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on April 14, 2011
GOW3 is a great game, with some of the best graphics I've seen yet on the PS3. The gameplay is very intuitive and the combo attacks are amazing. The game also keeps up at a good pace, and I never find myself getting bored. The story is quite involving as they've dropped Kratos, the main character, into the middle of Greek mythology. However, your mission is to kill everything and anything in this game, so it's not a very dynamic plot. Be warned, there is quite a bit of gore and a bit of animated nudity (which really has no place in a console game, imo). Enjoy!
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on March 12, 2017
An excellent product for an affordable price!
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on April 1, 2010
If you played god of war 1 and 2 then you know what to expect from the third god of war game. Story picks up where it left off on god of war 2, and this time Kratos goes to mount olympus to finish off zeus once and for all and the other gods of course or anyone that stands in his way.

game play consist of button sequences and button mashing type, when you fight a boss or an enemy and he is weak enough you have to press the button as it appears on the screen for example x,o etc. you do get a few new weapons in the game which is nice and different from the previous god of war games. Game play is about the same as you can expect it to be and this game is really violent, bloody, and has a lot of gore which I loved about it.

Graphics are great and so are the visuals in the game, controls are responsive in the game as well. But I did have trouble sometimes double jumping in the game,again though you gotta time it and do it right if not you fall to your death.

the interaction in the game is still there dealing with puzzles and everything including the boss battles, but i kind of felt it better in the second god of war game. where to you fight icarus , the ones with the wings and sorry if my spelling is not correct. you punching him where you two guys are fighting and falling at the same time, I thought wow this is great and to me was really interactive.

But again that is just my opinion, and that is how I felt about that. Anyway hope my review of god of war 3 helps in some way, puzzles are not that hard to figure out in god of war 3 but took me some time to actually figure out. you just got to really pay close attention to it, but you will eventually get it.

So like I said hope this review helps you in some way in deciding on playing god of war 3 or buying it, I did and finished it and was not disappointed not in the least.
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on September 12, 2010
God of War 3 is the conclusion of Greek anti-hero Kratos' quest for vengeance. I'd go into the story, but if you've played the previous titles you already know it, and if you haven't I'd have to start from the beginning since GoW3 leaves some gaps and may leave new-comers to the series a little lost. But missing some of those plot details should not interfere too much with you being able to enjoy the amazing action in this awesome game.

The first area of the game you're thrown into is incredible. It won't take long before you're squaring off against very cool giant horse-crab monsters. After being sent down to Hades not too long after, I did get a bit of a been-there-done that feeling, but it was still very enjoyable. Sure it was pretty standard GoW action, but even at it's worst God of War is lots of fun.
Then I got to the Hades boss battle. Incredible. It really keeps new momentum going, and reminds you that the development team can still suck you in to it's proven game-play formula and pull a few new tricks out for you to enjoy.
In fact, it felt like boss battles in this game play a bigger role than in previous ones. There's more big fights this time around, and none of them feel repetitive or boring, and each bring little twists that mixes things up and keeps the action feeling fresh and intense.

On the flip side, the puzzles felt like they took a bit more of a back seat this time around. Despite this shift there are still a few creative scenarios thrown at you that will have to pausing while you try and put the pieces together in your head.

The prominent Quick Time Events have not only made a return but have been improved, which was nice to see. It's now easier to play attention to the action on the screen, now that you don't have to pay quite so much attention as to what the button symbol is, and can pay more attention to just where it appears on the screen.

And then there's the game-play that fills in the spaces. The bulk of the action mimics what can be found in previous installments. From what is mostly shown in an isometric point of view, hoards of enemies will rush you and require a heavy dealing of hack'n'slash combat to get through them. Much of the population of smaller foes feel reused from the previous titles; but even with that in consideration there's a decent selection of bad guys you'll come across and it doesn't make it any less fan to take them out. Thankfully you are well equipped to do so. You're primary weapons are a set of two short yet wide swords which are attached to your wrists. You can use these swords in a conventional matter, or swing them around on their chains for both focused and area attacks.

As you progress you'll gain new melee weapons, such as a pair of lion-head gauntlets for slow but powerful attacks, as well as 2 more chained weapons. One of which has the power to rip souls from an enemy which will then turn and aid you in battle for a short period of time, and the other, quicker weapons that carries some electrical damage with it. Although this adds up to 4 primary weapons in total, as it did in previous games, I did not find the weapons tactics or functionality varied as I remember them being in God of War 2.

Magic attacks are available, and there's one type associated with each of your primary weapons. Magic attacks are mostly used to cause area damage, such as the ability to electrocute a group of surrounding enemies, let a rain of arrows fall from the sky, or summon the soul of a beast to come charging through the screen delivering damage to anyone in it's way. Magic attacks will draw from your pool of magic power. You'll be able to recharge your magic by finding chests filled with magic orbs, or collecting magic orbs by performing certain kill moves on some enemies.

You also get some special items such as a bow and arrow for long range attacks, the head of Helios which blinds enemies as well as lights dark paths and find hidden doorways, and the boots of Hermes which allow you to run up certain walls and perform dash-attacks. Similar to the magic attacks, these items can only be used for a limited time until their power runs out, but their power will automatically recharge over time.

Weapons, magic, and items are all upgradable which will unlock a variety of new and stronger attacks for each. Upgrades are achieved by cashing in red orbs that you'll acquire after killing enemies, opening chests, and breaking objects. The upgrades add a certain level of strategy, as you'll have to decide which items are most important to you to upgrade first. Eventually though, if you've scoured the levels thoroughly and killed enough enemies, you'll be able to max out all upgrades.

Kratos himself can be upgraded as well, in terms of how much power his items have available to use, how much magic he can have stored at one time, and how much health is in his health bar. These traits are upgraded by finding special items hidden throughout the levels. For example, finding 3 gorgon eyes will increase your health bar to the next level.

The amazing action is supporting by the equally impressive visuals and sound design. The environments look both cruel and beautiful. The orchestral music is epic, and talented voice acting help drive another strong story. Although I did like the script overall, I must confess to not being a fan of the ending. Without spoiling anything, I will say that it wasn't what happened that I found disappointing but the context put in place for Kratos' actions. I didn't feel the subtext was in line with the rest of God of War story and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

The only other issue I have to pick on are in respect to some of the save points. In previous titles they always felt like they were evenly spaced and right where you needed them. In GoW3, they often felt unnecessarily close, or too far apart for my tastes.

Despite some minor gripes, what you get in this title is a well balanced mix of old and new elements. God of War 3 manages to deliver one more time what the series has always delivered: intense, brutal, crazy-fun action that encourages you to keep going.
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on March 29, 2010
There are two things that made this game great for me. First, the fighting is unbelievably exciting, and beautiful to look at, it's like fireworks going off. Technically this is a way better game on the PS3 than the PS2, better visuals and mechanics give the weapons a real punch. Secondly, I'm fascinated by the Kratos character. He is the angriest, meanest and most vicious s.o.b. on the planet, and that is what makes him so interesting. Why are you so angry Kratos? This is a fighting game so if you are playing it for the dialogue or the story you are wasting your time, but I admit I found the mythology stuff interesting. I would buy this game because you are going to want to play it two or three times and show it to your friends when they come over.
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on July 7, 2010
I will keep this short. If you enjoy hack and slash games and you have a PS3, this game must be bought. The game is very good, very mature (Aphrodite is the hottest game chick I've ever seen) and very very bloody. The level of detail is awesome as well, as can be expected of Sony Santa Monica. The game looks very good on HD (I played at 720p) and audio as always is quite good. The way the story continues is a bit so-so, but maybe that is because we already know that Zeus is toast and Kratos is a killing machine. If anyone is a bit disappointed with this game it's because they've been spoilt by God of War I and II.

All in all this game is very much worth your money and I highly recommend it.

If you don't know anything about the series I recommend buying the God Of War collection first and play through it. It is worth every dollar.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 15, 2010
Until now, I held Resident Evil 4 as the greatest action game I had ever played. GOW3 came and swept the floor clean! Every single aspect of this game is top-notch! From jaw-dropping graphics with no load times to gripping story, to perfect controls, to pacing to replay value, this game has it all! I played it 2 times in a row just to take in all the greatness of it! It so perfectly represent the stories and mythologies of Ancient Greece! All the legends that you've read about or heard of came to life! Yes, it is extremely violent and is not shy to show it, but so were all the legends in the books! All of the characters are solid, since we know of them in tales and we understand their motivations and background! Perfect game!
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on May 12, 2010
Finally, the long awaited conclusion of this wonderful trilogy that we called God of War has arrived. In this game you'll experience the story coming full circle with unexpected twists and turns. God of War III launches you right into the action, no getting to know you crap or re-telling of the past games. Kratos means business more so than usual and will stop at absolutely nothing this time to get his revenge. You'll be fighting Gods and Titans alike, with yet another version of the chain blades which Kratos will receive from an "old friend". This game is totally action-packed you won't wanna stop playing, not even to sleep. It's one battle after another until you reach your prize and it won't be easy to get there. The ending is Epic, fitting for Kratos and satisfying for players who've trekked through the entire trilogy. You'll be re-playing this game several times. If you played the first two God of War games, you owe it to yourself to see how this story ends and you will not be disappointed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 28, 2012
God Of War 3, as the name suggests, is the third and final installment in the trilogy of games following Kratos's quest for revenge against the Gods. As fans have come to expect from the action game, is equally brutal as it's predecessor. In fact, it makes the other games look quite tame in some areas, and it's hard not to love every minute of it.


The story of this game centers around Kratos: a Spartan set on vengeance for the Gods abandoning him. Consumed by self-loathing and hatred for everything, Kratos is an unstoppable killing machine that will stop at nothing to annihilate Olympus. Having crawled out of Hades once already, murdering the God Of War himself, then releasing the Titans and killing the Sisters of Fate, Kratos's story is coming to a close as he approaches Olympus.

The story of God of War doesn't follow the other two as closely as I'd like. It seems some things are dropped into the game that coincide with other games in the overarching series, but don't fit in with the trilogy itself. This leaves some confusion to be had for those who stuck strictly to the three primary games of the series. However, the story telling is fantastic in this game. It's easy to share Kratos's hatred of Zeus, and the arrogance of the other Gods makes them easy to dislike. With every God that dies, an aspect of nature is thrown out of whack, giving an awesome atmosphere to the tale.

Graphics, Audio

This is hands down one of the best - if not the best - looking game on the PS3. The game runs at a smooth framerate with not hitches. The audio is fantastic: Kratos roars as he fights, and it doesn't sound misplaced and inappropriate. His weapons audio is well done; not irritating at all after hearing them hack through enemies ten hours into the game. Kratos is the best looking character I've ever seen in a video game. When his face contorts with anger; it's well done. It's terrifying. You know things are about to go down.

The rest of the game is equally well done. It's not a game where a lot of effort was put into one character model, and nothing else. Inspired by Greek Architecture (as befitting of the games story) everything looks very authentic, and fantastic. From marble halls to caves; a giant labyrinth and the rest of Olympus itself, it's hard not to sit back and just appreciate the way the game looks.

No expense was spared in bringing the very best music for this title. Carrying on with the feel of the music from the previous games, everything in God Of War 3 is orchestrated, and it shows. Every single song is a pleasure to listen to. Every song adds tension and excitement to the battles.

All the characters are fully voiced, and well done. From the Gods to Kratos themselves, no one sounds bored with their role; and everyone is giving it their all. Truly a joy to listen to.


Where do I even begin? God Of War 3's gameplay and controls are fantastic. It feels better than any game I've played in a long, long time.

God Of War 3 has the right balance of environmental puzzles (that effort clearly went into, and it shows), timed challenges, flying sections, platforming and the core action that keeps it interesting. I normally despise quick time events, but in God Of War 3 they're done so well, I actually enjoyed doing them. The buttons appear on the side of the side of the screen their placement on the controller corresponds with; allowing you to view the action instead of focusing on what button is going to pop up next. There's no surprise quick time events. You always know when one is coming; so you won't get comfortable and set your controller down and be dead. There's ample time to complete these events, as well.

Kratos has a number of weapons to choose from. Three of these weapons are on chains; his trademark blades, and two others. Despite the fact three weapon types are similar, they actually function very differently and each have their own unique style. Then there's the Cestus: giant, metal boxing gloves! This really helps mix up the feel of the combat. Each has their own unique feel, and when Kratos hits enemies it really feels like there is weight behind his attacks. It feels good to hit enemies, almost feel the resistance, and see them go flying or stagger backwards as you pound them.

With the ability to block, perform counters, area of effect attacks and heavy attacks, grapple enemies for brutal kills (some involve disembowling your enemies, and they didn't scimp on the detail!) and use items such as a bow, a decapitated head lantern, and some speedy boots, Kratos controls...Really well! Switching weapons mid combat is easy and smooth; performing every function feels natural.

There's a handful of bosses along the way to kill, and the enemy variation is extremely well done. The game continues introducing new enemies up until the last act of the game. The level design is fantastic, all very Greek, as is fitting for the game. Even after visiting some areas more than once they were still a pleasure to navigate.

God Of War 3 stands at the top for delivering action gameplay I've never seen rivaled in any other game in it's genre. What impressed me more is the fact that after playing through the game for more than twenty hours, and completing it twice, I encountered no hiccups in the gameplay. No glitches, no framerate drops. Nothing.

The only issue I actually had with this game is how it treats the players like retards despite the fact some of the puzzles are actually more challenging than any other game of it's kind. The camera will often highlight where you're supposed to go, and in some areas so frequently it becomes teeth grindingly irritating to take five steps, press a button and have the camera zoom in to another location for ten hours before returning control to you again.


God Of War 3 is one of the best games I have ever played. Despite the camera zooms on objectives in some areas, it's the king of it's genre. Nothing else really compares to how great this game looks, plays and feels. There aren't many games I can play through; twice, that offer as much of a challenge as God Of War 3. If there is one game every Playstation 3 owner should own, it's God Of War 3.
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on June 1, 2010
Excellent graphics, I dont play it but bf is very pleased with this game. Was the best money i spent on a game in long time.
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