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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2013
This is a great sequel to the Hustler. Paul Newman returns older, more experienced, wiser, and jaded. Tom Cruise is young, cocky, and Flaky. His flakiness is part of what makes him so good. Elizabeth M. is sexy, confident, and intelligent. These three actors combine to support and move along a very solid storyline that is never boring and always entertains. Again, like the Huster, the pool shooting scenes are just great. This one of course was shot in color, so there is some old nostalgic movie loss.

But still, this is a great, strong sequel to the Hustler. Best watched one right after the other. Could also be enjoyed alone, because I think that both movies can stand on their own as individual stories. Anyway, lots of fun, and if you can pick it up in the eight to ten dollar range, worth it and then some.
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on July 14, 2003
This is my favorite movie ever (chased closely by Apocalypse Now). I have watched it dozens of times, and i never seem to get sick of it. I am an avid pool player, but you don't have to be one yourself to appreciate this masterpiece, which IMO rivals anything else Scorsese has done in his long distinguished career. The whole movie exudes style from start to finish, and Paul Newman is quite simply the epitome of cool. His performance is intense and laid-back at the same time, and he never over-acts (the most widespread chronic disease in Hollywood). Cruise is great as the young cocky upstart, Mastrantonio does an admirable job as his tough girlfriend, and the movie is sprinkled with a whole host of really great supporting performances, including one by Forrest Whitaker as the hustler who out-hustles the master, and a great (quick) one by Iggy Pop of all people in a barroom scene. The movie flows and is filled with energy, the cinematography is spectacular (in particular in a scene where the camera follows closely behind the pool balls as they scatter all over the table). Newman is as classy as he's ever been, and was wholly deserving of the Oscar for this performance. The plot is riveting, and takes us from ex-legend Fast Eddie Felson's discovery of a new prodigy (Cruise's character Vincent) through Vincent's initiation into the Art of Hustling and a whirlwind tour of east coast bars and poolhalls, all the way through to the stirring conclusion as the Master battles the Student in a winner-take-all final game of 9 ball. Perhaps my favorite scene is when, in the midst of an ongoing moral dilemma, Eddie looks down to take his shot and sees his reflection in the 8-ball. He pauses, then straightens up, unscrews his cue and forfeits the match, unable to face himself. The movie is funny, highly dramatic and inspiring all at the same time, and Martin Scorsese gives it his usual tough, no-frills, occasionally violent personal stamp to make it one of the most watchable pieces of cinema you will see in a long time. Maybe I'm biased since I grew up in New Jersey (near NYC), but I don't think so. The movie is a lot of fun, has a whole slew of fabulous performances, and is a must-see...
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on December 27, 2002
Just a classic movie and made during the prime of the 80's. I love this movie, it's inspired me to be great pool player. This also inspired me to play 9-ball like crazy. This is right there with Aliens, Godfather II, T2 as the best sequel of all time. I first saw this movie in school for Film Class, didn't think much of it at first, but after I got done watching it I said to myself was great movie. This is one of those movies ya take out every now & then, sit on the recliner or sofa, eat your favorite snack and enjoy watching. Newman's performance alone is one the best I've seen of him. Cruise & Masterontonio give notable performances as well. One movie that should be on everybodys TOP 10. After watching Scorsese's great job directing Raging Bull (he is my favorite director by the way) he equaled that with The Color of Money, just look at some of the pool shots he got, classic cinematography from one of best directors ever. Even if you don't like 9-ball or Pool, get this movie and you'll have a new found understanding of it.
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on May 25, 2002
Okay take away the great stars, great story, great sets, great music, and great acting, and your still left with some of the best trick shots I have ever seen.
Newman is flawless in this film and being a pool player myself, I could relate to his slump that he was going though. I found his preformance brilliant thoughout the film.
Tom Cruise plays the cocky student who plays pool better than his teacher (Newman), while being backed by Newman's cash he must learn that the art of hustlng does not mean you win all the time. Cruise being a cocky and brash kid loves the bragging rights associated with winning so learning to dump is not something he likes doing. Cruise's preformance was great as well. In the begining of the film he makes small change at pool, but by the end he is hustling some of the world's finest players for major cash. His attitude change from start to end is well done.
The movie comes together well and the script is terrific. The DVD version of the film comes together nicely with Digital sound and crisp images. However don't look for much in the way of extras on the DVD.
*Personally I like that the end did not show the game between Fast eddie and Vincent, it leaves a lot to the imagination. Remember the movie was about Fast Eddie getting back what he lost, and the cockiness of being great from Vincent, not about which was the better player.*
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on June 10, 2001
I love pool. I love to shoot it, to watch and study it.
I liked this movie, and to be truthful, this movie is what started my interest and desire to play pool. Of course I've seen The Hustler and it is a far superior movie, it just re-enforced my desire to play even more.
The Color Of Money is 20+yrs on from The Hustler. Fast Eddie is now a liquor salesman, and even though he's very good at it, the desire to play and return to shooting is still as strong in his blood as it was at end of The Hustler after whipping Minnesota Fats. Felson comes upon Vincent ( played by a young Tom Cruise ) and decides to take him under his wing to show him the ropes and the "hustles" that make the money in the pool halls.
Cruise is actually good as the "green" young apprentice and Newman is fabulous as the seasoned Felson. Newman does bring the same intensity to Fast Eddie which makes the clash of styles between him and Cruise extremely interesting in the first half of the movie.
I don't really care for the way the film pans out, with Newman getting hustled by a great Forrest Whittaker character, and especially the anti-climatic ending. Scorsese sets the film up for a big show down and ends it with nothing. What was the problem? Surely the studio could have afforded another 5 minutes of celluloid to see Fast Eddie beat Cruise... however this movie is enjoyable....but no matter how many times you watch it.... the 9 ball doesn't fall off the break.
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on November 16, 2000
What most people probably don't know about this film is that it is actually a sequal to 1961's The Hustler. This is an important fact about this film. It makes the movie a much better film than if it just stands alone. Paul Newman reprises his role of pool shark "Fast" Eddie Felson, this time under the direction of Martin Scorsese, some 23 years after making The Hustler. The audience joins Felson at this point is his life too. Long gone are his days off pool huslin', now Felson is a traveling liquir salesman with a close relationship with his product. Then something happens. One night at the bar/poolhall where he frequents, Felson sees a kid(Tom Cruise) tearing up his opponents on the pool table. He is very impressed. He decides to get back in the game, this time as a manager(similar to the cahracter George C. Scott played in The Hustler). Now all he has to do is convince Cruise and his girlfriend(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) to hit the road with him. He does, and they set out. The goal being to make it to Vegas for a big money tournament. The partnership turns out to be a bust almost from the get go. Cruise, a brilliant player, can't seem to swallow his pride enough to take the dive essential for hustlin', and Eddie is not quite as good at being a teacher as he was a student. They split and Eddie decides it is time to start playing again. In one of the films best moments he gets hustled by a young Forrest Whitaker, while he is trying to hustle Whitaker. Eventually Eddie makes to Vegas where he has a showdown with Cruise in the semifinals.
The acting, directing, and cinematography in this film easily make up for it's lack of script. Paul Newman is flawless as Fast Eddie. He took a Oscar nominated performance, aged him 23 years, and turned it into Oscar gold. He spins a whole new chapter in the life of a character he had already performed so well. Perhaps this character was not even difficult to play, but he carries the film and is definatly it's biggest attraction. Cruise is also fun to watch. An up-and-comer at this point in his career(after Risky Business, before Top Gun) he plays young and dumb with great enthusiasm. Mastrantonio received and Oscar nomination for her tough girl role. Scorsese shows us the game of pool as only he could show it to us. Addtionally unique camera and lighting shots add to the appeal of the film.
Before seeing this film people should see The Hustler. It is a superior film to The Color of Money. However after seeing The Hustler audiences will have a whole new appriciation for The Color of Money. It becomes apparent how special Newman's evolution of Felson is, and that is rare in film.
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on June 6, 2000
Since I am probably the worst pool player in the world it's nice to watch a movie about guys who know how to play. It seems to me that the more movies I watch by Martin Scorsese, the more impressed I am with his directing. But something interesting happened with this one. For the first time it wasn't Scorsese's directing that caught my eye. What really made this movie great is the talented cast. Paul Newman's every move seems to be perfect. It's one of the few times that I actually agree with the choice the Oscar's made. He did deserve to win. Tom Cruise was very convincing in his role as well. And Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio I have to admit DEFINATELY caught my attention. But that's a another story lol. I know a lot of people refer this movie as one of Scorsese's lesser films,and many found the ending to be a dissappointment. But I just don't see it that way. I enjoyed every second of the film. ANYONE who is a Scorsese fan should of course watch this,and ANYONE who enjoys great cinema should watch this movie as well. In a time when movies just seem to be about special effects and not realy about acting,it's nice to watch a movie that TRULY has great acting and is enjoying to watch.
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on March 27, 2002
Not your average film stars Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. The film follows "Fast" Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) as he looks for a new person to stakehorse. While peddling liquor in a bar, he notices Vincent, the young, slick, pool player with his "sledge-hammer break". I loved this movie in the sense that it really isn't your average movie. It's a kind of movie that we never really get enough of--pool movies. It has very good acting, especialy from Newman (who actually won his FIRST Academy Award with this one). Both Cruise and Mastrantonio are also exellent. Of course the type of slow burn drama may not be for everyone, but that is it's only flaw. The DVD is ok, but there isn't even one special feature for such a fantastic movie. The DVD was released earlyer, but Touchstone is re-releasing it (with the same DVD!). Fans of the stars will also apreciate this film even more.
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on September 21, 2000
Stellar cast livens up director Martin Scorsese's sequel to The Hustler. Paul Newman reprises his role as Fast Eddie Felson, a former pool hustler who takes Tom Cruise (in a underrated performance) under his wing, and learns his young protege the mechanics of pool hustling.
A great film by Scorsese that is ofter over looked The Color of Money is really an excellent film, that really diserves credit. Critics and audiences alike found the second half boring while I enjoyed the entire film. With an afterthought, I still personally belive that Cruise's caracter would have beaten Fast Eddie at the end of the film, mainly due to the facts, that Cruise never lost a single match in the film. Unless he threw them, and Paul newman did lose to other Pool Hustler's. Even after he got his eye glasses, I feel that Cruise's confidence would have still given him the edge.
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on July 5, 2002
This is one of my all time favorite movies, but I'm always a little embrassed by that. It's Tom Cruise afterall. It should be packed with Cheese, and not the good "Big Trouble In Little China" kind, more like the "Cocktail" kind. But, it works. It's the old pro and the eager kid and stuff about hustling, and making a quick buck, and competetion, and men and women and men and their Dads (if Paul Neuman isn't Tom's dad-symbol, I failed out of psychology 101), and so on. It's not so much about the plot as the people. If you want action and special effects, move along, this movie isn't for you. If you aren't into guy movies, move along. The subject of machismo is never mentioned, but it's present, not in a chest beating way but in a strong competetive learning-to-be-a-man sort of way, so if that doesn't work for you, wait for the ya-ya sisterhood to come out on DVD.
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