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on May 8, 2016
I've a complaint... This series is too engrossing, the plots are too intricate, the characters too varied and three-dimensional, the camera work too effective, the episodes too addicting. My husband and I have lost sleep because of wanting to watch "just one more part". Dalgleish alone is such an interesting study. Even the settings have personality. I had already read several of PD James' books but that has not interfered in any way with my enjoyment of this collection. Our only regret is that there aren't more.
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on April 19, 2017
Came quickly, new in box. These DVDs are based on the original videos and the picture can be a bit shaky on high definition. I do not mind the "grittiness" as I love these books and the film interpretations.
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on July 28, 2017
Mom, really likes this very much.
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on August 11, 2017
my husband and me found it very interesting and good
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on May 28, 2017
Clear dialogue, exacting script. The best of PD James. Well worth the purchase
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on August 15, 2017
Great product
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on June 30, 2007
I liked the series immensely. Yes, I did find the background noises distracting in the earlier episodes. I did have trouble understanding the dialogue in spots. It wasn't just the regional accents (which I quite enjoyed) but the sound was poor and some actors didn't enunciate at all. I found Marsden's red curly hairpiece in the Unnatural Causes episode totally distracting--in fact, I missed most of the first hour because I couldn't believe the make-up people would have inflicted something so hideous on poor Marsden. (I was relieved when, in the later episodes, he obtained one which was more sedately colored and combed.) I like the fact that the actors chosen are not the typical beautiful people you see in American films. Each one is individual and interesting. P.D. James is a superb writer. For me, this series has been a marvel.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 23, 2008
Koch Vision presents "P.D. JAMES: THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION" (1983-1997) (2075 mins/Color) -- Phyllis Dorothy James, Baroness James of Holland Park, (born 3 August 1920) is an English author of crime fiction, under the name P. D. James, and is a life peer in the British House of Lords --- Hailed as Britain's "Queen of Crime" by critics and fans alike, P.D. James is one of the most celebrated mystery writers of all time --- Her first novel, "Cover her Face", introduced the world to the brilliant and poetic mind of Scotland Yard's Adam Dalgliesh --- Audiences have been captivated ever since

>From the diabolical to the macabre, this "essential collection" presents nine critically acclaimed P.D. James film adaptations - each starring Roy Marsden in a compelling Adam Dalgliesh Mystery.

Over 34 Hours of Heart-Stopping Suspense - Includes a collectible 19-Page Booklet, featuring an interview with P.D. James.

"Death of an Expert Witness" (8 April 1983)
It begins with the discovery of a murder of young girl --- However, this is not the focus of the novel, but rather is used as a method to introduce us to the staff of a forensic laboratory, the background of this mystery --- The actual murder of Dr. Lorrimer, an experienced expert witness, is only discovered in the second section of the book. It is quickly established that only people associated with the lab would have the opportunity or the knowledge to commit the crime, which allows the detectives to focus their attention.

"Shroud for a Nightingale" (9 March 1984)
Commander Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard is called in to investigate the death of two student nurses at the hospital nursing school of Nightingale House --- The novel was adapted as a television miniseries by Anglia Television in 1984, with Roy Marsden as Dalgliesh and Joss Ackland as the surgeon, Stephen Courtney-Briggs.

"Cover Her Face" (17 February 1985)
It details the investigations by her poetry-writing detective Adam Dalgliesh into the death of a young, ambitious maid, surrounded by a family which has reasons to want her gone - or dead --- The title is taken from a passage from John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi: "Cover her face. Mine eyes dazzle; she died young."

"The Black Tower" (8 November 1985)
Adam Dalgliesh, convalescing after a severe illness, arrives at Toynton Grange (Dorset coast), the rest home for the young disabled, just too late to find out why his old friend Father Baddeley had sent for him --- The monk-robed Wilfred Anstey and his staff are an odd lot, as are the few patients, all in wheelchairs --- There's already been a suspicious suicide, and Dalgleish is not satisfied that the old priest's death was caused by myocarditis alone --- Handicapped by poor health, he finally manages to unearth the secret of the grange --- Unpleasant people, but good final scenes."

"A Taste for Death" (21 May 1992)
In the dingy vestry of St. Matthew's Church, Paddington, two bodies have been found with their throats slashed --- One is an alcoholic vagrant, whereas the other is Sir Paul Berowne, a baronet and recently resigned Minister of the Crown --- Poet and Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates one of the most convoluted cases of his career.

"Devices and Desires" (4 January 1991)
Commander Adam Dalgliesh, having published his second volume of poetry, retreats to the remote Larksoken headland where his recently deceased aunt, Jane Dalgliesh, left him a converted windmill --- However, a psychopathic mass murderer, known as the Norfolk Whistler, is on the loose and seems to have arrived at Larksoken when Dalgliesh finds the body of the nearby nuclear power plant's Acting Administrative Officer during an evening stroll on the beach --- We then watch the effect a following series of interlocking plots have on each other, and on the lives of the books protagonists.

"Unnatural Causes" (13 January 1994)
Unnatural Causes is the title of a 1967 detective novel by P. D. James --- It features her detective Adam Dalgliesh, who happens to be visiting his aunt, Jane Dalgliesh, in Suffolk when the body of a detective novelist, Maurice Seton, is found washed ashore in his own small boat. The death is highly suspicious because his hands are missing, having been removed with a meat cleaver, just as Seton himself had described in a thriller he was beginning to write. However the cause of his death is mysterious; his hands were removed some time after his death --- The primary responsibility for the investigation falls on Inspector Reckless, but Dalgliesh conducts his own low-key investigation in support.

"A Mind to Murder" (2 January 1995)
Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh has been on leave following the death on duty of a member of his team, DS Sarah Hillier --- His superiors order him back to work to investigate the murder of the Director of the Steen Clinic, which specializes in psychiatric cases --- Dalgliesh and his team can't quite figure out why they've been assigned to what seems to be a straightforward murder case but it's clear that his superiors want him to get in and out as quickly as possible --- There is any number of possible suspects and as Dalgliesh is fond to say, the motive for murder is inevitably greed or love.

"Original Sin" (9 January 1997)
The murder of Peverell Press's managing director, ambitious Gerard Etienne, seems to be the horrible end of a series of malicious pranks in the company headquarters --- When Adam Dalgliesh is called to the scene to solve the murder, he soon finds out that the killer does not intend to stop with Etienne.

the cast includes:
Roy Marsden ... Commander Adam Dalgliesh

1. Roy Marsden
Date of Birth: 25 June 1941 - Stepney, London, England, UK
Date of Death: Still Living

Special footnote, Roy Marsden (born on June 25, 1941 in Stepney, London) is a British actor, who is probably best known for his portrayal of Adam Dalgliesh in the Anglia Television dramatisations of P. D. James's detective novels.

Great job by Koch Vision --- looking forward to more high quality titles from the BBC Collection film market --- order your copy now from Amazon or Koch Vision where there are plenty of copies available on DVD, stay tuned once again for top notch releases --- where they are experts in releasing long forgotten films and treasures to the collector.

Total Time: 2075 mins on DVD ~ Koch Vision KOCV-6565 ~ (8/05/2008)
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on February 20, 2004
I found this collection to be very entertaining. The
first five movies were presented in the old Master-
piece Theater syle which I especially like. I find the
over done sound tracks distracting. It's like you're
watching "real life". If you like this type of mystery,
the collection is a real bargin.
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on April 4, 2009
An excellent collection for fans of the Dalglish character. Lacking the storyline between his co-workers from one episode to another which I prefer. Note: one disc came with a fault stating it needed to be cleaned. I have not been able to get it to work even after cleaning.
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