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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on February 19, 2004
If you like golf, or know someone who does, you will probably get a kick out of "Caddyshack." Interestingly enough, what starts out as a film focused upon the lives of various caddies at an exclusive country club becomes a film about the various golfers (fleshed out by a very strong cast). Chevy Chase is, hands down, my favorite actor in the film. His slapstick humor is right on the money in "Caddyshack." I get tired of certain characters, noticeably Dangerfield and Murray, but there is enough interest in the subplots to keep the film on its feet. Many of the scenes seem to be half-improvised and yet it does not fall apart as one might expect.
The truly enjoyable effect of this movie is what will happen in the next couple of days after watching it. If you have any knack for remembering lines, you will be quoting it to yourself constantly. This film provides a ton of one-liners that are remarkably peculiar and hilarious. Just take a look at the "Quotes" section above. Included in this DVD version is a documentary that interviews all of the main characters and provides a lot of information for die-hard fans about the making of the film.
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on November 17, 2001
This movie gave Bill Murray a place to show case his talent of being a weird oddball character that somehow becomes enduring. While he wasn't the star of this movie, I believe it was the last time he did not get top billing and I still recall this movie as being a "Bill Murray" film. Yes, Dangerfield and Chase are funny, both playing funny characters, but the scenes in which Murray is talking to himself, explaining life or trying to kill the gopher are classic. The main complaint about this film is that with about two minutes of editing it could have received a pg or in today's ratings a pg13 a that would have made it a better film.
All in all a funny movie and a strong recommendation to any Murray, Chase or Dangerfield fan, plus those that enjoy somewhat offbeat silly coming of age teenage comedies.
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on May 16, 2003
CADDYSHACK is a classic. From having a popular comedy director (Harold Ramis) on the team to having the main stars being legendaries such as Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Bill Murray, CADDYSHACK has it all. At the Bushwood Country Club, it's snobby leader (Knight) tries to banish a careless billionaire (Dangerfield), while the greenskeeper (Murray) tries to banish a different rodent; all the while as Chevy Chase is giving golfing advice to the younger generations.
CADDYSHACK is definitely a classic. From the simple design of the golf course to the excellent acting and the great direction, not to mention goofy writing, it's definitely a must-see.
"Wah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah...Be the ball..."
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on April 20, 2000
The extra footage about the making of CaddyShack had Dolby 5.1 audio. The movie itself was Dolby Center Channel with subwoofer. I feel that Center Channel only provides better sound then just Stereo Front (L&R) only, but I was still disappointed.
If the original Star Trek TV series DVDs can manage Dolby 5.1 (they sound great), I do not know why Caddy Shack could not have been done better.
The video transfer was ok. There are some "specks", as if you were watching an imperfect original.
But it is Caddy Shack, and therefore these defects can be overlooked. But it was a poor showing by Warner Brothers.
I would purchase this only if you are a Caddy Shack fan.
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on October 23, 2000
Great movie, the kind that has to be seen about once a year. But a few comments on the DVD. Sound is just awful. Flat as a pancake. I don't guess you can do anything about something recorded in mono, but if there is any way to remaster it, something must be done. I didn't find the video transfer to be particularly vivid either, and while I'm a huge Harold Ramis fan (does it get much better than Groundhog Day?), I must say the extra material was a snore. So in other words, a fantastic movie, and worth getting on DVD if you are a nut about letterbox, but otherwise, all the stuff that makes for a good DVD just isn't there on this one.
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on January 15, 2001
This is a great comedy movie starring many well known actors such as Chevy Chase and Al Czvenski.
This movie is basically about Bushwood Country Club, a snobby golf course. One person is having a war against a gopher, one is the town blabber mouth, one hits on every girl he sees and is extremely rich, and possibly the main character is a caddy.
The movie is also about a five-some playing a tournament at the country club.
The reason I gave this movie 3 stars is because it can get REALLY boring(-1 star) and some of its humor is tasteless and un-funny(1=-1 star). This is a must-see if you're a golf fanatic, though.
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on September 18, 2001
I watched Caddyshack on NBC when they were celebrating the twentieth anniversary and I got what I expected, a good movie. It was probably the first good movie I saw with Chevy Chase and it's what we should remember him for instead of Three Amigos his romance scenes are funniest. Rodney Dangerfield is probably the king of unsophisticated comedy in his role as obnoxious Al. Ted Knight in a way is like Steve Martin when he gets mad at Al. Bill Murray resembles your everyday nutcase. So we have the perfect group so go ahead and rent it.
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on August 7, 2002
This movie is not for everyone. the humor is crude, the exting is a bit overdone, and there is a mechanical gopher. there are some funny bits to it though and you will laugh if you don't get sick of some of the characters first. all in all, if you haven't seen it, you probably should just to say you have. there is some good bonus material on this dvd as well.
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on July 10, 2001
After owning multiple copies of the video, I couldn't wait to see this DVD, I love this movie! I was very disappointed that the audio is only mono! I would have expected more from the 20th anniversary edition. This classic is begging for a remix.
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on February 5, 2002
... POSITIVE STUFF: has some HILARIOUS scenes,Bill Murray and Dangerfield are funny,the gopher is a good character. NEGATIVE STUFF: Too much filming is spent on the relationship between Danny and Maggie,It can get really boring,too long.
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