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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 24, 2015
I was enticed to this series due to the positive reviews. However, personally I failed to see the attraction of the story lines or the uniqueness of its characters. Perhaps I'm just not the type that enjoys this kind of stories.
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on September 25, 2009

Jai commande cette série sans vraiment savoir si j'allais aimé. J'avais lu quelques commentaires disant que c'était tres divertissant.. et même un ami m'a convaincu. Comme je venais de lire a série Twilight, j'était un peu dans la "vague" vampires.... donc je me plonge une fin de semaine dans la série. Quelle déception!! Et pourtant je ne suis pas difficile. Tout d'abord l'actrice principale autour duquel les intrigues tourne est décevante.. un jeu plus ou moins bon et elle tape un peu sur les nerfs avec ces airs de fille à "sauver". Ensuite, je ne dirait pas que l'intrigue m'a tenu en haleine, loin de la... au contraire, j'était souvent en train de regarder ma montre.... En effet, y'a une histoire d'amour vampire-humain.. autour duquel tu as de la misère a embarquer... laquelle ne pas du tout convaincu.. en plus, la dynamique humain-vampire est relativement difficile a croire.. l'histoire a été mal agrémenté et il est difficile de se convaincre que le milieu humain-vampire dans lequel la série se déroule est vraiment plausible... Tout cela pour vous dire que certains ont vraiment adoré la série... moi j'en suis déçu. Peut être que mes attentes étaient vraiment trop haute... mais je peux vous dire que je vais franchement hésiter a me payer la 2ieme série... je vais voir a ca. Bonne écoute a ceux qui décideront de l'Essayer.
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on June 8, 2009
Born out of the recent successes of "Twilight" and "Let The Right One In", True Blood ' once again ' attempts to tread the well-trodden waters of the Vampire/Human love story. Though it tries to make things a little more mature than it's predecessors by adding an edgier film style and a murder mystery sub-plot, I came away from watching the first season of "True Blood" utterly disappointed.

It started to show promise right away by setting it in Louisiana and creating a sense of racial prejudice in the first few minutes of the first episode. However, if we are supposed to feel bad for these "Vamps" for being a discriminated minority, you have to make the people in that minority somewhat relatable. Unfortunately, the only relatable Vampire in the entire series is Bill Compton, the vampiric love interest of the main character, the unfortunately named, Sookie Stackhouse. All the other Vampires in the series are portrayed as nothing more than blood thirsty killers that would fit perfectly in a B-Reel of the CW series "Supernatural". And since Bill seems to be the exception to the rule where all other vampires are at best unrelatable and at worst ultimately deplorable the introduction of racial tension in the series falls flat and becomes a moot point that hangs throughout the series. So what we are left with is another love story between a vampire and a human that has been seen before with a hint of Capulat/Montague tension where humans don't trust Vampire Bill because of what he is. And for reasons I stated above you can only understand their trepidation in trusting him because of the crimes of his ilk.

Added to that you have typical soap opera style love triangles, jilted friends, drug addictions, the previously mentioned murder mystery, and (**SPOILER WARNING**) other mythical beasts of the night cropping up though out the season(**SPOILER ENDS**). All of which fall either on the side of being of more interest than the main plot or being so corny that it feels like it doesn't belong (I would go into more detail but I don't want to ruin it for people who have yet to see the show).

In the end "True Blood" just feels like it made promises early in the season that it didn't follow through with and I couldn't help but feel disappointed after the final episode credits rolled.
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