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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on December 3, 2010
If you enjoyed the gritty realism of call of duty 4, you'll probably be disappointed by the over the top insanity that is modern warfare 2. The story jumps the shark early and often changing the world from a possible near future to a Michael Bay movie, even including a scene that is pretty much the exact same shower scene from "The Rock". Its hard to invest too heavily in the story when the villain is a unrealistic archetype whose ultimate plan doesn't really make any sense if you think too long about it. On the other hand if you like watching things blow up real good this is probably the game for you.

The multiplayer is disappointing on the consoles due to the aggravating glitches and exploits, and its debatable if its even worth playing on PC without dedicated servers. Though if you can look past these issues you'll find a competitive multiplayer scene you can get into. Spec ops mode is a good replacement for not having coop in the main story.

Overall I'm not sure I like the change in tone in the franchise but the same great gameplay (other than the Rio level)that was in previous instalments of COD exists here.
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on January 29, 2010
I am not going to waste a ton of time being the 10K person writing an overall review. It is a good game. I like it.

What I wanted to note for parents and others concerned about the "airport massacre" level, is that not only can you bypass that level, you can also play that level successfully without shooting any civilians. I have done it on more than one difficulty. You probably will need to fight the Russian tac teams, but that seems reasonable. So don't feel you have to shoot any civilians if you don't want to, and don't believe your kid if he/she says they have to :)
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on November 10, 2010
This game has a story which is offline but it's to short, not worth 60 bucks. If you're going to get this game make sure your Playstation's Online Works Well because the single player experience is way to short. The multiplayer however is amazing. I bought this game last year and I played it through the year, it's that fun. However, right now I would suggest buying Black Ops because it looks way better.

In short buy this game for the online not the single Player campaign and beat spec ops with your friend (not alone)
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on March 18, 2010
** Before I start, did anyone see that 1 star review for this game?? nope, neither did I because he/she wasn't reviewing the game at all which is why were here right?? not about the shipping problems, kills the review average........

This game is soooo sweet. I could leave it at that, but thats not much of a review. First of all, the graphics are amazing, looks so real you will forget its a game.
The storyline has to be the best over MW1. Its full of action, whether your with a big team taking on hundreds of enemies or alone with a silenced sniper rifle. There is even a huge plot twist that is both jaw dropping and will leave you and your middle finger in the air, but dont worry, you shall have your revenge on that scum bag!

The multi-player online has got to be one of the most exciting thing of my monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sometimes friday nights!! It is so addicting and fun. I will warn you though, you are not invincible and will not win every single game you play because your not god. I have my share of "WTF I knifed you first!" and my "wow im 0 and 6 already?!?" but that is all apart of it and its bound to happen, even if your a pro so dont be hating on the game. Some people complain about campers too, not gonna lie they piss me off as well but after they kill me the first time, I watch the kill-cam, and go tea bag that Son of a B**** when I re-spawn. I love the idea of doing challenges, this was a major fun increase to the game. Not only do you get your 1000th kill with that Scar (assualt rifle) but you get 10,000 exp points and a Title, very cool. There are a bunch of achievements too, not only for guns, example, Drop a killstreak crate on a enemy. That one is very hard but I did it only because as I use my "call in carepackage" someone killed me as it was falling to the ground and ran over to my body, he must have been either pissed or laughed (I would have laughed just because its so unlikely to happen). And remember to always check your corners.

They introduced another game type section called Spec-ops. although I have not tried all of them, I did complete a fair share and I must say its pretty enjoyable to do some side missions and earn stars.

and that is all I have, hope you buy this game because I know you will spend countless hours with it.
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on February 16, 2010
Let me preface this by saying that I'm over 30, not a multi-player fan, and I only game casually. I'm a huge fan of the FPS genre, having been addicted since Doom and Duke Nuke'm ruled the digital gaming landscape.

MW2 has a number of things going for it that really sold me on the experience of playing it. The characters are amazingly well defined for a shooter, the voice acting was spot on for the most part, and the music, well, it's Hans Zimmer, like you're going to go wrong with that.

The game play, oddly, seems to be behind the times though. The fast-tap method of aim/shoot that's been around since the first COD game is good, but it's getting a little dated. It's built for the "rush" combat that seems to be the core of the MW2 game play, but it's not well suited to the thinking sections, like the stealth run through the winter scenes. More importantly though is the fact that a 4th gen shooter doesn't have a cover system. This is a serious gap in the model, and will definitely need to be addressed before I pick up another one in this series. Cover has been around since GOW1 and R6:V1, and would have made this game alot more fun to play as a tactical shooter, rather than a simple run and gun.

The big mood killer for me though was the duration. This was a SHORT game. for $60, I'd like to think that I'm going to spend at least 12 hours playing the game. This one, end to end, was 6. 6 hours!

I'm sorry for all those that are huge online fans, but if I'm going to spend $60 on a game, I expect to be immersed in the solo games, not just in running around trying to knife my friends on line.

In the end, did I enjoy the 6 hours? Yes. It's a fun ride, but it's a short one.

Do I think they could have done much better with the plot, the characters and the missions? Yes. Absolutely. It's time to take the MW series to a higher level. Turn it into a choice for the player: run and gun in the Multiplayer, but THINK, PLAN and PLAY in the single player.

Try harder next time, Infinity Ward. Look at what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted, or Red Storm with Rainbow 6. Up your game (pardon the pun) and take back the crown that you owned when COD was still new.
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on December 13, 2009
Different difficulty levels for people with different skill levels. Can be very challenging. Some of the bonus levels seem almost impossible even on lowest level until you practice, practice, practice, then you wonder why you found them so. Fast action, great graphics, large weapons choices, lots of violence. Fun for everyone.
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on December 5, 2009
A top notch shooter and a must own for any mature shooter fan. Not for kids, I repeat not for kids hence the Mature rating. This actually may be my favorite game of all time and I have played a lot of them. Single player is a lot of fun, Special Ops mode is fantastic and the online multiplayer is second to none.
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on March 2, 2010
There was so much hype over this game before its release. When I picked it up I was expecting a more involved experience than the great times I have playing Call of Duty 4. There are so many things wrong with this game for PC users. Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas is the single player. You play the game for the first time and within 4 1/2 hours... it's over. The story also flies all over the place and can be difficult to follow. Infinity Ward and Activision got too full of themselves after COD 4. There was too much focus on the multiplayer aspect of the game and the single player suffered greatly from it.
That being said the multiplayer aspect of the game suffers greatly on the PC. The matchmaking is terrible. When the game was released they said they did the matchmaking so that players would always play people with the same general skill level and to connect to a game faster. This is a total lie. IF (key word) you have ability to connect to a game the teams are rarely fair. Connecting to a game is such a hassle. On some cases I have waited over 10 minutes for this "fast" matchmaking to find and connect me to a game. by that time I don't want to play. Dedicated servers would have been so much better. I've never had a connecting problem like that on COD 4. They also claimed that it would be impossible to hack and cheat on this game. Again another lie. Cheats were out for this game within 48 hrs of it's release and because there are no admins on the server you can't vote to kick that player. Only option you have is to disconnect from the game and because of that the game counts it as a loss which hurts your record if you care about it.

To finish, if your looking for a true Call of Duty PC experience, pick up Call of Duty 4 instead. In almost every aspect it is a far superior. Personally I regret spending the money on this game, I play COD 4 more.
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on January 2, 2010
This game is awesome. Well worth the money. Graphics are amazing and the story line is good. I spend hours online and will probably keep on spending more. I totally stop playing world at war and cod 4 mw1 when this came out. The difference is night and day.
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on January 3, 2010
All I get is DirectX errors when I try to play this game. CoD 4 works great, but this game is bad.

No support for users even on the company's website.

Save your money and pick up Call of Duty 4, but do not buy this garbage.
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