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I'm Your Baby Tonight
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on May 5, 2003
I think i know why some people agree that this wasn't Whitney's best work after enjoying success w/he 1rst and best 2 albums. In the 80's she had 7 #1 consecutive hts. Her first album in 1985 "whitney Houston" went down as the best-selling female album of all time. (even though younger urban divas like "Ashanti" have also don that). and it stayed on the charts at #1 for 14 consecutive weeks. it had 3#1 singles: Saving all my love, How will i know, and the greatest love of all". In 1987, when she released her second abum simply titled "whitney" since she was so well known, she became the first artist to enter the charts at #1, an this solified whitney to hav 4#1's ONCE AGAIN: "i wanna dance with somebody" "didn't we almost have it all" SO EMOTIONAL" and "where do broken hearts go". But would you think taking a break 4 3 years she could achieve that same success again. Think again. Her 3rd album was a slump to most fans. There were some good and bad tracks. But vocally Whitney was still good and her voice was maturing. Featuring: I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT and ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED were the 2 only #1 singles. I did like "Miracle" and "My name is not Susan". and "i belong to you". but if you're a whitney fan i guess this album is ok.
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on February 3, 2001
Houston's third effort in five years saw the up-and-coming producer Babyface take charge. It also saw Houston's sales statistics fall to career lows by failing to top the diamond sales mark (10 millions copies) in the U.S. And as you think, "Well, those are pretty lofty expectations!" I proceed to show you the sales statistics (Album #1=12,000,000/Album #2=10,000,000) And then when you consider that it isn't a stretch... you then realize that the album only sold a petty four million copies in the U.S. Then you listen to the album, and you know why. I'm Your Baby Tonite is ultimately over in three tracks. The rest of the album will fin the listener nodding off, or discover that their thoughts have wandered and they didn't hear the last two songs. Not that they were worth hearing. The album yielded two gold singles, one incredible vocal performance ("All The Man I Need") and one great title track. (which were the two gold singles) Perhaps this is the reason why Houston exiled from solo studio albums and went into the soundtrack game... it certainly wouldn't surprise me. This album would certainly give that action justification.
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on July 19, 2004
If I were alive in 1990 I would have bought 3 CDs. "Mariah Carey", "Wilson Phillips", and "I'm Your Baby Tonight". This CD is truly Whitney's best. Each of the songs are so unique and great to dance to or just ponder over. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" is the dancey-romantic song of the album (every album has one) while "All the Man I Need" is the slow romantic song (another essential of any album). "I Belong To You" is the best and most underrated track on the album. "Who Do You Love" is another great of this album. Surprisingly "We Didn't Know" with Stevie Wonder isn't the best duet Whitney's ever done. "My Name is Not Susan" is a funny song, while "Anymore" is another album jewel. This was Whitney's last studio album for 8 years, but it filled the gap perfectly. Bottom Line: While many don't like this album, it's Whitney's best!
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on March 8, 1999
After 2 fantastic albums Whitney falters slightly with this one, only listing 5 worthwhile tracks:HEADLINING ARE "I'm Your Baby Tonight","My Name Is Not Susan","All The Man That I Need" (BY FAR ONE OF HER BEST BALLADS) "Lover For Life", "After We Make Love" and The slow To catch up "Mircale". Not the most diverse Ms Houston album Featuring some shocking extremly British influnced pop songs e.g "Who Do You Love" and but the least difintive is the duet "We din't Know" (featuring Stevie Wonder) which proves with the exception of "I Know Him So Well" (feat Cissy Houston) and "Count On Me"(feat Ce Ce Winans) duets are not Whitneys Style. But all in all Whitney Houston's third album is a good effort.
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on August 24, 2000
Whitneys' first pair of albums were truly excellent! This third album is still vastly very good but does'nt quite match the quality or success of the first two albums but never the less there are still a remarkable number of really great tracks, including, I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT, ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED, LOVER FOR LIFE, MIRACLE, I BELONG TO YOU and a duet with the legendary Stevie Wonder, WE DID'NT KNOW. The album is multiply produced by such established talents as LUTHER VANDROSS, BABYFACE, MICHAEL MASSER and WHITNEY HOUSTON herself. On the whole a good album with a few rather nondescript records that give this an inconsitency in comparison to some of her other albums. Good and recommended!
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on April 6, 1999
Ms. Houston's performance here can only be summed up with two words- VERY POOR. From begining to end this endless stream of pop simplicity defies any logical connection to decent music. Surely, "My Name Is Not Susan" ranks as one of the most pitiful attempts at music in a long long time. "Lover for You" is not far ahead either. Ms. Houston's intense arrogance and immaturity is prevelant here. One so full of herself has never made such bad songs. "I'm Knockin" seems to be a metaphor for this pompus entertainer. Warning- if Ms. Houston happens to knock on your door with a free copy of this mess- tell her to leave immediately..
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on February 4, 2003
Dispite the fact this album is mostly mid and up-tempo songs, she is completely wonderful vocally. Even when some of the material is tepid, her voice keeps you listening. Babyface and LA. Reid obviously saved the best material for Pebbles. On this album Whitney shows her more serious and mature side. Just for that this album is a keeper. Highlights include "I'm Your Baby Tonight", "My Name Is Not Susan", "All the Man I Need", among others. I also recommend music from: Kristine W., Robin S., Rozalla, Millie Jackson, Regina Belle, Ann Nesby, Bababra Tucker, Peggy Scott-Adams, Judy Torres and Nayobe.
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on January 4, 2001
I don't have too many Whitney albums (yet), but I will certainly get more in the future. I think she is a very talented singer with an astonishing voice. Not having heard her first two albums, I really cannot compare them with this, all I can say is, is that I love this cd. The songs are very upbeat and danceable, and run from love-gone-wrong, unwanted love, to romantic love songs. And no one does it better than Whitney. She puts her heart and soul into each song, and each song on this album is good. And the 20 page booklet has all the lyrics and some nice photos of Whitney. Recommended!
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on October 13, 1998
Aside from "Miracle", "Who Do You Love" and the incredible "I'm Knockin'", this cd is a waste of Whitney's awesome talent. In trying to please and recapture the R&B market, her producers have relied on cheap production tricks and faux sassy lyrics. Sorry, Whitney, but please go back to the classy songs you do best- songs like "Saving All My Love For You" and "Just the Lonely Talking Again", or later ones like "I Have Nothing" or "I Go To The Rock". Sing it clean, girl!
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on December 15, 1999
I love this cd, but then I love all things Whitney! "My Name Is Not Susan" is just plain great. Everytime I hear that opening I just get the chills. I also like "I'm Your Baby," a GREAT mood piece I play it everytime I feel lonely. I'd also like to recommend "I'm Knockin'." It's not everyone's favorite but if you listen to it enough you start seeing where Whitney was really commin' from on this album. A very nice conclusion to a great cd. Highly recommended for those unfamiliar with Houston's work!
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