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on December 24, 2013
I bought this as a Christmas gift and my wife is very happy with it.
It is a good quality radio, with timer options. The sound is crisp clear! could not ask for better!
Very happy with it.
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on April 10, 2012
I have one of these for home, and have enjoyed it for years, and I wanted another for the summer retreat. I looked at lower priced alternatives, but they obviously lacked what this unit has to offer. This has a digital display which makes it easier to fine tune. It either hangs over the shower head, or curtain rod. It pulls in the FM stations with the antennae, which comes with a small suction cup to fasten to the shower wall, and can even pull in the weather and TV stations. It has 5 preset stations, and a timer to turn off the unit.

When I decided to see if these shower clock radios still existed I did find them but everywhere I looked they were charging 2 to 4 times more than I paid for my original. Then I found it on Amazon at a reasonable price.

If you want to have music while you shower then this is the way to go, and Amazon sells it for much less than those only trying to take adavantage of the uninformed.
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on October 22, 2013
The radio is worth the money over the cheaper shower radios. I have tried lots of the cheap ones - they either didn't work very good, the sound was terrible, they couldn't tune radio stations properly, they broke within weeks or months, and the list goes on.

This radio works, the sound is good (you are not going to get stereophonic sound but for a small unit it is clear and has some oomph behind it), the buttons are all easy to work and program, and it has no problem tuning in radio stations. I haven't had to use the antenna cable at all to get all of my favourite FM stations. Both my 8 & 10 year old kids learned how to operate the unit in minutes.

I haven't owned it long enough to test the longevity of the unit but other reviews indicate there seems to be no issue here.

I will never waste money on cheap ones again. This unit has bang for your buck.
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on April 25, 2013
I picked this radio based on favourable ratings in Amazon and have not been disappointed. It has replaced a shower radio of another make. Setup of the digital functions is largely intuitive and took at most 3 minutes after reading the instruction booklet. It seems well made and solid and the controls are simple and consist of a couple of press buttons and a single knob. Reception is good, and I like the no fuss feature of the preset buttons which is similar to a car radio. The sound is adequate - I did not really expect great sound quality. I have only had the radio for a month and cannot comment as to durability. The one feature which is disappointing is the fact that it uses a C-class battery (3 of them), an unusual size and I would have to specially buy them as nothing else uses this size battery. I would recommend them to anybody who would like a decent no fuss shower radio.
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on July 18, 2012
The shower radio was purchased as a gift for my daughter but I had the opportunity to try it out. It is solid and well built, and included all the accessories needed except the "C" cell batteries. The radio is easy to use, however reception is only mediocre in the shower. Interestingly, with most stations, the unit likes to use you body as an antenna! The signal is loud and clear when touching the radio, or when standing very near it (inches). However, move back from the radio and the reception degrades considerably, to the point it's not listenable. This happens even on stations with normally strong signals.

Your experience may vary but for me, I wouldn't recommend it.
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on July 11, 2012
After researching shower radios I came up with two radios that suited my criteria. Neither radio I was able to find in any stores. I saw this Sony shower radio on Amazon and after further review of my two desired radios I decided to go with the Sony. This is my first time buying on Amazon and so was a little apprehensive. Turned out to be no problem and I would not hesitate to use Amizon again. As for the radio it works perfectly having the digital tuner and the presets. I like to listen to news/talk radio and my wife likes the music. Turn it on, press the band select button and we are both happy. The radio works great.
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on July 13, 2015
Great Radio. I've used it for about 9 months now. Good sound. Lots of volume if you need it. Compact. Brings in the fringe FM stations in my area. The suction cup on end of the FM wire antenna is a very useful, if inelegant solution of how to mount the antenna for best reception.

My only complaint is the fiddly control buttons on top of the radio. The on button is large and hard to miss, even with soap in your eyes. The off button is a separate button - hard to find and easy to miss. Why not just use one large button for both on and off? And why not place it on the front of the radio?
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on May 29, 2013
I've had this for over a year now, and it's exactly what I needed.

I love how I could record my favorite stations and don't have to play with the dial in the shower to find them.
Having the clock is useful too.

I don't even remember having to change the batteries... maybe I had to, once... but it's clear it's not too battery hungry!

The antenna is great, because my previous shower radio would easily loose signal and give me noise... never had a problem with this one.
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on February 28, 2012
I had few shower radios this is the best so far. Its build quality is great, powerfull enough and easy to use controls.

Two things I am very happy are:
1- Its heavy, takes 3 C size batteries. Be careful if you hang it over shower head.
2- Having an external antenna is good and bad, obviously getting much better reception but there is an hanging wire around is not very desirable.

Overall, its a great shower radio and recommended.
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on April 26, 2012
I live in a highrise condo and when I first received this radio I was very disappointed in the reception and was preparing to send it back. However when I opened the back to take the batteries out I noticed a wire I hadn't seen before. Turns out it was an antenna and lo and behold I now have amazing reception even in the bathroom which is in the middle of my condo amongst all the concrete, metal and wiring. I am extremely pleased with this radio.
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