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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Now THIS is what I call immersion!

In the past, Bioware has shown a tendency to surpass itself when developing a sequel (remember how much better Baldur's Gate 2 was compared to I - and the original Baldur's Gate was already excellent). Well, compared to this second installment, the original Mass Effect now seems like a typical space-RPG/Shooter.

Having played the original game will not only help you better insert yourself into Commander Shepard's boots - you can actually import your original character form the first game (choices and all) - but also appreciate the improvements more.

The story is darker and (without spoiling it) the choices harder to live with. Combat has been streamlined, with tactical decisions (using cover, taking the high ground) now being more important, without the game loosing its shooter character though.

Both the visuals and the sounds are exquisite. Not only are the graphics really impressive (and I am running WinXP so that is DirecX-9 mind you) and the sounds dramatic but the voice acting and dialogue integration should be taught in game-design seminars.

In this second installment there is no actual inventory to speak of (more on this later), loading times are shorter and better concealed (remember those endless elevator rides? Now forget about them), and accessing your special abilities menu has been streamlined.
In a true BIOWARE tradition, the available companions all come with their own special abilities and personal stories to explore.

The selection of armor and guns has been reduced. There are about 15-20 guns to choose from and very limited loot. The guns I do not mind. Personally, I'd rather have a small number of well designed and fun to use guns at my disposal than a myriad of guns that in the end make no real difference (ahem...BORDERLANDS?).
Having said that, I missed the thrill of looting and upgrading my equipment (not to mention having a real inventory). I mean, that is a great part of the fun in any cRPG! I am not holding my breath but maybe one of the upcoming DLCs could take care of that?
And if I am to open the improvements-request file, how about speeding up those minigames in the next patch?

Finally, you also get a personal apartment aboard Normandy (an excellent idea introduced in FALLOUT-3) which you can equip with various ornaments and personal items (from fish for your aquarium to - I call mine Boo).

As for the DRM scheme used, the game does contain SecuROM but (similar to DRAGON AGE and FALLOUT-3) it only uses a disk-check. MASS EFFECT 2 neither requires any online activation nor does it limit the numbers of its installations. It is not the best solution possible but it is a compromise I can live with. If you still find this objectionable, you can now make an informed decision.

All in all, I found MASS EFFECT II to be a beautiful RolePlaying Movie of a game, an immersive cinematic-action shooter with limited loot and more story than equipment choices. In other words, MASS EFFECT 2 may not be a pure cRPG or a cRPS experience (Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout 3 still rule those segments) but nevertheless it is an experience well worth its admission price.

Go for the light-sensors Boo! Go for the light-sensors!!
(no, I am not explaining that...)

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on February 15, 2010
This game has it all and it has to be one of the best RPG's I've played in a while. The first thing I noticed was the graphics, not the backgrounds or the environment, the special effects, but the ingrown hairs on one guys face. The graphics overall are spectacular but the characters in this game are detailed down to the pores.

The story line is good as well. It follows a logical progression and any deviations from that make sense. There's nothing more frustrating than when you're immersed in the game and the aliens you've been battling suddenly introduce a fire breathing, flying dragon from medieval England. In Mass Effect 2 there is the possibility of developing a romantic relationship with some of the characters. I never knew someone with blue skin and tentacles could look so hot. This is where the game designers have done a superb job. The game is an excellent blend between reading a good book or watching a good video and good role playing. The blurring between game play and story is great, when you're standing before you're crew on a radiation hardened chunk of rock on the far side of the galaxy knowing that none of you may come back it brings a tear to your eyes and a surge of adrenalin and pride to your blood. Yeah, it's that good. Action sequences are good and fit the story line well. I did find I wished for a bit better control over my own weapons and how the NPC characters performed.

Production values in the game overall are great. As the credits role by you see voice overs done by notables such as Martin Sheen, Claudia Black, and Carrie Anne-Moss. I can't say I'm familiar with the engineers, designers, or other team members but the game is pure Hollywood all the way from the standpoint of the level of craftsmanship that's gone into it.

On the down side. Whoever came up with introducing sloppy physics into the mouse control on the circuit bypass doors should be slapped. After a while hopping from planet to planet looking for minerals to build things gets a little tedious. The game crashed a few times, most of which we're recoverable, which on my machine isn't unusual, I run Windows 7 64 bit ultimate. One crash that didn't prevent me from finishing the game I could never work through.

Overall though the game is great and worth the money. Auto game saves are logically placed and you don't find yourself slogging through something that took you an hour to do before. Story and action don't get in the way of each other and move the game's progression on nicely. I got about eighty hours worth of play time out of it and couple of very late nights.
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on May 30, 2011
If Mass Effect 1 got the ball rolling on high ended videogame storytelling, then Mass Effect 2 is an indestructible meteor. BioWare has taken all the best parts of the original game and streamlined the experience, while upping the ante on plot and character development tenfold. Mass Effect 2 picks up right where the original game left off. It's impossible to even mention here, as any single sentence would unearth a severe spoiler. Rest assured, ME2 revisits old teammates from the first game, while introducing an entire handful of new ones with distinctly vivid personalities and backgrounds. The narrative progression is a paradigm shift from the already lauded original, by far.

BioWare takes several of the original's elements and turns them upside down, just for the hell of it. Due to extenuating circumstances, Commander Shepard is no longer a whitewashed Alliance hero, but a wild card with questioning loyalties. As the dreaded Reaper threat looms ever closer to horrifying reality, Shepard (and indeed, the player) is forced to play by a looser set of rules, culminating in difficult moral and ethical choices. Mass Effect 1 introduced players to the concept of extreme consequences depending on their choices throughout the game. In Mass Effect 2, it can literally be a life or death experience, with certain choices leading to very disastrous consequences. It should be noted that like the original, both Mass Effect 2 and some of its downloadable content will have direct repercussions on the outcome of the upcoming Mass Effect 3. Players who completed the original ME can import their save data into ME2 and retain their personality traits, skills, and consequences of past decisions.

There was some criticism about the original PC release's graphical issues. While pretty, the game did suffer from an uncharacteristically low FPS (even on powerful machines), and some textures were blurred. Mass Effect 2 tosses all of this out the door. Not only is it running on a prettier version of the Unreal engine, but it's leaps and bounds more beautiful, clear, sharp and refined. Environments are brilliantly modeled and constructed on the back of inspired and talented art direction. Weapon and armor looks like nothing else at all, and character models are just gorgeous to look at. There's no issue with the visual aspect of the game. Naturally, it's on PC, so expect it to look radiant at all times at higher resolutions.

As before, ME's sound is in tip top form. The composers of the score have dialed down the synthesizer effects in favor of a slightly more classical sound without sounding too drastically different. Sound effects have been upgraded (and in some cases, completely reworked). It's a bit of a jar on the ears if you've just finished ME1 and jumped straight into ME2, but the tone, reverb and crystalline clarity is breathtaking. I have to admit, it sounds like a dream. Voice acting is, once again, terrific. In fact, it bowls over ME1 completely. This is a testament to the new characters in the game who sport admittedly brighter and more vibrant personalities than before. Michael Beattie's portrayal of Mordin Solus is quite simply the best voice acting I've heard in quite a long time, and a joy to listen to. BioWare managed to snag Martin Sheen for the role of the Illusive Man, and as expected, he delivers. There's quite simply no one better to voice a character so deeply steeped in grey. Old faces also return, some more prominent than others. Liara T'Soni's return is limited in scope, but the downloadable "Lair Of The Shadow Broker" blows her story wide open at the seams in the best way possible, especially if you pursued a romantic relationship with her in the first game.

The control scheme has taken a hit, unfortunately. There's no slider for the Mouse setting, so expect your camera to whirl around in complete circles three times with the slightest left or right nudge. There is a "Low" setting for the Mouse, but it isn't enough to compensate you if you've set your Windows' mouse sensitivity a little higher than most. Players with DPI switches on their Mice will definitely appreciate them playing through this game! I was also disappointed at the inability to remap some keyboard functions, such as top row Number keys for weapons. All in all, I felt more restricted in what I was allowed to do. That being said, the menus are relatively easy to navigate, and the addition of twin keys to quickly order squad mates individually wherever I want them makes combat a far more streamlined experience. The ability to hop over objects you've taken cover behind is a plus as well, and opens up a whole new layer of battle tactics.

As before, story is the real reason you'll play Mass Effect, and the sequel is leaps and bounds beyond the original in terms of complexity, scope, and freedom. You can now pursue one of several romantic relationships with squad mates, but more importantly, you must actually gain their loyalty by helping them excise their personal demons. As you do, you'll learn to appreciate the wonderful depth that the BioWare writers have put into these characters. They're the farthest thing from stock cannon fodder as you can possibly get, and the variety of personality types is a plus. Psychotics, Justicars, Soldiers, Security Operatives, Warlords, Mercenaries...they're all here for you to get to know. The game also sports the most jaw-dropping and terrifying final Boss battle ever conceived for a videogame. That scene alone is worth the price of play through!

With Mass Effect 3 on the horizon, now's the time to play through Mass Effect 2, and indeed the original if you haven't already done so. Both games are 2/3 of an experience that I personally cannot wait to experience in full.
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on August 9, 2014
I hope I can play with this game as long as I want to, because with the first one: Mass effect, there was some limit for the installation of the game on the computer, SecuRom ! Besides it was hidden. I think It is not legal to hide such thing when you buy something. This is just logical. If I had known, I would not buy the first game: Mass effect because of that thing hidden. They should write in big letter on the box: Enjoy this game, but know that you can not install this game more than 3 or 5 times. :(
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on February 20, 2013
Have'nt played it yet but it looks like it will be great if it is better than the first one. Was told by friends that the second one is better, so I went out and bought Mass Effect 3 in preparation when I finish the first 2.
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on August 15, 2011
Really enjoyed this game... After played the first episode, the second looks more detailed et joyfull for the eye. Love to play again Commander Sheppard to save the galaxy !!! ;) A must to play !
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on July 15, 2010
I was suppose to play it on and off in my free time... I totally got into it and finished it in a couple of weeks. Really good game and very interesting plot and choices to make. A+
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on February 13, 2013
The game play is brilliant. The environments are engaging, If you like the sci-fi genre than this game is perfect. The graphics are far ahead of the xbox.
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on October 29, 2016
ME2 is a fantastic game. Played it many times and always enjoy it. Mass Effect 2 - Standard Edition
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on January 7, 2011
I LOVE THIS!!! If you want to get more from it, play the first Mass Effect. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!!
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