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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 21, 2010
Limited cast, if you don't count the monsters, that pull off the plot nicely. I have to admit that it's nice to see a few movies come out that rely not only on the cinematography, effects, and story, but also include a limited cast that can act.

Two of the crew of the fifth shift charged with running the Elysium for their two year stint awake from hyper-sleep, their memories ravaged by the prolonged slumber soon come to realize that is the least of their problems. Not only do they have to deal with the major gaps in their memory, their flight training and underlying psychological traits remaining relatively intact, they also have to solve the mystery of what has happened to their vessel. Quaid stays in the sleep chamber/command center and sends Foster off through service ducts in search of a way to open the door to the command center. As with all plans of mice and men that's when their plans have to adapt to what they find along the way.

What they find is a failing ship inhabited by creatures, reminiscent of John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars", who are fast, intelligent, and possessed of a need to feed on whatever food that presents itself which includes their own wounded. The creatures while being part of the peril they face are minor players while Quaid and Bower work at rediscovering who they are and their roles in relation to each other and themselves as well as the other individuals they meet. The movie revolves around the examination of the range of traits that humanity can express from depravity to hero while trying to survive in adverse circumstances.

On the one hand while being a psychological thriller it also is just plain good sci-fi. The movie is plausible in it's presentation of science as a background to roles of people dealing with that science when it goes wrong. The sets, lighting, and photography, are all handled really well, and does well in the "suspension of disbelief."

Overall it is rich in the visuals, acting, and story line and well worth the watch.
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on January 16, 2010
This is serious stuff people! It might not be up to a classic like Ridley Scott's "Alien" but hey, how many good recent sci-fi in space do we have? You can count them on one hand... this one and... "Moon (2009) [Blu-ray]" (wich I recommend!)!

This movie have many very good qualities to boot!

1) The story: I cared for what I consider a beleivable story, it's one hell of a nerve racking ride and I did care for the characters as well! That's a good start!

2) Awesome sets: you really feel like you are lost in one HUGE ship! It's getting better!

3) Superb costumes: creatures are highly beleivable and scary! Now they got me!

4) Most special fx are very well done! Icing on the cake!

All in all, I'm pleasently pleased with this movie! I was a lil bit hesitant because of some bad reviews... well folks, too bad they didn't like it!

About the blu-ray!

I got it 2 weeks before the official realese date and at a very good price, C20$!! Thanks Amazon!!

Looks and sound 4.5/5
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 9, 2010
Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Cpl. Bower (Ben Foster) wake-up from hyper-sleep to find that they have selective amnesia from the experience. It is a rude awakening to a seemingly dead space ship later to fine that they may be hors d'oeuvres.

The film passes time and everyone tries very hard. However, there are only so many ways to do space kung-fu and other mischievous biting. Antje Traue ads a little energy to the story.

I am not saying that you will not like the movie. Many people want the formula and nothing to innovative. If you are looking for something exceptional or innovative, you have come to the wrong place. Watch the original "Planet of the Apes" for a better ending surprise and escape.

I have only seen the Blu-Ray disc, so I cannot compare to the other presentations, a theatrical trailer, and much more. Be sure to take the time for the Audio Commentary with director Christian Alvart and Producer Jeremy Bolt. This is one of the few movies that the DVD extras do not really contribute to its enhancement.
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on January 16, 2012
This is a good movie. not great, but better than average.
The acting is decent, and the special effects are decent as well.

The movie story line is written with the intention of it being a trilogy, but as the movie did not do very well in theaters, I doubt any more will be made. That is unfortunate as I enjoyed watching the movie, and was wanting to see more when the ending came.
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on January 10, 2010
Imagine being stuck on the "Event Horizon" with mutated creatures that act similar to the zombies in "28 Days Later"... and you don't remember anything...
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on April 18, 2016
This movie is better than you'd expect it to be. I went in hoping for at least a decent sci-fi horror movie, and when it ended I was very happy and satisfied. This movie almost feels like a cross breed between Event Horizon and The Descent.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 28, 2010
Pandorum,released Sept/09,gives us an interesting and different twist in the Sci-Fi genre.The cast is generally confined to a few people at a time on screen and the film manages to capture and maintain an all-pervading atmosphere of oppression and danger,throughout its run.
The story is set in 2247 and the Earth has gone to hell in a hand basket.It has sent a large spaceship full of new colonists(some 16,000 souls)to an Earth-like world some 40 light years away called Tanis,to resettle and populate.However something has gone terribly wrong during the flight.A Corp.Bower awakens from hyper sleep to find that he is seemingly alone on the ship the Elysium,in an ante room cut off from the ships bridge.Just as he regains some of his senses another stasis tube opens and out is ejected one Lieut.Payton.He is as confused as Bower due to their extended hyper sleep and they come to the conclusion that they must regain access to the bridge in order to fully reassess their situation,whatever it is.
Bower elects to crawl through the above duct work in order to hopefully reach the bridge.However his claustrophobic antics in the ducts send him crashing to a grate,through that and then onto the floor;not on the bridge as he'd hoped.As he inspects his surroundings he comes upon a body suspended by a wire in a long hall way.The person is alive but he is no mood to help Bower and in short order Bower discovers there is more life on the ship than this man and the lieutenant;and it is quite malevolent.They hide but Bowers new "find" is dragged away to his death by the creatures;humanoid beings that run and crawl with amazing speed and wear an exoskeleton of bones.
The farther Bower explores the ship the more creatures he encounters.In fact he manages to hook up with two other crew members along the way,a man(who speaks no English)and a woman;both are just as bewildered and terrified of their surroundings as Bower.Pieces of this mysterious puzzle slowly start to come together as the film progresses and we learn that these wild creatures roaming the ship were once humans like themselves.It seems that some genetic enhancement in their cryo-tube feeder lines which was supposed to help kick start life on the new planet has somehow mutated many of the colonist.Bower's memory also slowly returns to him bit by bit and he realizes that the reactor must be restarted in order to gain control of the ship properly.With this in mind he heads down to the lowest and most dangerous levels of the ship to reach it with his companions.
Lieut.Payton meanwhile has had his hands full.A young corporal has come out of a cryo pod in Bowers absence and the corporal has all the signs of pandorum;a slow build up of extreme paranoia which can lead to severe harm to those around.As he deals with the corporal he tries to guide Bower and company to the reactor.Things however deteriorate to such an extent he is over powered and forced by the corporal to eject him off the ship in a life pod.But it is only a simulation run by the lieutenant and in there the corporal stays temporarily.Back at the reactor things are touch and go.The resting area for the blood thirsty creatures is at the base of the reactor.The walkway above which leads to the reactor controls gives way under Bowers feet and he falls to another extending section of the reactor.However he must go down and walk through the creatures while they rest/sleep and climb the ladder back up to the controls.Just as he reaches the ladder the creatures wake up and pursue Bower and company.Bower manages to finally get the reactor online which disintegrates many of the creatures at its base.However it is still a mad dash back to the bridge and "safety" from those creatures still alive,and there are plenty.
The corporal that Lieut.Payton held in the pod is now out again and they are in a hand to hand struggle.Payton manages to subdue him with a tranquilizer gun,but wait.The corporal IS the lieutenant!He,suffering from pandorum himself,was responsible for ejecting around 1600 passengers early on in the flight.He re-entered a cryo sleep until awakened later to meet an unsuspecting Bower.Now Bower and the only one of two of his companions left,confront Payton.Payton opens the shield doors from the observation windows above to reveal an inky blackness with no stars.When an alien life form swims by the windows illuminating some of the surroundings,it is then they realize they are under water.The Elysium had crash landed underwater 923 years before.When a crack in the window forms during their struggle with Payton and water starts to enter,Bower and his companion enter a cryo tube and eject themselves.In short order what colonists that are left on board are also being ejected because of the hull breach.They all end up on the water surface looking across at a beautiful island with a waterfall;just waiting for them to finally begin their colonization of Tanis.
The film moves back and forth between Payton and Bowers at just the right moments.Besides the creatures,there are rarely any more than three people on the screen at one time.The claustrophobia is maintained beautifully throughout and is heightened considerably in such areas as the duct work,full of round tubing that is unforgiving and almost seems alive.The big picture as to exactly what is going on is also kept to a minimum throughout.The characters and we the viewers are kept in the dark and only given enough snippets to pique our interest just to keep things moving at the pace the director wants.So when we finally realize that the corporal and the lieutenant are one and the same and the ship is actually under water and not lost in space,the punch is considerable.Well crafted to be sure and it is what makes Pandorum the good movie it is.
Technically the film is in its' widescreen glory in its 2:35:1 a/r.The transfer is clear and crisp.Special features include three featurettes,one a behind-the-scenes,a mock flight team video for the Elysium and a Blair Witch-like video of what happened to Nadia's team.There is also the trailer,commentary and some deleted and alternate scenes.The DVD I have comes with a holographic like cover over the usual snap case.Nice.
All in all a different,likable and smart twist in the Sci Fi genre.The oppressive atmosphere the makers maintain throughout the film is wonderfully done and they leave you guessing right down to the final moments.I recommend it.
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on August 4, 2014
This movie is kind of like a copie of alien but it is good
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on November 1, 2012
Iin cannot believe that I had never heard of this movie. A pal at work told me to watch it. I loved it! It was great. Dennis Quaid was really convincing in it and Ben I remember him in 3:10 to Yuma, and we need to see him in a lot more movies!! I recommend this movie!!
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on July 28, 2016
Excellent film. One of my favourite.
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