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on March 7, 2010
As a fan of the original EO, I was naturally looking forward to this game, and brother, was I rewarded! Within my first few hours of gameplay, I was relaxing in the comfort of familiar creatures, intrigued by the new and more involved story line, thrilled by the diverse diving locations, and even terrified by dangerous animals that attack!

They have completely outdone themselves on this one. So much to see, so much to do! Quests and salvage missions, stark, new glacial landscapes, murky jungle river waters, and even sunken castles and ruins where you can get trapped if you're not careful!

There's a private reef you can design to your own tastes, an aquarium you must keep stocked with a varied and ever changing display of creatures to hold your visitors' interests - there's money to be earned so you can buy gear and supplies, and a wider selection of diving partners to help and guide you through your journeys.

I'd love to say more, but I have to get back - apparently, there's a skeleton to be found somewhere...

The Blue World awaits...dive in!
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Ever since I watched those old 80's Jacques Cousteau documentaries, the idea of one day snorkeling myself never left my mind. So far I never had the opportunity to dive but I often catch myself daydreaming about underwater excursions. Until I can add a check-mark beside that item on my before-I-turn-forty-list this game offers an excellent substitute.

Dive & Relax. Leave the world behind you and become on with the underwater realm.
The locales are beautifully designed, the fish, whales, dolphins and the rest of the marine life move in a very realistic fashion. The missions are pretty simple and most have an educational parameter but it is mostly about exploring at your own pace. Well, you do have to mind the oxygen level...
The underwater sounds are very well made and placed whereas the background music is a soothing companion. All in all ENDLESS OCEAN: BLUE WORLD is an excellently designed and produced diving-simulation game.

This is a game that will bring you home early, it will put a smile in your face and it will relax you like no other game.
I cannot emphasize this enough: this game is DIGITAL MASSAGE. It soothes your nerves, relaxes your body and puts you in a very easygoing mindset.

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on March 12, 2010
(I'll divide this into a few parts for you to skim over till you find what you are interested in knowing)

Educational Excellence:
I am flabbergasted by the educational merit of this program. In the short hours that I've played this game (ok not so short, I'm up to 24 hours since the release) - I've learned, without effort, all the water life this program has to offer. With each fish, mammal, bird, even lizard!! - there is a small fact file with easily remembered names, facts, and figures. I'm thrilled when watching shows with marine life - and I'm able to identify many of the lifeforms, as well as put facts to each one. I REALLY hope that more educational programs come from this franchise, as it's a perfect teaching tool - with the right amount of education, fun, and curiosity-breeding features.
There are not only facts on each life form's files, but more:
- Cutscenes (short videos)
- Quests that reveal more information on life forms
- Experiments and Jobs
- You also have to know things about certain life forms in order to not get hurt in the game. Hurt does not mean what it means in most games, this is a far more laid-back kinda feature. Love that so much!
Cons to the educational aspect are that certain "green movement" agendas are shown here, only slightly. This might be a plus for some, or a negative for others. I would also say that any hard core marine biologist might find this somewhat lacking in information, but for laypersons - great!
More information can be obtained from many of the life forms by interacting with them, unlocking more facts. Very nice feature.
This program also touches on diving skills, equipment, and dangers. Also good. And photography is touched here as well, with some tips that I found useful as an amateur photographer.
A great educational feature is the encyclopedia on Nineball Island's dock Table. Every time you discover a life form or fact - you'll have it logged in your encyclopedia.

A Laid-Back and Mysterious Game:
Salvage treasure - from silly junk to amazing riches. Use tools to find these treasures and stow them in your bag (upgradeable) to identify and sell.
Mysterious Storylines - follow treasure rumors and your team's knowledge of treasures to unravel the Song of Dragons and what it means. I won't spoil it for ya :) - go around the world on the hunt for the treasure and the truth.
Hidden goodies - I love how many hidden goodies are in this game. Everything you do has a chance to unlock something, you'll get your hints as you go along.
Interpersonal stories - which definitely enrich the game's overall feel.
Many roles..
Heal and relax marine life with the Pulsar - and get noticed by conservation groups.
Be a photographer for big magazines by taking quests and making sure you have enough "film" in your camera.
Be a tour guide and help out LnL diving services to become a better business.
Be a hired salvager and take on jobs to recover treasure for clients.
Be a cartographer and complete maps to sell them on the map market.
Be a curator of a museum!
Be a reef scientist and learn about the relationship of flora and fauna in warm waters.

However.. if you're looking for hack and slash action, platform gaming, or FPS - I doubt this will appeal to you. It would appeal more to those who are looking for an enriching experience of relaxed and very solvable puzzles. It'll get your mind working, but it won't get you smashing your wii console - as it's not frustrating in the least. Well, in my opinion!

In conclusion, I'd say the best thing about this game is the entire effect it gives. It's a nonlinear game with so many paths to travel - and so many things to do. It's enveloping and enriched with stories. It's calming when you just want to dive in and pretend you're really under water with the beauties therein. It's very easy to pretend with the graphics, sound effects, music, and all the elements I've just written about.

Love it, can't wait for another release - I'll preorder that one too :) I also plan on writing to the company some day to let them know how awesome this idea has become.
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on June 11, 2010
We bought this for our 7 year old who absolutely thrills at diving, discovering and learning with this very well done game. You create a character for yourself and begin your diving career based on a beautiful tropical island. In dives that take you to the corners of the world, you are sent on quests, care for a giant public aquarium in Japan, fill out maps of regions as you dive, and, of course, follow the main story line of solving the mystery of the Dragon's Song. Even after the mystery is solved, much awaits as you continue to explore and discover. There are so many side quests, it is difficult to keep track of them all. There are dangers in the deep here too (a horrific goblin shark, an ill-tempered great white, temples you can be lost in if you can't keep your bearings using the compass and other tools)so prepare for a few tense moments. As you "work" you are paid and use your earnings to upgrade gear or just buy things (a guitar, hammock, etc.) to make life on the island more relaxing.

Overall, the three of us give this game 5 stars. There is a lot of reading though as the other characters in the game don't speak out loud and the quests are all explained by them. This is a plus, rather than a minus, since our guy is keen to learn and takes pride in his ability to read what is being explained to him. If not.... it is a fun adventure to sit alongside your child and read to them.

We started with Blue World but have already ordered the more relaxing Endless Ocean 1 and look forward to a THIRD if they ever make it. The graphics are very nice and if you toggle to first person (rather than viewing your diver from slightly behind) you can almost fool yourself into believing you are truly exploring beautiful endless waters.

Finally, here is a game that is made more for pure enjoyment than attaining the next level. There is basically zero frustration involved. Highly recommended.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do. Cheers!
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on April 4, 2012
Le jeu est vraiment très intéressant à jouer. Les animaux ont l'air vrai et l'aventure est tout simplement palpitante. C'est très difficile d'arrêter d'y jouer tant que c'est captivant. Relaxation assuré. Magnifique musique.
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on March 30, 2011
Fantastic Game and Graphics hours of relaxing play time doesn't matter if you are just exploring the underwater realms or doing the many quests there is always something to do. Love it !!!!!!
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on January 16, 2011
Vraiment un des meilleurs jeux auquel j'ai joué. C'est vraiment différent et réaliste. Je le conseille à tous ceux qui aime des sujets connexe aux océans.
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on December 29, 2011
This game is great fun. It helps you to learn about fish. It's interesting. There are a few gliches though as per my daughter.
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on May 23, 2010
j'ai été emerveillé par le graphique domage qu'il ne soi pas bilingue pour identifier les poissons
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on March 28, 2017
super fun and vibrant
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