things to put into your town. You upgrade the size of your town with the money you earn in single player as well.

Geonet is a lot like .hack's 'The World' oddly enough. There is a type of forum, where you can post topics for other WKC players to reply to and read other topics by others. You can post blogs about your missions and what you're doing with WKC, and read other people's blogs. You can update a status as well so others can see what you're up to. I personally use it to say what area I'm at. :3 This is also where you find friends, and add your friends to your Geonet friends' list.

You also create your own character at the beginning, which is used as your online character. Where you can level and gain items for the single player section of the game. You can't change the appearance of your character without either starting over, or paying $5 to do so. So make sure that you do it right. Your character kind of hides in the background of the story, which is a shame but easily overlookable.

White Knight Chronicles is like a lot of great games melded into one great package. Not without it's flaws, but it's a game that you have to try to know if you'll like it I think. The music by the way, is phenomenal.
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on March 14, 2010
I was quite skeptic about this game after reading many of the harsh reviews on various gaming web sites. I still decided to try it out and I am quite glad I did!

The main fun of the game does not lie in the story but in the actual game play. This plays like a single player MMORPG. It plays like a mix of Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy XI. You must forage & fight to upgrade and craft your equipment.

The character customization is terrific. You can see your avatars change gear. You can customize their 'classes' with a sort of skill tree. You want an axe wielding healer? Go for it! A spear handling black mage? Go for it!

On top of all that, the online is fantastic! You build your own town, you visit your friends town, you join in epic quest with up to four players to get better gear and have a lot of fun while doing it!
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on March 2, 2010
White Knight Chronicles is your typical JRPG. Cheesy story, item hunting, intense combats, but where this game truly shines is it's multiplayer component. You get to go online with the avatar you create at the beginning of the game and do missions with 3 other persons. In these missions, you get GR (guild rank points) to gain access to tougher missions and better loot to craft. You can even build your own town and invite people to it!

To people who love JRPGs, please do yourself a pleasure and buy this game now!
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on February 6, 2010
This game is fantastic if you're an Otaku or JRPG fan and you know what you're getting into.

Visually, the game is spectacular. With large, detailed, clean environments and nice texture-work. The game features full-paperdolling too (everything you put on a character APPEARS on the character). The battle-system is fun and strategic and once you power up your characters a bit, you can pull off some crazy combos (that you structure yourself).

I think that because of it's release window, this game has been unfairly weighed against Mass Effect 2 and is looked at as mostly a filler till FFXIII arrives.

I've played the Japanese version of FFXIII and while it's brilliant, WKC blows it away in terms of customization (game-play, characters) and simple freedom. Mass Effect is an entirely different animal altogether, it's a thoroughbred Western RPG and is completely dissimilar form WKC.

Personally, I'm having a blast with WKC. I haven't played around on Geonnet (the online component of WKC), but I'm looking forward to this weekend.

If you fundamentally like JRPGs, you will like this. If Oblivion is your cup of tea, or you've never played a console RPG without "final" or "fantasy" in the title, you may be disappointed with this purchase.
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on September 27, 2013
this is a bit of a PSA

the second white knight chronicles actually comes with the first on disc
the only change is that the one bundled with the second also has the
better combat system they made for WKC 2
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on February 20, 2014
The second one is very cheap, and comes with this included.
More importantly, all online functionality has been removed from both. Deeply crippling the experience.

In no way is this worth a buy anymore.
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on May 8, 2014
The game itself is 'okay'. It has some novel concepts, but the execution is a bit clunky. The primary problem with buying this title now, is that you can buy the sequel which comes with this game, 'remastered'.
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on September 25, 2015
I like the game and how it works, but damnnnn it's slow.

get the sequel, WKC2. WKC2 comes with a remade WC1 that fixes the slow combat dynamic
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on February 2, 2015
new in package, thanks alot
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on August 21, 2015
cool game great price
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