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on June 2, 2012
This machine is a total disappontment.
It is poorly designed and made. The coffee is at best average. The wire mesh filter split at the seams within a month. The top of the carafe does not lock and unlock have to struggle with it to take it off and need to take it apart and reassemble it frequently. The feature that allows you to pour a cup while it is brewing does not work (and never did).
This machine is a prime example of absolutely shoddy workmanship and poor design.
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on April 24, 2012
The machine looks great, but fails on execution.

After using for it a week at the office, we have quickly found the flaws:

1. Coffee is not that hot. Even if you press the "1-4" double-heat button, and pre-warm the carafe.

2. Must pour upside down! Carafe has a 1 inch inner lip, meaning you have to pour the last cup with it completely upside down, at which point it goes everywhere. There is an ingenuous inner closing spout to keep the coffee "hot" longer... but since it doesn't start hot, it misses the mark.

Looks great though, and does keep the initial lukewarm temperature for several hours. We just wish it made HOT coffee.
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on April 21, 2014
Just purchased this machine and we've brewed 10 pots so far without any of the issues some of the other users have mentioned. I did notice that the machine I received looks slightly different than the one pictured. Mine has a black lid for the water reservoir, so it's possible that the leaking/dripping issue that others were commenting on has been fixed with the newer model. I just replaced and older Black & Decker 2 to Go model that was only 8 cup. This is a vast improvement to it. I find the coffee brews hot and stays that way for hours. I take my coffee with two milk and it is nearly, but not quite, too hot to chug at first pour. The thermal carafe pours easily as well with no dripping issues. If I had to fault it, I would say that you do need to tip the pot steeply to pour out the last bit of coffee but I've not had any "infomercial-type" pouring disasters like others have stated. It is slightly awkward to fill the reservoir using the pot, but my left-handed husband has no trouble at all. I just use my faucet! Very minor issue and overall the machine works great. Knob/dial is easy to use and the water marks on the inside are very clear. White "steps" notched with the volume levels are easy to read. I noticed that was a big complaint of some, but I haven't had any issues and I'm 5'3" so height isn't a factor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a larger capacity, mid-range machine. Nice to have hot, fresh-tasting coffee hours after it's been brewed!
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on January 29, 2011
A few reviews stated that the coofee was never hot. So I almost didn't buy it. However, the coffee is very hot. No "preheating" required. The first time i used it, i programmed it for 5:30 am. I got my coffee, added milk and it was perfect. At 8:00 my wife got up and made her coffee. Again added milk and took it to the office in a thermal cup. She said the coffee was still warm at the office. So I don't undersatnd why everyone else has a problem. YES it's HOT, stays hot without the burnt taste caused by glass over a burner.

One problem, yeah it's slow to pour and the last cup you practically have to turn the pot upside down to get the last bit. But you get used to it. Small price to pay for hot coofee.

Lastly, the cone style filter and "shower head" water sprayer made better tasting coofee than the flat bottom baskets with the single large spout that spews water into the grinds
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on July 29, 2012
We have had many coffeemakers over the years and were delighted to find a carafe version. We have had this coffeemaker for almost three years and have some complaints. The lid is VERY difficult to put on and take off. Unless you are making 12 cups of coffee it is difficult to determine how much water you are putting in. It is difficult to get the last of the coffee out of the pot. The most aggravating thing about this coffeemaker is that three times now it has spilled the water from the filter as it's filling. The coffee has gone all over the counter and down into our cupboards causing swelling of the wood. It has ruined a carpet. The coffee has gone into the drawers and I have had to dispose of many items that have been ruined. We would NEVER recommend this product and will contact the Corporate Office to determine what compensation they will give. In the meantime we have the coffeemaker sitting in a turkey roaster on the counter to prevent more expensive damage to our fairly new kitchen. SHODDY, SHODDY, SHODDY workmanship under the name of a reputable Cuisinart brand name. Don't buy it!
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on October 8, 2013
Pot leaks every time its poured, mess all over counter or table.
High priced JUNK with NO followup service!! was put on hold for one half hour
by Cuisinart customer service dept. Than abruptly cut OFF.
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on December 2, 2013
looks very is hot to start but doesn't stay hot very long...the pot has a brim that forces the user to pour the last couple of cups upside down with the result that the coffee goes eveywhere.....the coffee will sometimes still come out from the top when you remove the pot to pour a cuyp prior to the full brew cycle....should be better for the $
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on August 2, 2010
I loved my brew central so when I found one with a thermal carafe, I was thrilled... until I poured my last cup from the first pot and had to turn the carafe practically upside-down to make the last of the coffee to come out. It brews fine but I find that even the first cup isn't as hot as I would like it and I also struggle with getting the lid off the carafe to clean it. I have average length nails and find that I impact my thumb nail every time I try to open the lid... can't imagine what it would be like if someone had long nails... some times I just give up and try to rinse the pot without opening it... doesn't work well.
The problem seems to get worse with time and the seal around the lid has loosened with use which makes it even more difficult. I like the idea but it still needs some work... I'm going back to the basic model!
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on January 7, 2010
I bought this coffee maker because I like the feature of the thermal carafe.I do not like burnt tasting coffee after an hour or so of coffee sitting on burner plate.This coffee always tastes fresh in this maching even after a few hours of making it.The coffee will also stay hot for at least a couple hours of making it and even if its starting to cool down you can just put your cup in the microwave for 30 seconds and its fine.No burnt taste!
It looks great and has every feature you can imagine.I am very happy with it and totally recommend it!
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on November 27, 2014
All in all a decent coffee maker. I've owned some horrible ones in the past (black & decker and Oster) and this one far outshines them. I use this daily and have only one small issue with it. The "steps" gauge inside the water reservoir is hard to see at the lower quantites, and is a bit of a pain to have to look top-down as you're pouring the water in to make sure you pour in the correct amount. Now that's out of the way, let's look at the good things about it.
First off, the coffee it makes is quite hot. I usually make 6-cup batches, and use the 1-4 cup setting (this setting essentially double heats the water) and also pre-heat the carafe (I just use the hottest water from the tap, and let it sit for a couple mins before pouring it in to the coffee maker). The coffee stays hot for over an hour, and is still very warm 2 hours old in the carafe. The carafe itself is well built and holds the heat quite well. I actually bought this to replace my $50 Oster coffee maker after the glass coffee pot cracked as they usually do. Others have issues with pouring from the carafe, but I have not had any issue at all.
Secondly, it really does make great tasting coffee. It takes a bit longer to brew than other coffee makers I've had, but does it well. The permanent coffee filter it comes with works great, and I have used paper filters in place of it, both work fine.
Although it doesn't have some of the options other coffee makers have, it is well built, easy to use, and makes a good tasting cup of hot coffee. I'd buy this again for sure and recommend it.
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