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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 28, 2016
This is probably the best spice grinder available and the most expensive. Wanted a basic grinder for the cottage. If you want a real grinder that does the job perfectly then get a burr grinder. This has no coarseness setting you just eyeball it which is the nature of this kind of grinder.
The inner bowl has an airtight lid which is a nice touch. The bowl comes out for easy cleaning which is great most of these grinders don't have this feature.
It's also very well constructed and solid.
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on November 30, 2010
I will start with the good this grinder looks great and does not take up a lot of counter space. The brushed stainless finish is a great cosmetically this grinder is a winner. This grinder is quite compared to others I have used which is nice for those early morning when you do not care to drown you ears in high pitch grinding sounds first thing.

Now the bad this grinder has absolutely no features, neither bells nor whistles. It lack the ability to set how much grind is in the mill or how course you want the grind to be which would not be so terrible if not for the several other models in the price range that offer that very feature. Because there is only one button (ON) you will regularly over grind over coffee or end up with chunks of large grind. The mill seems incapable to not getting the finer grind stuck to the bottom forcing you to bang the mill cup against something to free the stuck grind or use your finger to scrape it out (this also indicated a uneven grind size). I find the mechanism for locking the grind cup back into the grinder base to be awkward and sticky often causing several re-try's in order to get it seated properly. This grinder also lacks a winding cord instead gives the stuff the cord in the whole solution.

I give this product a generous 3 stars because it does do what it says it will do (if not poorly) and it does look great which in hindsight is why I bought it only to discover this grinder is a $10-$15 grinder in a pretty package with a fancy name on the side.

My real recommendation is to either spend more on nicer grinder or to buy the Hamilton Beach® Custom Grind(TM) Deluxe Coffee Grinder for the same price and be happy with a amazing grinder that just does not look as pretty.
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on November 30, 2015
I had this grinder for 5 years and used it once to twice a month and it worked great until the plastic cup that goes on top broke down. I decided to buy the same grinder again, and ignored the negative reviews, I shouldn't have!

The grinder started sounding weird after 3-4 uses and I noticed a white plastic circle in the nuts I was grinding. The same issue that other reviewers have mentioned. It was melted and smelled weird. I stopped using the grinder and called the company but they have a horrible customer service ans require you to pay postage!

I am deeply disappointed! Next time, I am going to pay attention to the negative reviews more closely before I make a purchase!
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on October 12, 2010
I bought this grinder to replace my still operational 20 year old Braun. What appealed to me about this grinder is the removable steel bowl which is awesome. Not so awesome is the fact that this sucker is messy. The way the lid fits around the bowl leaves room for grounds to make it over the edge and somehow make their way under the little steel bowl and on the canopy around it. It's marginally quieter than my old one, but it has a bigger footprint and takes longer to grind. It does grind well and it's stylish. I guess I was just expecting more. Like settings for different grinds (espresso, drip, French press). I'm satisfied, but not wowed.
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on April 22, 2016
We're on our 2nd one, having used the earlier model for 6 yrs. Dependable, quieter than most, and grinding the way we enjoy our beans ground. We're not looking for a spice grinder. The removable grind container is a bonus after years of turning a Braun upside down to really get the coffee out without messing w/ a spoon. Great little machine for the price.
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on February 9, 2011
I bought this grinder three months ago. It worked great and I had no problems until it just stopped working this morning. There was a faint smell of burning, and then, no more grinding. When I looked into the warranty, Cuisinart told me I needed to ship it back and included $10 S&H and then they might fix it. For a $40 grinder that just doesn't add up for me. Cheaper to buy a new one and not wait an indeterminate number of weeks to get it back. Poor customer service for a brand I thought I could rely on. Not impressed.
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on January 5, 2012
I bought this grinder six months ago and have been very happy with it until it broke on me out of the blue yesterday. And by broke I mean it started whirring with the lid off when I touched it, which made a total mess and resulted in my poor girlfriend taking a coffee bean in the eye. So I have quickly gone from impressed to unimpressed. The good news is that Cuisinart will replace it as it is under warranty, but I have to go in in person to the local Cuisinart centre, or pay out of pocket to ship it back to them. Annoying.

As for the grinder itself, it works super well. I like how you can grind a bunch of beans and then pop the seal-tight lid on and use those grinds for a few days, so that you don't have to grind every single morning. This grinder is bigger than I had expected, but well worth it. Here's hoping my default product was just a fluke; I usually find Cuisinarts to be work horses.
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on March 3, 2013
Cusinart buyers beware!

Initially worked like a charm for the first few months, but after a few month of intermittent use it started smoking and stopped working. This is the second Cusinart appliance that stopped working after less-than a year of use (our other item was a smartstick hand blender).
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on November 7, 2011
This worked well for a while BUT we had exactly the same problem as two other reviewers. It was not used very often and only to grind enough coffee for one person, yet one morning after using it (for maybe 20 seconds) I found that some part had had melted and welded the top part onto the bottom part! Cuisinart let me down with their customer service - in spite of the fact that it is less than a year old and within warranty, not only would I have to pay postage to return it to them (instead of the store where I bought it), I'd also have to pay $10 for return postage. Would cost me $20-25 so I have just binned it and bought a $20 grinder.
3 out of 12 reviewers found this melting issue, not a good sign Cuisinart!
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on February 20, 2013
I used this grinder to grind Starbucks Pike beans. The grinds were uneven but I didn't want them too fine because I was using re-usable k-cups. After the fourth time, yes, that's right, fourth usage, the motor fried. I got this grinder as a gift and I didn't use the grinder until I decided to stop buying the K-cups for cost and the amount of waste from the cups. Thus, I an unable to return it because it's been too long. I don't think the grinder is able to handle amount of beans you can put into the grinding cup. So now I ponied up more money to buy the Breville Conical Burr Grinder. Hopefully I won't be writing another negative review.
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