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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on November 29, 2007
Finally what many Zep fans have hoped for, a remastered rerelease of The Song Remains The Same. I know i have and that is strange because i never thought that the performances are all that great. And over the years the band has come out and said that they too don't think they played well at those New York shows ( the bootlegs of the Los Angeles shows are far superior performances). But this is the only official document of that tour so we cling to it, we come back to it, even though the band's playing is sloppy and tired. But it still is fun to watch, just to see a young Led Zeppelin in their heyday. And that tiny stage. Here they were playing arenas and stadiums and they had a stage set that was right for a 2000 seat concert hall. There are a few good performances such as the extras Misty Mountain Hop and Celebration Day and the Ocean. There just isn't enough of them.

The package is nice, it comes with a set of lobby cards, some reproductions of movie premiere tickets and newspaper clippings. Most importantly the picture quality and sound quality are vastly improved, it really does sound and look beautiful. And if you don't already know, the film isn't completely live. When the band got back to England they weren't happy with what they filmed so they set up the stage in Shepperton studios and reshot many scenes and you can see some times that Jimmy's guitar playing isn't in synch with what we hear and see. Also the film was shot over 3 nights in N.Y and the band was told to wear the same clothes for all shows to make it look like one show, but John Paul Jones wears different clothes on each night and the editing reflects that. You see JPJ wearing 3 different outfits in one song. Sad really. One last thing i would like to add is why with todays technology, they didn't give us an option to watch the film with or without the fantasy pieces, which i always found boring. So there you have it, not a great film, but still a fun snapshot of the band when they ruled the land.
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on March 23, 1999
I have been a fan of The almighty Zep, since I was 12, (which isn't all that long ago). I always heard how they were the concert to see. So when the video came to local store, I rented it. I have all the albums, shirts, posters, so I think I am a fan. But this was not a good show, the songs were wrong, the concert itself was taped in 1973 and released in 1976, and for three years it should look better than a glorified home video. The fantasy scenes were ok, but why the effects were overused, for such a bare bones Rock and Roll band, only using a wah for the guitar effects. I do not want to ever see Robert Plant with the camera looking up to him. I am not a urologist. The cool part was the band with their family. Robert and Karnac was a nice scene. The guitar was majestically played, as was the drums, by the Late Great John Bonham, and John Paul Jones, was his usual, cool, and collected self. Robert Plant, was well.... Robert Plant, in the good and the bad. Well, thats it, buy it if you want, but rent it first.
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on April 24, 2003
I must have seen this movie 20 times at the local theatre. Friday and Saturday nights at midnight they'd play Rock n Roll movies. I have never been able to stay awake through the whole movie. I thought at the time it was because we were staying up past midnight to watch it and we were just to tired to make it to the end. So when I picked up the DVD and brought it home after not seeing it for so many years I thought "I'm finally gonna be able to see this movie from start to finish". I still fell asleep. This movie has not aged well. I LOVE ZEP. But this movie reminds me too much of Spinal Tap. The dream sequences.........Why are the there? The band looks very bored. They also seem to take this whole 'rock star' persona way to seriously. Spinal Tap was a spoof. This was not and looks like one. Long live Zep...........but you don't need this DVD in your collection.
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on March 2, 2003
During the 70's Led Zeppelin were the kings of rock, not only that, but they put on a good show. Now I'm a huge Zeppelin fan, so when I give it 2 stars, you know it sucks. When I purchased this DVD I frankly expected more. I (being a guitarist) expected to see Jimmy Page in all his glory thrashing out riffs for everybody. Instead, i get Jimmy playing at his sloppiest. Robert Plant keeps saying "push, push" during every song which is, quite frankly, disturbing. John Paul Jones and John Bonham sound great, but stand behind Robert and Jimmy like statues (which I guess is okay). Robert, Jimmy, John, and JPJ all look tired and worn out. To put it, they look lazy. Add to this the annoying "dream sequences" and there you have it. I expected a Zeppelin concert, not a freaky LSD trip.
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on July 27, 1999
I agree that both the audio and visual aspects of this film must be reviewed. I regret getting the album first. Page and Plant, who are geniuses in the studio, are showboats onstage. If you ask me, they may look cool during masterpieces like "No Quarter" and "Stairway To Heaven", but they sound either half-dead, or stoned to me. There stage presence, however, as well as many more songs and visuals, make the movie superior to the album, by far. All and all, however, the fantasy scenes, and occasional camera tricks are way, way, way too outdated to do any justice to the feeling Led Zepplin's music gives me. Time limits simply don't apply to them. this is my review of the film, and being a fan of the band, i can still stomach the film.
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on November 19, 2002
The sound is poor as it prologic and very centre channel,the video is hacked up and out of synch with the energy on stage, the off stage sequences are rediculous and unnecessary But it is Led Zep and therefore good to watch Page at work. Bonham is an animal, I think Keith Moon would have gotten out of breath trying to keep up on the skins. I think the camera work spent too much time on Plant below the belt and we would have all been served better above the waist.
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on January 9, 1999
OK,OK I admit it..I am a typical American male in my 30's and went to see this 942 times at midnight showings in the 70's.But nostalgia aside,the band just weren't on this(these)nights. Couple this with horrific editing and MANY scenes reshot on a soundstage makes for a trying experience.What makes this an absolute disaster is that I STILL prefer Zep to any of the garbage that I hear/see now....Ahh progress!
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on June 17, 1999
This is certainly good by the high standards of hard rock. There are interruptions in the concert footage which I believe is unnecessary. I'm no fan of Deep Purple but I have to say its Machine Head video is the best video ever. I'm a great fan of progressive bands and this video is still considered a disappointment
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on November 20, 2001
If this wasn't the only concert film available of Led Zeppelin it wouldn't be such a tragedy.. but it is.
This is a second rate concert at best. At the time it was released Plant himself acknowledged its shortcomings, saying it simply had to be released, regardless of the calibre of the music. His words were to the effect that it 'certainly wasn't magical'. And it isn't.
For those of us lucky enough to have heard/seen a magical performance of Led Zeppelin in their prime, this concert representation is a pathetic farce. It doesn't even scratch the surface of the brilliance of the band.
On top of the mediocre performance, the editing is simply brutal. The 'dream' sequences spliced in and out of the concert footage are rather silly and beside the point, and even the live footage is so butchered that the sound/images don't match half the time.
As for the 'dream' sequences themselves.... the fact that the makers of this film are trying to 'liven up' a Led Zeppelin concert should be your first clue that something is wrong.
It's not that this film is so bad that bothers me, it's not terrible... it's just mediocre. BUT THAT'S THE PROBLEM! Led Zeppelin was one of the best rock bands of all time.. anyone watching this who had never seen a 'magical' concert would scratch their heads and wonder what all the fuss was about.
Let's pray that somewhere, sometime, someone digs up some magic from the video vaults and shows the kind of mind-blowing concert that these guys were capable of.
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on April 22, 2002
Go to [the website] and see what a crime Jimmy Page commited. I was there on the last "Night of the Last Tour" and i watched a Hindu toss batons afire up into an Olympic sized bowl of flame above Bonzo's drums in the 2nd solo Wole Lotta Love but nothing made it into the DVD. Ask Jimmy where the lost footage is, 25,000 people besides me saw it on July 29, 1973.You can see bonzos gong on fire then watch Jimmy take his giuitar off for the 2nd time at the end of WWLove. A tribute to the Twin Towers before Stairway. NYC skyline as it existed in 1973. BUY THIS, its worth the price to criticize.
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