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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 20, 2009
Magnificent and hair pulling difficulty could be two characteristics given to Demon's Souls as a title. The game brings you back to a day when video games had unforgiving difficulties punishing you for making a single or at most two mistakes before sending you to the beginning of the level. What begins as what could be characterized a frustrating experience in the early learning curve quickly turns into one of the most satisfying game experiences of this console generation.

The game combines RPG elements with that of a dungeon crawler/adventure game. It gives you 10 classes to choose from ranging from the melee oriented knight to the spell casting magicians. You're set off on what seems an impossible quest of freeing a kingdom from a horde of monsters and citizens who have lost their humanity. Story and game style aside, it is undoubtedly one of the most difficult games to come out in quite some time. With most enemies being able to kill you in just a few hits (and with some doing that in just one or two), the game will quickly make you aware of your surroundings at all times lest you fall complacent and get punished by a trap or a surprise attack. But don't get me wrong, the difficulty is what drives this game, it makes you engage it in a different way than a game like God of War would where you can slash unabashedly without much consequence.

Defeating bosses becomes almost a cathartic action as the culmination of a brutal level comes to an end with the capturing of the bosses demon soul. There's also plenty of items to acquire and to upgrade which makes it so all types of weapons are represented for the appropriate afficianados. Perhaps one of the best innovations is the multiplay, allowing you to leave messages in your game world for other players to read within their own. Also being able to be invited/invite other players to help when a particularly difficult section of a level seems to overwhelm you is a nicely added touch. The game holds much replayability because once you beat it the first time, you can carry your character over into a new game+ for even more added difficulty but also much greater rewards.

Overall, I believe this is a must own game if you want to own a definitive dungeon crawler for this generation. It's a purchase I made rather blindly without knowing too much about the game but in the end, I'm very satisfied with what it has delivered.
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on October 14, 2009
This game is one of the best games to come out this decade. This no walk in the park, hold your hand through cutscene after cutscene RPG. This game is tough, but in the best way out there. You will die, a lot. What makes this game so good is that it makes you want play even after your 12th death or 120th. One of the good things that Demon's Souls has for it is that it makes you addicted to the game much like Diablo 2 & WoW. The online is very unique. Sure you can team up with up to 4 players, but the real joy is playing this game solo, but also watching how other people played it before you. See a blood stain? Touch it to watch how another online player died there a few minutes ago, but you only get to watch their last few minutes, not what killed them. Leave messages and hints for other players, or read what other players left behind as well. Every now and then you will see a ghost of another person as they are working through the same area you are in. You don't have to play online, but it's fun and free. The game is very customisable, from the way you look, to the way you play. After the "training" mission (which is actually fun unlike other game's tutorials) you can go anywhere and explore everything. Hidden treasures and loot abound. This is the RPG that hardcore fans have been waiting for. It is an Action RPG that borrows from a lot of different games, but perfects everything it used. Just keep in mind that it is frustatingly hard, but once you're hooked, there is no turning back. This game will be talked about as a revolutionary title ten years from now.
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on July 13, 2016
One of the must-haves for the PS3 library. Challenging, unforgiving and sometimes frustrating, but the feeling of reward and satisfaction for overcoming the challenge Demon's Souls presents is unrivaled by most games today. Immerse yourself in the dark and gritty world this game has to offer and experience a one of a kind adventure that will leave you wanting more and more.
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on November 9, 2009
Before playing the game, I read everywhere that it was though. That I would die. That it was close to insanly hard...

Well, it's not really true. The game IS hard, but it is a welcomed new difficulty level. Most games these days tend to be ridiculously easy.

This game is all about immersion. If you get "in" the game, you will hear the greglings breathing from around the corner (maybe). You will hear the dragon flying above... You will have (most of the time) some warning from an imminent attack.

When it happens, you need to have the appropriated reflex.

I played some 30 hours and got about half the levels completed, first run-through. I know I am not the best player out there; some people are through their 2nd play within 30 hours. I recently changed my PS3 (the other one broke), and I unfortunately lost my Demon's Souls save game - it would seem you just can't back it up.

Playing again from scratch, I found the 1st level quite easy, but I still managed to die in the 2nd one (I think the tower knight is harder than it was since the last patch!).

Anyway, I still enjoy it.

If you really want to enjoy the game, you must go multiplayer. You get together with others to finish levels; I would recommend you look at existing reviews for details; all I can tell you is that it is awesome.

The game is violent - some graphical violence is quite astounding - but since it's all about magic, swords & axes - I think it is not so bad since you can't really relate to that.

I think the game can raise your agressivity level, but not because of the violence. Just because you will die and loose a lot of Souls; and it will suck. Just remember it's a game, and if you did it once, you can do it twice, and then it's no big deal dying.

Enjoy the game, it has been a while since I did.

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on December 13, 2009
Games these day just don't seem as hard as they used to be. When I beat a game on my nintendo or super nes I was quite pleased with myself. It was hard if you lost all your lives you went back to the start of the game dyeing had consequences well demon souls is a return to that. You die you lose your body thus half you life and the enemies get stronger on top of all that you get dropped of back at the beginning of the level and everything you killed is back. It's tough you'll die right away and a lot, get frustrated, Pull your hair out and maybe even throw your controller around. When you beat a boss or a level it feel like you accomplished something you play the whole level through, probably without your body, beat every enemy and didn't die. Demon's souls is a great game and if your up for a challenge buy it.
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on October 9, 2009
It will also make you lose some hair off the top though. I've just started playing it. Let's just say that the difficulty level is brutal, and you have no options. For Pete's sake, the tutorial ends by putting you up against an unbeatable monster, just so you experience death. There is no re-load from an earlier save; it runs on auto-save. But it looks gorgeous, it's not a button masher, promises hours and hours of fun (and frustration) + replay value (try it again with a different class), has a really interesting take on online play (you can review other players' last seconds before death, leave and read hints and warnings, jump into other people's games or have others jump into yours). It's a PS3 exclusive, rated 90 on metacritic (average critic reviews out of 100), and at least in Canada, you can only get it on Amazon and at EBgames, unless of course it's sold out. Don't hesitate when you find it, get it! UPDATE: Futureshop is now listing it on their website.
I'm loving it already, and I've barely scratched the surface.

UPDATES: ugh! managed to collect some 5,000 souls through grinding (and about half a dozen deaths) and lost them all going against the first boss without the proper equipment. This game's like a really hot girl that's completely crazy, treats you like s&%t, carries a knife and may or may not get stabby on you; not that I've ever experienced that. And let's face it, if you're reading video game reviews, that analogy refers to what may as well be an urban legend to you.

Aha-ha-ha, killed my first boss, got my first trophy in the game . . . but . . . the satisfaction was short-lived, as the next 2.5 hours were wiped clean by a stubborn knight--I ended the gaming session worse off than I started... I need about a week off from work to get some traction in this game.
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on November 25, 2009
Don't let the reviews saying it's really hard and the fact that it's an Atlus game deter you. This is a hidden gem folks. The atmosphere is great, controls are spot-on, it has just the right amount of customization without being overwhelming, a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it the game is extremely satisfying, and the combat system is deeper than just hitting the attack button over and over.

Highly recommended for those that enjoy upgrading characters and looting. It's basically a more difficult, deeper, 3D Diablo.
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on June 23, 2010
After reading Gilligan comments I felt like I had to clarify some of his comments. Why should I do that? I think it's just because I believe this is an outstanding game that is in a totally different league compared to the serial production games we are used to.

Quoting Gilligan:

"After 3 hours, I am still at the beginning; I die, I restart; I die, I restart... Even after 30 minutes of progress, I must restart at the beginning if I die. I am usually not so bad in fighting... "

In this game you are not the common over the top character where all the enemies die with single hits and your character can take a lot of hits before dying. If you are not careful, you die with a single hit, although we are not used to play games like this, I think it's fair enough.

"Controls react a few seconds too late when I try to escape an attack. All I can do is to hit or step back (or aside); I can't jump, etc. One doesn't look like a Ninja while escaping I promise."

This is also part of the game, the time of reaction of your character depends on the weight of your equipment. If you are carrying heavy weapons and armors, your character will have a good defense but will also react slowly. This game has a lot of details to keep in mind.

"If I loose all my health before dying, then I have no health when I restart (again) to go through the battle"

Not true. You have to understand the game mechanics, which includes to understand the differences between when you are alive and when you are in spirit form, which includes changes in the amount of energy your character has.

"Mostly, being able to save our progression anytime and the opportunity to choose the difficulty level is what is missing the most to this game."

This game saves every time. If you just quit in the middle, when you load it again you will be at the same place where you were.
About the difficulty, this is one of the key points of this game, if the player were able to adjust it, it would break the core mechanics of the game which is to learn how to overcome the obstacles in the game. Being able to change the difficulty would turn Demon's Souls into another generic game where you just need to keep going to beat the game, no compromises, and no fun.

"Best 2010 game? Good for those who enjoys it."

Seriously Gilligan, I hope you have decided to give it another try until you understand the game. So many people love this game exactly because it is different, making you deserve to beat the game.

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on December 11, 2009
This is simply a great game. You may have heard it's difficult; while it is challenging, it isn't unfairly challenging, which is an important distinction I think.

At it's core Demon's Souls is your basic action RPG. You run around fighting enemies with hack and slash, bow and arrow, or magic. There's a lot more depth to it than that statement may suggest however. What makes it tough is that you can't just save wherever you want. It autosaves, so if you die you can't just reload from right before a tough fight. However dying isn't as much a penalty in this game as you may be used to. Basically all that happens is you lose the souls you've collected (which act as both money and experience), and you start at the beginning of the level. In addition you go into "soul form" (if you already weren't) which cuts your max HP in half. This lasts until you beat a boss or use special items. Chances are you'll spend most of the game in soul form.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone starting this game, it's that you shouldn't bang your head against the wall. If you keep dying going one way, go another way. That includes starting over with a new class if need be - some are certainly easier than others for beginners to use (I started with a Temple Knight and was very frustrated - the halberd is a tough weapon to use. I started over as a Wanderer and it was much easier).

I haven't even mentioned the multiplayer aspect yet. At the most basic it lets players leave messages for each other (and often quite useful ones at that). It can also let players enter each others worlds to help or fight them. This part doesn't really interest me (yet) but it could be the best part of the game for some people.

So overall a fantastic game. However if you quit as soon as you get frustrated this definitely isn't for you.
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on October 21, 2013
Demon's Souls is a mix of Super Mario, Tomb raider and a medieval setting. It's essentially a combat game where you can upgrade your stats and weapons (that's the rpg part...). The highlights of the game are level design (which is brilliant) and the incredible atmosphere that some worlds have (The tower of Latria being my favorite). Don't buy if you expect an epic storyline and a lot of roleplaying as there is NO roleplaying whatsoever in this game (the only choice you're going to make is what to buy...). Yes the game is tough and you have to learn from trial and error. That is maybe the biggest selling point of the game; yes your character is getting better slowly but YOU are gettting better as a player. Your character stats are not that important... YOUR skills as a combattant are what matters in this game and you will get better if you don't quit. Patience and precaution are really rewarded in this game... Bravado not so much!

You play Demon's souls for the atmosphere and the tension, not for the storyline and the RPG elements. If you're ok with that, it's gonna be one hell of a ride...
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