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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on December 23, 2009
Folks love it or hate it.

I think it mainly depends on whether you can appreciate Tarantino's style. If you are expecting to see your ordinary Hollywood movie, chances are you are going to wind up upset, like some of the negative reviews I've read on here.

The movie can, indeed, be quite gruesome. You'll have to be able to see some artistic quality in that. I can, even though I do not particularly enjoy it. What I enjoy most, however, is the awesome acting. Christopher Waltz, the German officer-bad guy, carries a conversation for almost half an hour with a farmer who is hiding Jews. It's almost like a verbal battle, with sorties, retreats, tactical reforms, minor victories for both sides, until one side finally manages to get the upper hand.

The impeccable costumes, the humor, the jab at Americans and American culture, the completely unhistoric (and therefore to me, unexpected) climax and the great attention to detail, I think, make this a superb movie for those that can appreciate this quality. If you'd rather see an action-packed run-of-the-mill movie, though, this one might not be for you!
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on July 23, 2010
Although not based on facts this movie is really entertaining, as are all of Tarantino's Movies. I don't want to be too specific since that will just spoil it for anyone who is going see it. I can say though that if you enjoy Tarantino you'll enjoy this.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 11, 2010
I am a huge QT fan so I went expecting a lot from this film. The movie is simply an experience and Tarantino immerses you into this world. I honestly am very surprised that there are so many comments stating this is a bad movie and Tarantino trash. I understand not everyone loves QT but how can you not appreciate the writing and acting in this film. The film, as most of us know by now, is a WWII revenge saga that follows a small unit of Jewish-American soldiers as they wreak violent (and darkly funny) havoc on the German Army. The screenplay is astounding, containing some of the best film dialogue in recent years. The opening scene where SS Col. Hans Landa interrogates a French dairy farmer is among Tarantino's finest work. This single scene is over 20 minutes long and yet the viewer's attention is captured throughout. Tarantino does this again later in the film, with a nearly 30 minute scene in a pub that leads to a sudden, bloody conclusion.

The acting in this movie is top notch. Brad Pitt offers one of his funniest performances in years as a charismatic southern army lieutenant with a knack for carving swastikas into the foreheads of Nazi soldiers. Christoph Walz will surely receive an Oscar nomination for his scene-stealing performance as the ruthless and cunning Col. Landa. Several impressive supporting performances appear as well.

The score (as with Tarantino's other recent films) contains music taken from classic 70's soundtracks. I recognized bits from "White Lightning" and "Kelly's Heroes". There is some good spaghetti western music included as well.

No doubt this was an entertaining film to watch and certainly a unique story and characters which has become a painfully absent commodity in Hollywood for quite a few years now. Only problem I had with the film is it seems to have lost some steam or creative energy in the story development in the second half. Maybe that's just QT bucking the traditional expected story arch, or perhaps he had more in mind for the film originally and had to settle for less and compress for time, I'm not sure. Either way he is exceptionally skilled at bringing what's in his head to life on film, almost to the point where it feels as though I'm not really watching actors in a movie, but being invited into a vivid daydream. Once again I just felt the last third of the film felt a little flat, could have used some more powerful twists than the ones he tossed in seemingly as an afterthought. QT does tend to come off as a bit of a rambler when he's speaking, to say the least, and I think he has all these grand ideas and just has a hard time fitting them all into a 2 hour flick. I'm in no way criticizing the guy's ability to make some of the best films ever, or even this movie which was awesome,

Aside from that, "Inglourious Basterds" is entertaining and one of my favorite Tarantino movies, I'm not too sure it's better then Jackie Brown, not quite as good as Pulp Fiction but a grower in the future to come.
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on December 8, 2009
I loved this movie-- it was a great spin on a movie genre that has gotten stale due to the over abundance of them. Tarantino has gotten back to his roots and set some amazing scenes that are just pure dialogue that sets the mood immediately. Some scenes will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense (mostly with one character's amazing portrayal of the "Jew Hunter") other scenes may have you smirking or laughing out loud at something that may have horrified you earlier in the movie. I have to say that this is my new favorite Tarantino picture.
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on October 18, 2012
I absolutely love Inglourious Basterds, and highly recommend it to anyone with an open mind, a sense of humour and an appreciation for amazing cinema. And it looks great in HD.

My only problem is not with the movie but with my purchase. I am interested in viewing this on different devices, which is why I was excited to have a Digital Copy included with my purchase. However, when I insert the Digital Copy disc (disc 2) into my computer, I am told to enter the authorization code I can find on the insert in the case in order to get it. Problem is, there is no insert in my case. I have emailed Universal about this and am currently waiting to hear back. Here's hoping for a quick resolution (fingers crossed!).

Great movie though.

I contacted Amazon and Universal, and received a new authorization code. My problem was solved within a matter of hours. Thank you very much.
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on October 14, 2013
I love Tarantino films. Pulp fiction is my favourite movie. But for some reason I never watched Inglourious Basterds until now and I regret not seeing it sooner. I think the marketing and trailers for this film made it look like something different than what it actually is. It's marketed as a Brad Pitt semi-comedy war movie, but Brad Pitt is the weakest part of the production and it's much more than a silly comedy.

Forget Brad Pitt. Forget B.J Novak. Christoph Waltz is amazing in this film, and so are several other less-than-famous actors. Inglourious Basterds is pure Tarantino brilliance, in spite of what the trailers made it look like.
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on March 24, 2016
I was disappointed with the way the story was put together. I think to much attention was put into the gore rather than the story and therefore it lost a lot of it's impact. It could have done a lot more with the characters. The one negative was that although the movie was in good shape and plays well the CD case had a puncture in the back of it. Luckily it was in the center were the disc hole is and did not damage the disc, but it is surprising that this was missed when the CD was shipped.
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on November 11, 2012
The best Tarantino ever directed. Casting is super with native speakers (French, German and American) playing convincing roles. Christoph Waltz deserved the 2010 Oscar for best supporting actor in his role as SS Colonel Hans Lander, the Jew hunter, security officer and eventual traitor. Brad Pitt is excellent with his southern American drawl.
A must see.
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on December 29, 2009
Inglorious Basterds is Tarantino at his all-time best! Perfection is what this movie really is! The storytelling, the script, the comedy, the horror, the drama, the adventure, art, love! The first chapter is as suspensful as a Hitchcock! The dialogue chapter is an amazingly genius build-up! I could go on forever - a must-see entertainment! A spectacular vengeance orchestration! Bloody Epic! This movie aesthetics are mayhem, daringly imaginative. I can't think of any other director that could even conceive a film like this one, let alone execute.
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on August 14, 2012
Bon film, on reconnait bien la griffe de Tarrantino (si vous avez aimez Jacky Brown, Pulp Fiction) n'hésitez pas).
Bonus: Pas mal dans l'ensemble hormis le roundtable ennuyeux, anecdote sur les acteurs de la version originale, agréable.
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