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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 28, 2010
My review of this game will be very different from the majority here since I am totally new to the Halo franchise and fairly new to the shooter genre for that matter, whether it's TPS or FPS. Therefore my opinion isn't influenced by all the other games similar to Halo Reach that may have come before.

First thing: Wow... just... wow...

I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much but now I truly understand what the hype is about. And being a big sci-fi fan, I think the Halo games are the ones I had always wanted to play, but didn't know it until now. After going through the first mission, I had to literally tear myself away from the game once the cut scene that introduces the second mission ended because I was afraid I might not stop until that mission was over too. :)

One thing which pleasantly surprised me in retrospect is how newbie-friendly Bungie made this game. Even if you've never played a Halo game or any kind of FPS before, you won't feel lost. They completely ease you into it and even though there is no real tutorial to speak of, I never felt overwhelmed during the first few objectives - unlike in a game such as Killzone 2 where you get fed to the wolves right after a very short and lame tutorial. And there are enough checkpoints in Reach not to make dying a very frustrating affair. And again to my own surprise, I only died about 3 times during the first mission.

So even tough I'm really not a great shooter at all, at no point during the game did I feel like my skills were completely inadequate and I think that gave me enough confidence to plough through the battles without constantly searching for cover... and stay there (except when my shield was depleted of course). I have to admit though that I did feel a bit overwhelmed later during the mission but that's because the team was being invaded by a load of Covenant soldiers, including quite a few that were protected by shields. Just remember to always pick up a plasma pistol when that happens... *sigh* Also, this is totally random but I love the Grunts (aliens), they make me laugh. Too bad I have to kill them! :D

Another aspect I loved from this game is the music: it is simply epic and it sets the mood beautifully and perfectly for this action-packed saga. Truly a fantastic scifi game.
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on September 27, 2010
Where to start? This is the best Halo game on soooooo many levels. It is beautiful to look at with far more detailed graphics than the others. The campaign story mode is exciting and next only to the original story. It lets you drive pretty much every vehicle you find. Another nice feature is the customization that you can do. If you customize your character and the armor (and there are a LOT of armor customizations) you keep your customizations in the campaign mode.

Speaking of customization, Halo Reach features the most amazing editable base map yet called Forge World. A brilliant and beautiful ocean side landscape which is absolutely massive in scope. There are high sheer cliffs, islands, cave systems, amazing waterfalls and a valley reminiscent of something from Jurassic Park. All of this for your imagination to go nuts on and build to your hearts content.

Weapons and vehicles have been upgraded and in some instances replaced. The handgun is now a weapon worth using and not dropping right away. There are new armor features including jet pack, armor lock, sprint, evade, active camo and drop shield.

Online multi-player is super fun allowing you to take advantage of all of these new features and use them against friend and foe alike from all over the world.

Halo fan or not this is one of the best shooters out there right now and I highly recommend you get it. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, I have three kids who have helped me write this review and they all love it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 24, 2011
I'm a huge Halo fan and got Reach as soon as it came out, and I've once again been enlisted into the Spartan program. ie; I've once again been playing the heck out of this amazing game. I had forgotten how amazing it is.

First, the graphics are by far the best in the series. Not that it's that important, but they're always nice. After playing Reach I went to play some Halo 3 and ODST as well and the graphical differences were much more noticeable.

The gameplay has once again improved. This time it's improved a lot and is very reminiscent of Halo: Combat Evolved, which is why I think this game is such a great game. It went back to it's roots. The pistol has once again gained it's zooming abilities. Grunts don't stand a chance. The Battle Rifle equivalent the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is amazing, it fires one shot but is ready for quick firing. The more you lay on the fire button, the less accurate you are. So shooting bursts has never been more important than in Reach. The Needle Rifle is awesome, a combination of the DMR and Needler. So great. The assault rifle is nearly the same as the one in Halo: CE.

The armor abilities add a lot to the game. Quite a few are like the Halo 3 equipment. Bubble Shield + Regenerator = Drop Shield for instance. My favorite is the Drop Shield. It's a shame that you don't always have your favorite armor ability available to you. Depending on the game type, you'll have certain abilities available. And there's unfortunately no way to change during gameplay. So if you accidentally switch, you're stuck until you die. The jetpack is awesome to use as well, the armor lock is my favorite for competitive play. People always run up to you while you're in it and you can come out of it and smack them. If you'd shot them a bit before that, then they're dead. ;3 It also saves you from a Plasma Grenade so if you always find yourself stuck, then go with that and you can save yourself from it. Most people are terrible at the timing of grenade tosses so you'll not run your ability down all the way before they run out of grenades.

Another unfortunate thing is that each ability has weapons attached to it. So you can't create your own weapon setup completely. Like the Drop Shield, you're stuck with the Pistol and Assault Rifle. When I'd much rather have the DMR, usually I have to wait for a teammate with the loadout with a DMR to die in Firefight and then manage to pick it up. Which is lame. This is obviously not a problem in situations where the entire loadout is the same. ie; Rocketfight. [I use firefight terms, because I'm most familiar with FF as I don't play competitive much]

You can customize your armor by buying things as well. [with in game Credits, some special ones come with the Legendary/Special editions of the game] Some items require a certain rank to purchase. You earn ranks doing everything, playing the campaign, competitive and firefight. Every day there are 4 challenges and each week there's a weekly challenge. If you do them, you get credits. It's a nice way to bring you back every day, and get you moving quickly toward your goal. There's quite a bit to unlock in the armory, and a lot of it is really cool.

Firefight is what it should have been in ODST, it has matchmaking. Nothing against ODST, but that was a huge bummer and oversight. Sadly, there's not as many levels as there were in ODST.

If you know a bit about the history of the Halo universe then you know the outcome of the story, but it's worth seeing it in action and being a part of it. The ending sequence is one of the most defining gaming experiences I've had this generation. It's really, quite amazing that something so simple in idea could be so scary, touching, sad, and just overall amazing. If you don't know anything about the history, then prepare for a great ride in the campaign.

The campaign is the perfect length and it doesn't ever drag on to the point where you want to pull out your hair. You're able to choose to be male or female spartan at the beginning of the game. Which is nice.

This game really just is everything that makes Halo great. It's not perfect, but it's down right fun.
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on January 5, 2011
I've owned an Xbox 360 since about a year after it came out. Halo has always been known as the ultimate FPS and online masterpiece...but I never really liked it that much. I had hardly played it, but wasn't blown away when I did.

But my wife picked up a copy of Halo Reach from a store closing sale, so I gave it a chance.


I LOVE this game! I totally get all the hype now. I pretty much own an Xbox for the Call of Duty series...which I absolutely love. But I've found myself playing Halo Reach more lately than Black Ops!

I haven't made it all the way through the single player as I am in love with the online play, which usually happens with me. Multiplayer is the way to go.

If you don't own this game yet, you are missing out. Halo fan or not, this game RULES!
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on August 15, 2012
Like all the Halo series, this is a great game. I played through the campaign twice. The online content is still being enhanced and is also a lot of fun, with so many game types that anyone will find something enjoyable.
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on July 21, 2012
i got this game on time but it was opened and there was no instructions in side and it had no dlc it was supposed to come with it the was perfect the case was a dvd case.
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on April 9, 2012
This game is my favorite shooter!! The levels are great, the story is interesting and the multi-player hold as much action as the single player section.
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on November 22, 2013
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on February 25, 2013
Product has scratch , and doesn't work on campaign mode , not happy , should work properly , thought we bought new copy
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on April 1, 2013
le jeu est amusant, captivant tout les membres de ma famille qui sont jeunes ont aimés je le recommande avant HALO3
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