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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 11, 2009
Disregard the other reviews posted here, as they are reviews copied by Amazon for the original standard-def DVD release.

Ghost In The Shell 2 comes alive on Blu-Ray. After an abysmal DVD release that featured no English dub and horrid subtitles, the folks at Bandai went back and ported the film over to true HD glory. It is the best reason to pick up the film if you have a Blu-Ray player.

The first noticeable difference is the inclusion of a full-fledged English dub. For folks who can't stand English subtitles (myself included), this is a breath of fresh air and a great way to watch the film without broken concentration. The dub is surprisingly well voice-acted and atmospheric. There are still some instances where Japanese is overlaid into the film with an accompanying subtitle option that will only translate those particular sentences. One minor gripe is that this particular subtitle option will also give you the English translation of many of the film's Japanese songs as well.

A completely reworked English subtitle option for the Japanese audio track is present here, and omits the ridiculous work of the original DVD, which featured closed captioning instead of true subtitle work.

There are a few bonus features, including a grungy looking behind-the-scenes documentary detailing the themes and creation of the film. Interesting, but not really relevant unless you're dead curious.

The real shine comes in the video playback. The movie is bursting with crystal clear video and vivid, saturated color. I compared the Blu-Ray release to the standard def DVD, and the differences were alarming. Blu-Ray capabilities are utilized so well that I couldn't think of watching this movie any other way, from now on.

The actual movie itself is hit or miss. "Innocence" focuses a lot more on philosophical dilemma instead of blistering action. While the first film balanced soul-searching with some spectacular action sequences, the sequel is more of a detective story set against the backdrop of a world that has lost its mind. As a result, the storyline as a whole can become a wee bit preachy for my tastes, but it's still a fascinating expedition into a vitally important issue: at what point does mechanization and cyberization begin to de-humanize mankind, and what does it truly mean to be human in the first place?

This is a smart movie for smart people. If you're looking for a hyper-edited explosion-fest, you'd best look elsewhere. But if you're looking for a movie that's a cut above the norm in terms of narrative structure and imaginative conception, Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence is a definite masterpiece.
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on October 30, 2008
It's atrocious that a film this good is held back in it's rating because people are... Lazy? Narrow Minded? Rating this film badly based on the fact that you cannot be bothered to read subtitles is ridiculous.

No offense of course..

Personally I watch way too much anime, and English dubs are almost always, as a rule, quite terrible. I'm not sure what type of Anime your watching if your expecting a good dub.. or what type of grasp on the English language you have where dubs would suffice.
Personally whether or not English dubs actually exist on an Anime I find it better to watch it in it's natural language with English subs. That's the way it was created, things flow better without a messy cheaply done English dub clogging up a good movie. Not "all" Dubs are bad.. Just most.

So if your looking to get this because you enjoyed the first, then get it. It's an equal to Ghost in The shell. I'm not getting into the semantics of the plot.. GITS could be dissected for quite a time by much more aptly equipped people then I.. And they would come up with better conclusions.

Just trust that this is a good compelling film, that will intrigue and entertain you the entire time... But make sure you see Ghost in the Shell before you see this, Or you are really gonna be lost when this one starts.

And look people Subs May seem tedious.. But once you get used to them it becomes very comfortable to watch movies that way.
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on December 7, 2008
This is a worthwhile, even if you purchased the Dreamworks release a few years back, or if you haven't purchased this yet. The feature has been dubbed for this re-release.

DVD Extras
* Making of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
* Director's Commentary
* Bandai Previews

Limited Edition Extras:
* Special Collector's Steelbook Case
* Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Original Soundtrack

There is also a novelization of the film available from Viz.
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on January 1, 2005
Director Mamoru Oshii takes another dive into the surreal cybernetic world of Shirow Masamune's Ghost in The Shell for a second feature-length release. Again produced by cutting edge animation house Production I.G., Innocence expands on Oshii's exploration of what it means to be human and the nature of consciousness. It appears some time has passed as well, since all of the characters have a slightly older look to them, especially Chief Aramaki and information guru Ishikawa. Since the event of Major Kusanagi's merger with project 2501 and resulting flight into cyberspace at the end of the first film, Togusa has been assigned to work directly with Batou on a tough new case involving prototypes of a new robot model, making for some interesting interplay between the characters as they attempt to become accustomed to each other's working style. Batou becomes the focus this time around and we get something of a glimpse into his homelife as well as his personality and the effect the Major's departure has had on him.
Stylistically, the film's characters are drawn in a similar fashion as before, but now the scenery has been rendered using 3-D graphics. This doesn't make everything look like a video game though, as the crew visited several cities around the globe getting ideas for settings and the visual style, which appears at times to have a gauze effect over the screen to give a hazy film quality to it. This time around, there's more of an obvious reference to the dolls of surrealist Hans Bellmer as well, as the story plays up the aspect of the future where most "people" are actually either cybernetically enhanced or have "dolls" for bodies into which their consiousness has been transferred, and live interconnected by the internet. Throughout the film there are many quotes from the likes of Asimov, Descartes and the Old Testament, which very much suits its philisophical nature. This also meshes nicely with the notion that in a society where most people are wired to the internet through their e-brains, presumably having access to all that knowledge would allow for deeper insight. It isn't all bookwormish contemplation though, and fans will be pleased with the action sequences that take place periodically, especially toward the end. Expanding on the concepts brought forth in the first film, Innocence takes everything to the next level in terms of overall presentation, style and providing a vehicle for the audience to explore their own relationship with technology and its impact not only on our lives, but on our selves as well.
Given 5 stars as I regard it as the best film I've seen in 2004.
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on January 15, 2005
Not only is Innocence a beautifully animated piece of cinema, it represents what literary filmmaking should aspire to. Unfortunately, Hollywood edits out most of its cerebral content to appeal to a wider audience, but Mamoru Oshii spent about eight years creating this phenomenol exploration of transhumanistic thought.
Not for the average viewer, this is sci-fi with not only brains, but spirit as well. One of my all-time favourites.
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on March 25, 2016
Bonjour j'ai bien reçu le dvd saufs il est zone 2 donc je ne peux pas l'écouter et il n'étais précisé sur la page
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on November 28, 2009
I own the Japanese version after a while it get boring reading the sub titles, an English version.
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on January 10, 2005
I was anxiously awaiting a sequel to Ghost in the Shell. And when I heard the the long awaited sequel was on its way I could not wait to get my mits on it.
But I find that this Movie really falls short of what its predecessor was. And at times is reaching/streaching to be something that it is not.
Ghost in the Shell though short was an amazing movie that left a serious imprint on all of its viewers and not only caused as humans to tunr the lookin glass on ourselves and the direction that our technology has taken us.
Though Ghost in the Shell 2, has the leangth of a feature film the writing and at times pointless philisophical conversations have the relevance of stoners ramblings. Viewrs could have been spared the metaphorical, and at times painfull mental gymnastics.
and though there are many breathtaking scenes that meld both digital animation and traditional animaton into one. There just aren't enough of those Jaw dropping action sequences that had us all watching GITS1 over and over again.
the two action scenes in this movie are great but they are so far between and there is so much pointless BS you have to read through between them that chances are you will loose interest and shut this dvd off.
This could and should have been a classic instead its only a sequel, and a bad one at that. Though there are several shinging moments the picture is one that is dull and lacks luster overall
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on April 13, 2015
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I was eager to watch this movie after enjoying Ghost in the Shell 1. But unfortunately I was very disappointed.

For one thing, the subtitles are awful. Usually I enjoy subtitles, I much prefer them over English-dubbed anime, but the subtitles on this DVD are absurd. Dialogue is preceeded by the name of the the character who's speaking--as if I couldn't tell!--and we also see subtitles like [metallic creaking noise] and [voices singing in Japanese] as if people who don't speak Japanese are also deaf. I found these subtitles annoying enough for to affect my enjoyment of the movie.

Another thing I didn't like is the combo of CGI and traditional animation. I know many people do like this format very much, but it's not for me. I much prefered the animation in the first movie. To me, seeing obviously computer-generated elements superimposed over the animation just looks out of place and is distracting. The artists who did the work on the animation for both movies are more than talented enough; it only distracts from their superb art to throw computer graphics in there.

Lastly, the content itself...I just don't think there was enough material there to make another movie. The same sort of philosophical ramblings that made the first movie fresh and interesting to me seem boring here when repeated over and over again. And I think there is more of these discussions in this movie, and less action.

The section where the two main characters make a visit to the hacker's mansion was a little bit too trippy for me. And when that confusing head trip was over, I realized that the story hadn't even moved forward. It just seemed to be placed there so the characters could have another philosophical ramble afterward.

All in all, I was very disappointed with this movie. Die-hard fans of the Ghost in the Shell universe will enjoy it I'm sure, but for a casual anime-watcher like me, it's just too much work to slog through it for too little rewards.
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