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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 30, 2012
Push(released Feb/09)stars Dakota Fanning as Cassie,Chris Evans as Nick Gant,Djimon Hounsou as Agent Henry Carver,Cliff Curtis(Cliff is a busy New Zealand actor I recall from Hercules/Xena and the Live Free and Die Hard movie) as Hook Waters and others.This is a grand mish mash of ideas which just has too much on its plate.Its whole is not the sum of its parts.
The plot involves a whole slew of different types of psychic characters such as Pushers,Stitchers,Watchers,Wipers,Shadows,Bleeders,Sniffers,Shifters and Movers....and bears,oh my!
The film opens in Hong Kong and two Movers,a son and his father,are under siege from the Division.The father is a powerful entity that the Division wants back.The father saves his son by sending him away and he is killed by the Division chief Carver.In fact it is Carver who is front and center throughout most of the film hunting down his son,Cassie,a Watcher who his father told him would come to help one day,and others they interact with.The scene switches from the past to the present and Cassie arrives on the scene to assist Nick.An ex girlfriend of Nicks shows up and she has escaped from the Division,after having been injected with a powerful serum designed to boost her psychic abilities.She was the only one to have successfully survived the injection.Her mother is still being held by the Division,but she planted a case with the serum in a secret location.Cassie and Nick find the case,but a local Hong Kong gang with its own psychic individuals,along with Carver from the Division,also want the serum.
After Cassie and Nick retrieve the case,Nick comes up with a scheme to write notes to each of their party,who must not open them up until later.In the meantime Nick gets a mind swipe so he cannot recall the events of the last two hours,so if he is caught his mind cannot be gleaned for any info.There are numerous psychic battles fought between different factions,but in the end Carver gets the serum and Nicks girlfriend.On the plane ride back to the U.S.,the girlfriend opens up the letter given to her by Nick and its says to kill Carver.The film ends as a gun shot goes off.
While watching this I found myself,more often than not,trying to recall what type of psychic abilities this character had,or that;there are just so many.And also what each type actually did,powers wise.Some were kind of self explanatory,but others like Pushers,Bleeders and Movers were a bit too abstract to comprehend right off.Another draw back was that the movie rarely let one stop to breath,to take in everything the movie was throwing at you.If you got it fine,if you didn't,tough luck.It was information overload to the max.The movies concept was certainly different,but done in such a non-conducive style.
Technically speaking the film is in a w/s a/r of 2:35:1,and is clear and crisp.Extras include commentary,deleted scenes and a featurette.
All in all a movie with far too much going on and with a terribly relentless pace to it.The acting is good but the story is info overload,to the max.2 1/2 -3 stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 1, 2014
I knew what to expect so I was in the right frame of mind when I saw it. The story has too many twists and turns for its own good but I just went with it and enjoyed the visuals and crazy characters.There are a LOT of characters and plot elements to keep track of if you want to understand the story. The blu-ray includes a featurette about sincere investigation into various powers. Also, audio commentary and deleted scenes. Happy with my purchase.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 28, 2009
Short Attention Span Summary (SASS):

1. Experiments on specially gifted human beings have been going on since the 1940s
2. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is through the roof, until ...
3. Someone survives, but ...
4. She escapes, and takes the secret formula with her
5. Luckily, this has all been foreseen by a very talented Watcher (person who sees the future), and then ...
6. The convoluted plot takes over, throwing Watchers, Pushers, Movers, Bleeders, Shifters, Shadows, Wipers, Stitches and Sniffs together in Hong Kong, where "gifted" people seem to crawl out of the woodwork without explanation.
7. Even without trying to sort out the plot, this one is action-packed, but may make your brain hurt.

Reasonable acting and popping special effects are the main reasons to watch this movie, which doesn't bother stopping to reason why, but does and does, until the horribly anti-climactic ending.

Rent it because it's there, or if someone "pushes" you to see it.

Amanda Richards
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on September 15, 2010
The movie wasn't terribly great, but wasn't aweful. At times I felt the blu-ray had the sound moving ahead of the peoples mouths when they were talking.
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on August 14, 2012
This is one of my favourite movies at the moment. Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning give stellar performances. The DVD arrived early in great shape. :)
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on September 24, 2011
This movie, was exactly up our alley, it is not for everyone to enjoy. For a used product it was in excellent condition. product received it, most people when they shipped their produts are doing an excellent job.
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on June 29, 2015
Barely made it half way through, but then just couldn't watch it anymore. It's an interesting plot, but a really bad realization.
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on March 4, 2015
I've always loved this movie. It's a great anti-hero/pseudo-hero story, and a very cool take on superpowers.
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on August 15, 2009
Great Movie, terrific cast, astounding special effects, love the tk effects and if you love X-Men, you will love this movie. Even better than X-Men 3.
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on January 23, 2015
Thought this would be good, not so much!
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