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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on February 23, 2013
It might take patience to get the best benefit from the SlimCat but it is worth it. When the ball was new, my cat did not want to have to push it around. He would just sit and look at it until I would take his paw and give the ball a knock until kibble would fall out while saying 'push'. (He has since learned the word 'push'). My cat receives a measured daily ration to keep his lovely figure. A small portion he gets as breakfast, a small portion is reserved for bedtime snack and the rest goes in this ball. First thing in the morning I make the holes just big enough that when I shake the ball one or two falls out. By evening if there is still a lot left, I will make the holes bigger (that's probably the best feature of the SlimCat). On the days when he seems like he wants to eat all day, I make sure the holes are small enough that he really has to work to get some kibble. He doesn't always LIKE pushing it around now, but he knows that is how he gets his food through the day and it does serve as an activity for a cat with few mice to catch.
This is a great tool in preventing obesity. It holds about what an adult cat should eat in a day. My veterinarian actually has noticed more muscle mass from Scooter's daily pushing. The only downside is the locking mechanism that adjusts the size of the whole eventually slips, and then it's time for a new SlimCat. But for the price, and how it keeps my cat from obesity and all the related health issues, that's a very minor issue.
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on August 1, 2014
So I originaly bought this food dispenser 3 years ago, after the first 6 months I give up since my cat will always manage to get it stuck under the couch or the bed and making really anoying the process of retriving the ball in order to feed him. Since then I have been trying to free feed him which didnt work since he would eat all his food in one sitting and then complain all day about more, he was never full, he went and eat the other cat food in order to eat more. I had it, he was getting obese (which could result in diabetes) and he just wouldnt stop complaining all night about getting more food. So I decided to bring the ball dispenser again (in a new apartment), and then I put the ball inside his food dish, a steinless steel food plate with 3 inch walls, this was just a great idea, he is unable to move the ball outside the dish, so the food only gets dispensed on the dish and not all over my floor, so then he goes and eats the food slowly. This has worked, he already lost 3lb out of 21lb, also he doesnt complain about food anymore, because the ball is full most of the times, but since takes longer to eat it, he doesnt over feed himself. This is a great purchase and the food dispenser still works like brand new since day 1. I would recommend this to all owners out there with obese, lazy, and overfed cats.
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on December 10, 2013
I bought this and the Busy Buddy Eggsercizer. Once both cats figured out how to use them, it provided less of a challenge. The mental challenge is pretty much over but they still need to bat this around to get the treats out so I recommend this. There's decent control over how big the holes are so I can use different size treats and it's easy to clean. One advantage I think the Eggsercizer has over this model is it's egg shape. When the cats bat it, it moves unexpectedly. This SlimCat model is round so it travels farther but doesn't offer quite the same challenge. The SlimCat is also SO easy to lose under furniture so remember to look under the couch if it's gone missing. Overall, though, I recommend.
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on August 29, 2015
I was really pleased with the construction of this ball.It will not break easily and the general idea is sound.The reason I only gave it four stars is due to the fact that my cat broke the idea in less than two days.You see my cat is a little chunky and I thought this would be a fun way to help her lose the extra love she carries. Unfortunately she discovered that if she rolls it into a corner of any kind with two hard surfaces she can just continuously smash it hard enough until all the treats fall out no matter what size of treat or what sized opening I set it to.She loves this ball and guards if from our other cat,she plays with it in the corner all day.She is a wonderful cat and I love her with all my heart,but I have to admit,she is no genius,so if she figured it out just so she could continue to be lazy(true couch potato),any pet who is against physical work or play could do this as well LOL.I feel that this ball would work really well for cats (small pets in general)who want to run and play.Though if your pet is overweight partially due to the fact that they do not want to run and chase toys,this may be a disappointment.If you think your pet will enjoy the chase,try it,I really do think it's a great idea,if not,try something else as this is not the answer for you.
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on January 18, 2013
This is a good idea. However the food works best if its round and i usually feed my 1 year old cat, Hubert a mix of iams and science diet food and if anyone knows is triangler and the other has a chocolate chip shape. there are two size holes and you turn it to choose the size and can lock it in place. Trying to get a size that doesnt make it to easy for my cat is slightly difficult. However it is very helpful when you wont be home for awhile to throw it on the ground and let the cat play and eat at the same time. Overall it takes some time farting around with it to get a big enough hole but not to big. Hope this helps!
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on June 6, 2013
The shipping on these were ridiculously fast -- I think they arrived two days after I placed the order. As for the SlimCat Toy and Food ball, I love them! It didn't take long for my two cats to figure out that food would come out of these and it has fascinated them ever since. As I am using these balls more as a toy and treat rather than to formally feed them their meals, I tinkered with them to adjust the size of the holes where the food came out so that they would be more challenging (as in the kibble didn't spill out too easily). I have since been able to watch in pure amusement as my cats each played with their own SlimCat Toy balls, using their own nose or paw rolling techniques to get the kibble out. And for the price, this toy sure beats most of the other toys I buy for them in terms of practicality and entertainment value!
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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2014
I have this problem with one of my cats. Frodo likes to come to me whenever I'm in bed and smack me in the nose, scratch at the shiny bits on my face (piercings), claw out my eyes and in general leave me looking like I've been attacked by a bear every day because he wants treats in the middle of the night.
I bought my cats, and in particular Frodo this so he will leave me alone, have his treats and have it portion controlled. Already I can see it working. Thank you for saving my face.
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on August 1, 2015
Update: We've had this ball for about 7 months now and my cat still loves it. I fill it up before I leave in the morning and it keeps him busy for a while. It does get pushed under things which can make it hard to find at times but it seems to get push under the same places, you'll learn where to look for it.
My cat loves this feeder. He has a lot of energy and this product keeps him busy for a while and its super cute to watch him push it around with his nose. Easy to clean and it has different opening sizes for different treat sizes. We are trying to keep our house cat in shape, he was starting to gain a few pounds, this product really helps to slow down his feeding and keep him busy. It will leave small bits around your house.
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on April 21, 2013
I was somewhat sceptical but this ball is amazing! It's not loud when rolling, it's well designed so very easy to use, not too heavy for cats (problem with some cat products), even when filled with food.
I switched to this food dispenser exclusively and within a week I saw one of my glutton cats loose some weight. I love this product the most because I don't have to supervise feeding for my cats, they can eat on their own time and not overeat! If only they made this for humans :)
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on January 21, 2014
I bought this because my cat needs to lose weight. We feed him once in the morning and once at night and he usually eats his food so fast that he sometimes throws it right back up. This Slimcat makes him work for his food and it takes him longer to eat it. I don't think our cat wants to work for his food, but once it is in there he really has no choice. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Only flaw is finding the next time you need to fill it up!
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