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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on August 28, 2010
If you're obsessed with accuracy and looking for a perfect Jane Austen rendition, move on. But if you've ever sat and read the book, saw an Austen movie, and closed your eyes and wished a thousand times that you could go back in time and live in Jane Austen's day, this is great entertainment. How many of us wish we could be part of Darcy's world? Meet a man with manners or live in a world without TV's, iPods, computers and learn what the true intercourse of conversation meant? How true it would be that our modern lifestyles would actually make it very hard for us to adapt into a time and place we merely romanticize over and over again. How odd those characters would think our mannerisms were in return!

The series does just that, only Amanda's arrival sort of "buggers" up the story, if you get my drift. Nothing goes like it should and she tries to fix it all to the way it's suppose to be written in the book. Darcy, of course, is wonderfully attractive, the absolute snob, who can't figure out why he's "tormented" and attracted to a woman he frankly considers vulgar. It's fiction living inside of fiction - a phenomenal idea.

All I can say to the die-hard Austen fans, is lighten up folks! It's meant to be fun and enjoyable, not a perfect rendition of the original. It's called creative liberty. What always amazes me about obsessed fans of certain genre, is that they treat the originals as if they were written by the finger of God on stone and we're not to change, alter, or enjoy it in any other manner. That, I think, is a great shame.
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on June 14, 2009
This is a very entertaining show. The writers really went to town with some of the "Austenesque" dialogue, there are some zingers that you can see the actors ripping off with great relish. I found all the characters to be very winning right from the beginning, especially Bingley. Darcy is especially cold and brusque, I think people forget that he's supposed to be stiff and unlikeable at the beginning.

I think it helps to be a big Pride and Prejudice fan to really get every little joke in this production. You can tell they had a lot of fun with it.
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on May 29, 2009
Lost In Austen uses Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and the familiar characters as a starting point for telling its own delightfully fun story. But be warned - that is where the similarity to Jane Austen's story ends.

Imagine yourself, an expert on the complex characters and intricate twists and turns contained within the pages of the novel, suddenly swapping places with Elizabeth Bennett. *You* are now a character within the novel while she is living the life of a modern woman in the "real" world. What would you do? Lost In Austen tells the story of one such woman who finds herself suddenly set among the fictitious characters in her all-time favourite love story, sans Elizabeth Bennett, and the hilarious misadventures that follow as she tries to get the remaining characters in the story to do what they're "supposed to" do.

The series's charm comes not only from the delightfully fun story and clever dialogue, but also from being able to imagine yourself opening the door to that unique world, and having a chance at capturing the heart of one of the most dashing male characters of all time! It's pure wish fulfilment!
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on May 27, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this adaptation of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". The twenty-first century characters were realistically unrefined and sarcastic, which made them all the more relatable. I appreciated that they also took the time to punctuate that although lovely, Austen-Era England had many deficiencies in comparison to today's standard of living.
As visually enticing as this mini-series was, I recommend more than one viewing, as there is a great deal of pithy dialogue that goes unnoticed the first time around.
Word to the wise, ladies watch this with a group of girlfriends...with no possibility of your husband walking in, unexpectedly. Trust me, you won't be able to enjoy the film over the snarky comments and eye rolling. Enjoy!
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on March 14, 2010
This production is amazing! I just loved it! This is a movie I will watch over and over again! I think even viewers who do not know Jane Austen will enjoy the humor in the film. Those who are Jane Austen fans will appreciate the authenticity of the period parts and the incorporation of today's reality into the Pride and Prejudice story.
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on March 7, 2009
For all Jane Austen lovers here is a fresh take on an old favourite, some traditionalist's may not fall in love with this younger adaptation, but Lost in Austen will win you with it's wit, creativity and new depth. When worlds clash we meet Elizabeth Bennet who's dying to escape the pages of pride and prejudice and in her place we find our new herione. She's not quite so heroic, she's actually quite unintentionally meddlesome. However if not for her meddling we would not get see yet another dashing darcy pond scene, witness a truer side to our villainous Wickham, and perhaps best of all renew our passion for a good romance.
Cheers and Enjoy!
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on March 15, 2011
A wonderful escape to the Jane Austen classic with a fun and witty twist. Jane Austen is probably 'turning in her grave' as Amanda Price the main character exclaims, but it is a well made fantasy escape that plays with the original story line. A great way to test your Pride and Prejudice knowledge if you're a fan of the Austen novel, but also a fun introduction to the original story with a 21st century character taking the lead. Fabulous!
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on December 28, 2009
If you are a real fan of Pride and Prejudice you can not help but love this funny reworking of the story. I highly recommend it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 4, 2015
**Spoiler alert**

Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper), a 21st century Londoner from Hammersmith and a devoted Austen reader, found herself transported to the house of Elizabeth Bennet, a character in Jane Austen's book Pride and Prejudice, and the fun begins. Ms. Jane Austen would have turned over in her grave if she watched this movie. Guy Andrews, the writer of this 2008 ITV series, pretty much butchered the story: Darcy is a jerk, Bingley is a drunk, Wickham is a good guy, Caroline is a lesbian, Jane marries Mr. Collins and so on. Amanda desperately tries to set things straight while fending off attention of the men and one woman.

**End of spoilers**

Austen purists should stay away, but I found this ITV series hilarious and entertaining, so much so that I watched all four episodes in one sitting.
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on January 28, 2013
I received a copy of original version of the cd with sections cut out. Have asked for a replacement.

Apart from that, I love this clever new take on Pride and Prejudice where a modern woman, Amanda, enters her favourite novel by Jane Austen . She kind of switches places with Elizabeth Bennet who leaps into the future . It is so well done and very funny as she tries to steer the people as per the plot in the book, but without Elizabeth, things go awry. Amanda's modern language and blurts are hilarious and when one of the Bennet girls says that perhaps Mr. Collins is good looking she says "I wouldn't bet on it". The actors are as good as the BBC version and Darcy does not disappoint.
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