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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on May 12, 2016
Watchmen is a strange super-hero film well worth watching, especially if you are a little older. The DVD, however, has terrible sound levels: The soft sounds are so soft you can't hear--so you turn up the volume to compensate, and suddenly you are blasted out of your seat by a sound that is supposed to be loud. Unless you are prepared to sit in front of your computer, or hold your remote, constantly readjusting the sound level, watching this film will drive you crazy. I am sorry. I want to watch the movie, and wish they would redo the DVD to fix the sound problem..
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon November 17, 2014
* Note: I am reviewing the US edition of this set, which is nearly identical in content.

This is a great collectible blu-ray set for those who love "Watchmen" (both the movie and the source material on which it is based). It's also good value, because it includes a hardcover copy of the complete "Watchmen" graphic novel. It's fun to view the film while following along in the graphic novel -- there are some differences, but it's very impressive to see just how much of the scenes/shots match the frames from the book.

What's Included:
- Watchmen Ultimate Cut Blu-Ray
- Special Features Blu-Ray
- Watchmen: Complete Motion Comic Blu-Ray
- Theatrical Version on DVD

What's NOT included:
- Director's Cut Blu-Ray
- Theatrical Version Blu-Ray

I altered my set slightly -- I sold the DVD copy in this set and replaced it with the Director's Cut on Blu-Ray Disc. Of all three cuts (theatrical, director's, and ultimate), I prefer the Director's Cut over the others.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 22, 2015
Great deal. Bought it for the hardcover graphic novel and because I didn't have the ultimate extended cut yet on blu-ray (it's not the best film but it's ok). Was happy to find that it included the UV digital copy.
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on January 24, 2010
The Ultimate Cut package includes 5 discs on DVD and 4 discs on Blu-ray. The actual Ultimate Cut is the Director's Cut with the Tales of the Black Freighter animated footage woven in (approximately 25 minutes and sold separately before). I don't know if it's possible to watch it without the animation but I don't think so. However, there's a digital copy of the theatrical release (not the director's cut) in the package. What's new in the Ultimate Cut compared to the Director's Cut is two commentaries : one by Zack Snyder (director) and one by Dave Gibbons (penciller of the Watchmen comics) as well as "new" special features entitled (not really new since they were on the blu-ray version of the Director's Cut) :

- Real super-heroes, real vigilantes (27:28 minutes)
- Mechanics : technologies of a fantastic world (16:46 minutes)
- Story within a story : the books of Watchmen (26 minutes)

You also have a live action interview/documentary about the Minutemen called Under the hood (previously available in Tales of the Black Freighter DVD) and the special features of the Director's Cut. Finally, you have the Complete Motion comics on 2 discs (also available separately before this release). Seems to me that if you already have the Director's Cut of Watchmen, the Tales of the Black Freighter DVD and the Complete Motion Comics DVD, you have to decide whether or not you want to pay again for the commentaries and roughly an hour of new special features. If you only have the Director's Cut dvd, then the Ultimate Cut is quite a deal.

If you're interested in reading my review of the Watchmen movie (seen in theaters) and whether or not it's for you, then please read on (there are no spoilers to my knowledge).

I'm wondering whether I should restrain my enthusiasm for fear of raising expectations too much for potential viewers. Keep in mind that Watchmen got mixed reviews and that it's not for everyone. I'm a huge fan of the original graphic novel, I had my doubts but this movie really impressed me. The director probably did the best adaptation that could have been done and I still wonder how he got away with it, how it did not get more "hollywoodized" in a negative sense. Throughout the projection, I was in awe at the world that was created and any negative aspect I could find here (because no it isn't perfect) would be nitpicking (one of them being the choice of music during the owl ship scene in a soundtrack which I otherwise found quite good). Watchmen is great in so many ways: rich in plot, visually stunning, smart, original, philosophical food for thought, shocking unpredictable twists (for those who didn't read the book), exciting action scenes, very good performances and memorable anti-hero characters (especially Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan) to name a few highlights.

It's far from your typical super-hero movie; it's a bold, dark, complex and magnificent of work that will certainly become a cult film if not the masterpiece of the director Zak Snyder whether or not it's a financial success (kudos to Andrew Salmon for his great review here on Amazon comparing Watchmen to Blade Runner). The opening montage showing the history of this alternate world where costumed heroes appeared is not only useful but bloody brilliant and deserves special recognition if not an award of some sort. The storyline itself is fascinating and very well told through layers of flashbacks and a personal journal (heard as the narrator) while also being a murder mystery. More interesting though are the characters themselves, portraits of what multi-faceted costumed "heroes" might be like in the "real" world. You might not like them but you'll likely find them interesting. Some might find the film meandering and too long but to me it's because there's so much good material and there's no way you can catch everything with just one viewing (another incentive to get the DVD). From a cinematography point of view, it's a wonder with amazing camera work, brutal yet graceful action choregraphy and atmospheric set designs. It's peppered with beautiful visual signatures (the first being the iconic smiley face in the puddle) that often are hommages to comic book panels.

There are a few warnings to go with my praise though. If you're allergic to graphical violence (there's a few quick gory scenes), expect something similar to Spider-Man or Batman, want something family-friendly, want typical "super-heroes" (notice the quotation marks) or can't get beyond seeing a blue penis (which by the way is faithful to the graphic novel), then you won't like Watchmen. If you want to see an original intelligent dramatic superhero action film and excellent adaptation of a seminal work in the comic book medium (originally published in 1986-87) that was extremely influential and changed the perception of what super-hero stories could achieve, then you might like it. You don't need to read the book to appreciate the movie but you'll appreciate and understand it more if you do read it either before or after (I would suggest after so the movie is more visceral and surprising to you). The movie is self-contained and will not have sequels. It's definitely worth getting but choose your edition carefully so you don't end up buying it twice and encouraging the publisher's money grab.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5
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The greatest comic book movie of all time? Yeah, I do think so. I've seen a lot of them. There's quite a few I haven't seen as well, but from Watchmen to Spider-Man to Ghost World to even spoofy things like Comic Book: The Movie, nothing has satisfied me like the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen.

I won't get too much into the movie itself -- check out reviews of the regular DVD editions for that. (I can't sum up a story so rich in just a few sentences, and I want to discuss what makes this set special.) I will say, being a fan of the graphic novel, that I was very happy with the way that Zack Snyder captured Watchmen. It was done with love and care. The things that are discarded, I didn't miss so much. The things that he changed, I understand why it was done. The things that are reverently exactly the same made my jaw drop in awe. And the soundtrack is one of the best in recent memory. Outside of Wes Anderson, I haven't loved a soundtrack this much in a long time. The acting performances are what they are, but I have to give special mention to Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach.

This ultimate cut weaves the comic-within-a-comic, "Tales Of The Black Freighter" (previously available on its own) into the main body of Watchmen. Also included are live action linking segments so that you go to the animation (voiced by Gerard Butler) to the main story much like it worked in the graphic novel. People who haven't read the graphic novel might not understand what "Black Freighter" is doing there, but be patient. It will make sense by the end. Essentially "Black Freighter", aside from being a really cool and gruesome pirate tale, echoes the journey of many characters in the main film, such as Ozymandias and Rorschach.

Five discs, beautifully packaged. Hardly a complaint to be registered. The box is heavy and sturdy. Also included is Watchmen: The Motion Comic, packed in its own case, 5 hours long, and taking up 2 of the 5 discs. One disc is the digital copy of the theatrical cut (digital copies don't interest me) and another disc is loaded with special features. Best of these is Under The Hood, which is based on the graphic novel segments covering Holis Mason's (Nite Owl I) autobiography. It is presented as a television program from 1975 and 1985 including comercials and scratchy footage. At 35 minutes, this is an absolute must. Other special features include brand new audio commentaries, although I haven't delved into those yet. This set is just loaded.

Having said that, I'm not going to discard my Director's Cut of Watchmen. Clocking in at almost four hours, watching this version is a commitment. I know that occasionally, I will want to watch the "shorter" version of the film. Having said that, since a digital copy of the theatrical (shortest) cut is included here, maybe you won't feel the need to double up on Watchmen purchases.

This set is essential to all fans of the film and graphic novel. If you hated the film, then avoid this -- you'll probably hate it even more. For an enriched viewing experience, set aside the four hours one afternoon and enjoy.

One little side note: For me this set was extremely hard to find. Everywhere I went, I was told:
"It's not out yet."
"It only exists on Blu-Ray."
"We don't have a listing for it."
I had to order it in from the States.

Good luck getting yours. Enjoy! Five stars.
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on September 2, 2015
There is a lot of Superhero action in this movie. The who-dun-it aspect is simple to figure out. What really bogs the movie down is the stiff acting by everyone and the ever constant heavy themes of blurring good and evil. I ask you, can the Watchmen really be good guys if they allow Nixon to become president 5 terms and disco music to survive?

The movie does a poor job of introducing the characters. You are fed a pseudo history of the US with Watchmen during the opening credits. Once Bob Dylan is done playing, the movie starts and you are confused who the characters are. The relationship of the characters and their past deeds are relayed through flashback scenes, which in many cases were more interesting than the rest of the movie. The lack of character introduction wasn't as bad as "Final Fantasy VII" movie, but it is worse than what Tolkien did to us.

The Superheros, a vigilante group who murder women and children for their country (an early good/evil blur) are semi-retired as wearing masks became outlawed. Someone is killing off the Superheros and superhero Rorschach is the most determined to find out.

Dr. Manhattan (big blue guy, clothes optional)can't see into his future and has assumed we have annihilated each other. Meanwhile, Nixon and Kissinger are in the war room, in a scene which reminds us of Dr. Strangelove. They are debating a first strike.

If you like your superhero action mixed in with pseudo history, political statements, blurred good/evil themes/ atheist statements (The watch has no watch maker), and the slinky Silk Spectre being zipped out of her costume (some nudity) then this movie is for you.

If you like good acting, a well written chronological story, good dialogue, and a need to know the characters, and film editors past the third grade- go elsewhere.
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on October 2, 2014
The box comes with the graphic novel 'Watchmen', the Blu ray ultimate cut, theatrical DVD cut, and the special features of the 2009 'Watchmen' film based on the graphic novel. It also comes with the entire motion comic, and a code to the digital version.
The box art is very detailed, and attracts attention.
A more frugal path I recommend would be buying the graphic novel (paperback or hardcover), along with the director's cut of the film.
All in all, it's an excellent box set.
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on February 4, 2014
I must have missed the release of the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen which made my recent discovery of it all the more sweet. The package contains the following:
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut blu-ray
Watchmen Special Features blu-ray (including the 'Under the Hood' faux-documentary that was previously included in the Tales of the Black Freighter release)
Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic on blu-ray
Watchmen: Theatrical Version on DVD
Watchmen Hardcover Graphic Novel
and a beautiful box with a lenticular cover that changes from the illustrated main characters to the theatrical versions

This 'Ultimate Collector's Edition' is very sweet but not wholly accurate. Hurm... what is a fan to do. I suppose I should thank them for NOT including everything as I would have even more duplication. I am very puzzled at the inclusion of the Theatrical version on DVD provided. Warner must have had a lot of them kicking around so bestowed it upon this collection. I previously purchased the Theatrical version and the Director's Cut on blu-ray in addition to the Motion Comic and the Tales of the Black Freighter also on blu-ray so I'm not terribly put out. I like that I may compare the different versions equally.

My interpretation of Ultimate Collector's Edition would have been made up of:
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut blu-ray
Watchmen: The Director's Cut on blu-ray
Watchmen: Theatrical Version on blu-ray
Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic on blu-ray
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter on blu-ray
The hardcover of the Watchment Graphic Novel
Addition of the prequel Graphic Novels

Beware anything that says 'Ultimate' but if I were coming into this as a first-timer, this package would be exceptional. I'm still very happy about my purchase and it will be a prize in my collection.
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on August 22, 2014
I've been looking for this for years. The hardbound book is beautiful, and it's one of my favourite comic book movies. Keep it mind it only includes the theatrical version and the ultimate edition - not the directors cut. So hold on to that version if you want all three.
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on November 25, 2015
Probably the best, the one and only vision of this comc's ! But why not a French talking version ???
if I want to be difficult, I would say "where is the soundtrack ?"
Every thing on this BluRay is excetionnal ! The sound is clear and heavy, all the light and the colors are soo true, bright and dark on the same screen.
thank's for this one !
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