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on November 14, 2016
Good movie🙂
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on September 23, 2015
Not so harmless in 1981, the MPAA made the filmmakers cut out the gory scenes but thankfully when Lionsgate got the rights to the franchise to do the remake, they also released the uncut version of the original, which is what I viewed. While the violence on tap pales in comparison to the stylized violence in the remake, they still have some bite after all these years. There’s a disgusting eyeball gag, the head on the shower pipe scene is even more brutal than before, the nail gun scene is gross. It’s great that old effects still hold up for so long. All in all, an average but entertaining entry in the early days of the American slasher craze.
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on January 16, 2001
After a Valentine's Day mine explosion caused by negligent supervisors eager to leave early for the town dance, sole survivor Harry Warden returned the following year for vengeance and left a bloody warning that the town of Valentine Bluffs better not hold a Valentine's day dance ever again...or else. Twenty years later, a new generation of locals (working class twentysomethings who all work in the mine) decide to have a dance on Valentine's Day, and guess who comes out of the woodwork? After the mayor gets a warning with Harry's M.O., he and the police chief order the fun-loving bunch to cancel the dance. They have a secret party at the mine instead, and with the warning unheeded, Valentine's Day suddenly becomes very unromantic.
This is my personal favorite of all the holiday-themed slasher films that trailed "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th". A few redundent characters, like the old man whose warnings fall on deaf ears, or the annoying prankster. There's some good acting and we actually have a love triangle; these movies usually don't bother with subplots or much character development. Having several terrified people trapped in a coal mine with a psychotic heavy-breathing miner is a novel touch. Too bad this didn't do much at the box office, an intended sequel was canceled. In 2001, director George Mihalka approached Paramount about doing a "20 years later" sequel, as well as an uncut DVD release, but they didn't give him the time of day.
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on May 18, 2001
It's almost worth watching the movie to look at the mayor's reaction to finding a warning attached to a bloody heart in a box.
His "Oh, no, not again" is so deadpan that I inadvertently cracked up. Oh, it's a heart...those darn kids!! Hilarious! And the twist in the plot is so predicatable...never trust someone's death if you didn't see it, that's all I have to say. If you didn't see someone die although you were supposed to assume that, then why did you pay to see a HORROR film? Answer: it's a plot twist, silly.
Enjoy. It's not a good film, but it's worth the popcorn and laughs.
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on January 20, 2004
Paramount pictures had been enjoying success with Friday The 13th, so why not strike while the iron is hot? My Bloody Valentine came out at the perfect time(though not to much financial success) in the slasher heyday. I saw it when I was 5, and thought it was very scary. Now I think it's just silly, but fun! Basically there's nothing new here if you've seen any slasher flicks before. It's just fun to see variations on the subject. This time it's a guy in a miner's outfit, which is actually one of the cooler looking psycho slasher getups. As far as plot goes-Horrible mining accident years back on Valentine's Day. Flash forward to 81 and the killer warns the town not to throw a Valentine bash or there will be hell to pay(even though he starts killing before Valentine's Day). The kids don't heed the warning, tra-la, tra-la. The killer hacks away at our partying kids, gets mixed up in industrial espionage and battles a team of bloodthirsty mutant whales. There's also a subplot of two guys fighting for the affections of our leading lady. Not scary, but fun in that slasher way. I watched this suffering a bad gas attack from a BBQ chicken pizza I had ate earlier for dinner, so it all had kind of a 3-D effect with the dark, stanky, damp mine scenes. As you'll read, the MPAA took a special interest in this film and cut down the gore. I have no idea why coz you wouldn't let your kid watch this anyway. But it's still enough to satisfy. It's no less gory than the later Friday the 13th films. Watch with someone you love.
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on June 25, 2003
This is a very cheesy, yet entertaining slasher. Thank you Paramount for keeping the gore shots out. The movie has some seriously gory and disturbing deaths, but they were edited shorter and Paramount didn't bother with a DIRECTOR'S CUT. The transfer and sound quality were A grade and very much worth the $... price tag. For fans of the Friday the 13th series, you will love this cheesy slash fest which is actually a pretty creepy and original 80's flick.
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on July 29, 2002
This disc will definately be worth buying but only if Paramount release the uncut version. It's a classic slasher movie, better than most of the Friday the 13th sequels but was heavily cut when first released. I haven't really got much faith in Paramount as they are one of the worst DVD producers around. Look what they did to the Friday the 13th films: The same old butchered R rated versions and no extras except the trailers and it's very rare for a Paramount disc to have many extras, even classics like Apocalypse Now and Face/Off. Hopefully they will prove that they are not just fleecing us and release it uncut. More likely they'll wait until everyone has bought this version then re-release an unrated one. I would be very happy if Paramount prove me wrong.
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on February 21, 2002
I recently compiled an Amazon list of the Top 10 Slasher Films Before the 90's. I placed MY BLOODY VALENTINE in the #7 slot. Upon watching it again, I realize that I should've placed it higher. Several other titles were ahead of it, including TERROR TRAIN, PROM NIGHT, and APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Those were all very good examples of the slasher genre, but I don't think any of them rival MY BLOOD VALENTINE for sheer fright, excitement, and novelty.
Start with an interesting setting. Rather than a college campus or high school, we have a bleak, blue-collar mining town. Instead of free-wheeling students or teenagers we have working class twentysomethings pushing thirty. Then add a creepy backstory: a mining accident that entombed and killed all but one of a handful of miners. That survivor, Harry Warden, had to resort to cannibalism until he was rescued, messing him up for eternity and a day. The next year, on Valentine's Day, he returned (in full miner's garb with pick-axe) and brutally murdered the two supervisors who inadverdently caused the accident. He then cut their hearts out and sent it to the dance with a warning never to have another Valentine's dance.
Flash forward to the present. The townspeople are contemplating the first dance in twenty years. Naturally, a series of murders begin, with the victim's hearts cut out. Alarmed, the police decide to cancel the dance. Undeterred, the young folk decide to have a secret party (at the mine's cafeteria). And that's when the real fun begins. Some highlights: a dude's face scalded in a huge pot of boiling water, and his cut-out heart being thrown in with the franks (yum), a girl getting her head impaled on a shower head (no repetition intended), and the local drunk becoming the victim of his own practical joke.
Of course, no film (slasher or otherwise) would be set around Valentine's day without having a romantic supplot, and MY BLOODY VALENTINE is no exception. We're introduced to Axel and T.J., two former friends now duking it out for the affections of Sarah (Lori Hallier, in the film's best performance). This triangle could've been more fully developed, but it was sufficient enought to keep the audience interested. Who will get Sarah? Axel or T.J.? And as the murders multiply (and intensify) the question becomes "What does Harry Warden want?" Is it even him? Or someone else?
Watch this flick and find out. There's a great final act set in the darkened mine, with an extended cat and mouse chase scene between the killer and T.J. and Sarah. This last half-hour rivals anything in HALLOWEEN. Scary last scene, too.
Bottom line? Craftsmanship-wise, MY BLOODY VALENTINE is no HALLOWEEN, but in some ways, it's scarier.
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on October 24, 2001
A Valentine's dance that has the whole town excited. A group of 20-somethings (pushin' 30 by the looks of them) who act like they've just turned 16. A sweet, doomed old lady, a sheriff with a comb-over, and a bartender straight out of an episode of Seinfeld. Yes, there are some tacky things about this movie, but they add to the entertainment value of the film. One wonders if some of these movies weren't meant to be funny...? A faceless killer with a macabre calling card and a creepy underground setting for the film's final act offer up some wild imagery and fun scares. Between scares, though, you might want to see who can identify the most slasher movie cliches to pass the time...was there any movie released between 1979 and 1983 that Kevin Williamson didn't pillage? The four stars are meant to be in the context of the slasher genre, by the way. Too bad this isn't out on DVD.
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on January 9, 2001
This might sound nuts but My Bloody Valentine is one of me and my brothers favorite movies,it has been a hit in our home for over 15yrs. Better than 90% of the slasher films the reason I rate this film high is simple,there is a question as to who the killer is and also when you find out about the killer you realize why he turned out that way. I am still waiting for part 2, and want to know when you will be back Axel,you said you would.
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