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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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I initially reviewed this on June 15, 2008. I personally feel that the cd was overall very strong and entertaining. I admit that I can understand the viewpoints of both the positive and negative reviews. However in my opinion this cd helped solidify why Madonna still is and continues to be a shining example to others to always follow your dreams and that anything is possible. This cd is the type of cd that grows on you each time you listen to it. With that being said here are my opinions on each of the songs

candy shop 8/10 : a very strong song with exotic beats that would be perfect for a dance club.

4 minutes 7/10 a good collaboration with timbaland and justin timberlake with a strong horn.

give it to me 8/10: an excellent pairing with pharell that makes excellent use of the drums and conveys a message that you are here to win in life and that she will continue on regardless of what others may say.

heartbeat 10/10: One of the best songs on the cd in my opinion. I listen to this track alot on my way to work.

miles away 9/10: sounds inspired from love profusion but a beautiful song on how love can be appreciated even more in a long distance relationship.

she's not me 9/10: One of my other favorite songs about a woman telling her man that the other woman doesn't compare to her but does it in a groovy and fun way.

incredible 8/10: This song grew on me after the second listen and I like how the song praises her love in a very sensual way.

beat goes on 6/10: Another song grower but in my opinion is a listenable song about having fun and enjoying the moment.

dance 2 night 6/10: An ok song for mellow slow dancing moments.

spanish lesson 7/10: An interesting song with some spanish words in it that may not compare to la isla bonita but is still very strong and upbeat with singing about a girl who loves to fall in love and adds the catchy phrase "when you do your homework.

devil wouldn't recognize you 10/10 A very strong and magnetic song about her wanting to release her lover but keeps coming back to him more and more.

voices 7/10 A good collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Madonna carefully crafts an original masterpiece with this song with making the listener think about the societal master and slave roles.

All in all I think that this “Hard Candy” by Madonna cd is perfect to listen to for a good and uplifting emotional boost.
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on July 25, 2008
Everyone likes candy right? From the moment it hits your tongue, candy will flood your mouth with many flavours: savoury, tart, tantalizing. You close your eyes and are transported to another world full of sweet delights and sugary pleasure.

Such is the case with Madonna's new album, Hard Candy. As soon as the first note plays, you know you're in for a sensational treat. Mixing R and B with hip hop, pop and some good old 1980's funk, Hard Candy is a flat out amazing musical experience.

After Confessions on a Dance Floor, I was wondering what Madonna's next musical offering would be like. She is constantly reinventing herself to stay ahead and on top in the world of music. Going from electronica (Ray of Light) to electronic country pop (Music) to hard core electronic funk (American Life) to neo-disco pop (Confessions on a Dance Floor), Madonna is constantly changing and evolving.

Many were worried about what Hard Candy would be like when rumours started floating around about an R and B influence. Madonna, who is known to work with influential producers, worked with Justin Timberlake, Timberland, The Neptunes and Nate Hills this time around. Many felt that the album would sub par and I worried that Hard Candy would not be as good as Confessions on a Dance Floor.

I needn't have worried. Hardy Candy is perhaps the most ambitious musical offering that she has ever done. It is also without a doubt her best work to date. Far from being an attempt to harness the urban market, it actually goes beyond the ideals of urban hip-hop and R and B. In true Madonna fashion, she makes the music her own.

Unlike Confessions on a Dance Floor where the songs were somewhat similar and flowed into each other from one to the next, Hard Candy is a musical candy box full of different delights and startling treats. Each song on the album has a different flavour, a different sound but somehow manages to work well; each song plays off the other songs and, collected together, give us a sticky and sweet musical tapestry.

What I love most about Hard Candy is its message: get up and dance. The theme runs through out the album but is especially notable on Give it 2 Me, Beat Goes On, Spanish Lesson, Heartbeat and Dance 2Night. There are no political or personal agendas here; instead, we are given twelve tracks that will make you want to get out on the dance floor and strut your stuff.

There are tons of musical surprises on Hard Candy. Just when you think a song will go one way, it veers off into an unexpected yet wonderful direction. Give it 2 Me breaks down into a wonderful and catchy beat box chorus. Spanish Lesson starts off with soft Spanish guitar and a wonderfully catchy tune but veers into a hypnotic chorus where we're told to do our homework and get up on the dance floor. Voices, the last song on the album, starts off slowly, almost sensually and then veers into a sexy electronic funk that makes you sit up and take notice. Surprise after surprise makes this Madonna's most fantastic album yet.

The dancing theme plays through out the album but the song that best describes what Hard Candy is all about is the track Dance 2night: Do it, do it/Let me turn you on/Let the music pull you through it/Till the break of dawn/Do it, do it/While the night is young/Let the music pull you through it/Till the lights go on.

With those lyrics, and indeed the lyrics of all twelve songs on Hard Candy, you can't help but listen to Madonna's message: get up and dance. Hard Candy is hypnotic as Madonna pulls us through her music and helps us give into the beat.

Hard Candy is Madonna at her best and most creative. It's also one of the best albums this year. One thing is for sure: with Madonna as our musical muse, we'll be dancing for years to come.
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on March 27, 2014
After all these years, Madonna returns, makes hit cds, performs on tour, and trumps all the younger performers who aren't even half of what Madonna is.
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on April 1, 2015
Delete Spanish Lesson and you the most underrated Madonna album ever. B*tch even channels Karen Carpenter. Five stars.
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on June 19, 2008
There have been some reviews written for this CD that say Madonna just hit a speed bump on the musical highway. In her defense, she may not have been able to avoid that bump, the reason being that her last album "Confessions on a Dancefloor" was absolutely brilliant, a perfect album in every way, which eventually led to the most successful live concert tour of her career thus far, and those ticket numbers would be huge. The "Confessions" CD was a concept album of sorts with each song segueing into the next, creating a dance floor extravaganza. How can she top that? Maybe she doesn't, so she follows a different, yet familiar path. Calling out the 'big guns' in the form of Timbaland and Justin Timberlake helps a heap too; the first single, "4 Minutes", is a great song and you can tell by the sound of it that the two T's are making their mark in the grooves. I'm thankful that Madonna's 'people' realized just how good "Give It To Me" is; this is the best song on the disc and is the new single that's just been released. This is Madonna at her very best as this song is super-hot and funky. As for other tracks, it doesn't hurt the cause to recruit Kanye West into the fold to help the rap/groove of "Beat Goes On" and old school funk shines big-time on "She's Not Me", with Prince collaborator Wendy Melvoin's signature guitar playing pushing the overall groove of the number.
How are the other tracks? To mention a few, "Candy Shop" is really good and "Dance Tonight" is a hot number that will probably end up on the urban charts soon. What ticks me off lately is when I read articles and reviews where people are taking shots at the fact that Madonna is almost 50 and shouldn't be strutting her stuff the way she does; this is age-ism and sexism at it's worst. For God's sake George Clooney is 47 and when was the last time you heard anyone making an issue out of that? Exactly. Madonna is a fantastic artist and entertainer who should just keep on trucking. Here's the way I look at it; Madonna at her very worst is far better than Britney at her very best. This is far, far from Madonna's worst album. She should be proud of this effort; it's actually one of her best, and definitely a CD worth buying.
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Normally we're told not to accept candy from strangers, but in this case Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West are certainly not strangers to even the youngest music fan.

Following up 2005's "Confessions on a Dance Floor", the ageless icon proves that she's still got what it takes with a sweet pop/dance album infused with hip hop flavor. Bursting with possible singles, the album was launched with a sure fire hit in "4 Minutes", a collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, with a red hot video to go with it.

Other must-listen tracks are "Candy Shop" (dance); "Give It 2 Me" (pop/dance); "Miles Away" (mid-tempo - reminiscent of the "Ray of Light" album); "She's Not Me" (pop/R&B); "Beat Goes On" (R&B); "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" (a ballad with a beat); "Voices" (mid-tempo and vintage Madonna)

The nice thing about this album is that it mixes up the flavors, each song bringing something different to the listening experience. You definitely can't say that these tracks all sound the same, and that's a definite selling point for my shopping list.

It may be hot enough to melt in your hand, but this Hard Candy is going to be around the charts for a long time.

Amanda Richards
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on May 15, 2008
hi there,best tracks for dancing from the album are tracks 1-candy shop,2-4 minutes,3-give it 2 me,4-heartbeat,6-shes not me,8-beat goes on,9-dance 2 night.With just these 7 songs you will be dancing all night.The rest are o.k.I,ve been a MADONNA FAN since day 1 (oct.23-1982)when i heard EVERYBODY on the radio.I find that she is going back to her roots with this album.I through she should of called it confessions on the dancefloor 2.Its sounds like that one alot wich it great.She is the only artist in rock era that has never stop in the past 26 years plus.So if your a madonna fan its worth getting.I also have a copy of the hard candy box set.The bonus remixes are worth nothing.If you really want remixes of 4 minutes its better to buy the maxi single import with the 6 remixes.Madonna fan forever tim
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on June 21, 2016
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on May 4, 2008
Très bon album remplit de rythme entrainant ! Les chansons t-elles Give It 2 Me, She's Not Me, Spanish Lesson ou encore 4 Minutes sont les pistes principal de l'abum avec leur rythm espanol,pop ou même rock !De très bonne pistes quoi dire de plus ! Un très bon album aussi ! Beau travail Madonna !
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