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on May 23, 2010
I purchased a Garmin GPS a few years ago and it was very satisfactory. After a year or so, the battery crashed but no worked off the cigarette lighter in the truck. In 2009, I decided to upgrade my maps and purchased Map Update 2009. The update worked very well in the U.S. BUT it has distorted all roads so it looks like I'm driving off the road, and not on it.

Christmas 2009, I received a Garmin Nuvi from my wife. It has been a huge disappointment !! I have a long list of problems from it, including:
1. It takes too long to reactivate after being shut off.
2. It cannot find many addresses that we put in.
3. In Winnipeg, it could not find restaurants such as Olive Garden and the Keg or sporting good stores such as Cabela's.
4. In Great Falls MT, it had us turn the opposite direction for the Comfort Inn.
5. It could not find Cabela's in Spokane WA....a store that has been there for 5 years.
6. We were driving on a major divided freeway which did not show up at all on the GPS.
7. Poor volume control and mournful voice giving directions !!

Presently, I have set the new machine aside and put a private mapping software system in my old machine which brings back in line all western Canadian roads.

I wish Garmin would take a hard look at the accuracy and usability of their new Garmins.
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on September 26, 2009
The Garmin 265WT is fantastic. I researched GPS's for over a month. I was set on the Magellen 1470 because of the price and size. However I chose the Garmin because of the many options. I paid $250 and at that time it was a great price. I love the option of selecting another location while driving. The 1470 didn't have this option. The traffic info is a cool option. It's shows up once in a while. At night the screen turns black with only streets lit. This is a great feature. I find locations quickly. The voice sounds fine, neat choices for different accents. The different views of maps has really been a help. We've come to depend on the gps unit. Amazingly, we bought it from at 2am and received it in "2" days. That was incredible. We thought it would have taken a week. I'm shopping Amazon for now on!
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on January 29, 2010
When I bought the device it was out of stock on Amazon. But Amazon did a good a job to fill my order quickly.

The device is excellent on the road, very responsive. The FM traffic information also works but not entirely accurate. Google map on my BlackBerry shows more accurate traffic status.

I'll rate this device as 5 star if not because of its painful map upgrade.

I need download a 2gig file from their web site and it takes hours...that's not a big deal. Then I open the file and run it, it take forever to install the software into my computer. Moreover, the device got a very slow USB port so the file tranfer file from PC to GPS also takes forever. So you get 3 times of forever...just be alarted if you want to update the map. I didn't find much difference between the new map and the factory loaded file, I guess you better off and leave the orignal map there.

I can't help to notice another small problem as a designer - the surface of this devce is too smooth to hold. I already drop the device several times. Now since it's permenently stay on its car hold, I think it's fine now.
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on January 9, 2010
I purchased the Garmin 265WT because I was going to be travelling to Western Canada and the U.S. this winter, and the Bluetooth feature appealed to me. My disappointment came when I downloaded my once only free maps, and then discovered they were not up to date. Major highway twinning in Manitoba and Saskatchewan was completed last summer, and when travelling to Alberta at Christmas time I noticed that this had not been updated. The map version, however, says November 2009. I called Garmin in California and they said that it could sometimes take one to two years to update some of their maps. I explained that this was the Trans Canada Highway, the major highway in Canada, but I received no indication that an update was in the near future. I am travelling south to Arizona in February, and do not feel confident that the maps will be accurate and up to date. This is not my first GPS. I updated to the Garmin because I thought they were the industry standard. I am not so sure now.
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on June 29, 2010
the life traffic update is not that accurate,
I had the updated OS version
I used this GPS to drive from Vancouver Airport using the fastest path feature and it leaded me to a 30 Km longer route, that most of it has limited speeds to 45 Km/Hr , there was many urban and streets that were not updated , there were many accidents in the way that had long traffic jam and the GPS was showing green Icon. in one of junctions it was not clear a bout the exit and it caused me to miss the exit and drive 40 Km with no exits , it was a bad experience in a very critical time that caused missing my appointment.
i used the shortest path feature , and it drove me to longer paths
it was directing me to drive in a wrong way in a one way street and i was a bout to get a ticket from the police officer.
all the above incidents were according the database and maps updates and has nothing to do with this specific model.
I found this GPS very very useful when it works as it supposed to.
the speakers for the phone are not that great quality, but it is better than nothing.
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on February 9, 2010
Granted, this is my first GPS unit so I don't have a lot to compare it with, but I was pleasantly suprised how well it works. The unit aquires satellites very fast and frame rate on the unit while driving is quite smooth. Tons of useable POI's. After getting the free map update I have even the newest and most obscure streets in my area available on the device. Incredibly intuitive and easy to use interface that anyone could figure out.

The major con on the device is the bluetooth speakerphone. I've found it to be borderline unusable as the other caller can rarely hear me and their voice comes through quite tinny. Poor sound quality. That said, I did not buy the device for this feature (I use a bluetooth headset) so I do not use it anyway. If you plan on relying on this feature for in-car calls, you should consider something else.

Overall, as a portable GPS, it is outstanding reliability and performance for the price. Don't hesitate to buy.
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on July 21, 2010
This device works fine and will get you where you need to go. Please be aware of the following shortcomings, though: 1) maps. Be careful of what maps are provided with the device. We bought ours in the States and as soon as we crossed the border to Canada it got completely lost and had no clue. When looking to find the maps we needed I found out they sell them at a very high price, even though they are not updated very frequently. 2) device itself is a little annoying to use. It has a map browsing feature using the touch screen, but ends up freezing when you try to move through the map visually. Also entering an address as a destination directly on the device is tedious compared to finding an address on mapquest or google, for example. You need to enter country, state, town address, and it is not smart at helping you find similar spellings or stuff like that. Using the little touch screen keyboard is a pain. 3) Addresses - some search features like names of stores are provided, but don't expect too much help with that-it may or may not have the name stored.
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on April 5, 2010
2 days after updating the 265WT and having a chance to get used to it, I had to go on a trip to Ottawa, Ont., with the WT265 I navigated without any problems at all, the traffic info was also great because I was in rush hour traffic quite a few times.
The Garmin nuvi 265wt was easy to use and easy to change destinations, this is my 2nd GPS and this one is exceptional, I recommend it
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on February 21, 2011
This was the first GPS I had ever purchased. After a decent amount of research on brands/models, I decided to pick up this unit. Bad move. Everything worked fine for the first few weeks, however, the FM transmitter / power cable stopped working. Not only did the traffic updates cease to show up on my unit, but the cable wouldn't even charge my unit. I called Garmin in the US and they indicated that since I was in Ontario, Canada, I had to send both parts to Raytech, their authorized Canadian service provider in Quebec. I sent it in and got back a refurbished unit and a new cable (or so they told me). Guess what? The cable still doesn't work, which leads me to believe that they did not send me a new one.

I called Garmin earlier today and they said since I was in Canada, that I would have to go back to Raytech or contact Amazon. Since I did not want to deal with the people that did not fix it the first time, I called Amazon a few minutes ago and I could not believe the level of customer service they provided. They are going to take back my existing unit and cable and send me out a new one. Why didn't Garmin think of that? Oh yeah, because they are not a customer-service oriented company like Amazon :(

I don't know if I am the only person to have this issue with this particular model. I fully realize and understand that "lemons" happen. However, that should have made Garmin that much more interested in assisting me. Much better than having to read about their lack of customer service from a disgruntled customer in another country.

In short, Garmin bad - Amazon good!
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on June 6, 2011
I had a few Garmin GPS' in the past and they have always been great.

This one is also great and a solid product with unlimited traffic (you need to plug in the car charger) that typically gets updated every 10-15 minutes. However, nowdays with GPS apps in smartphones that combine all the features of traditional GPS + many extras, Garmin could have at least included a few more features to keep me interested, such as unlimited maps updates, more memory for more preloaded maps, lane assist, mp3 player, etc.

As I am using more and more google maps with my A-GPS enabled BlackBerry, that provides much more for free and is always up to date, I will not be looking for/purschasing/advising friends and family to buy standalone GPS, unless I am pleasantly surpised in the future and get way more value for my money than what is currently offered.
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