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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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2009 was a great year for sci-fi fans. Not only did we get the wonderfully genuine Moon, but this movie also seemingly came out of nowhere. Films like these help make up for the trash that Michael Bay is ramming down our throats.

District 9 contains recognizable elements of classic sci-fi. The ship hovering over the city is an obvious homage to Clarke's Childhood's End, but this time the ship is not settled over a major city like New York. It is found hovering over director Neill Blomkamp's home town of Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a refreshing change. Michael Bay also ripped off Childhood's End, but as we all know he chose the ship to hover over the White House and blow it up!

The major science fiction theme here is xenophobia. Humans investigate the silent ship and find a million "Prawns" inside -- insectile humanoids, as different from us socially and psychologically as imaginable. They are out of fuel, stranded and starving, so a shantytown called District 9 is set up outside Johannesburg. This solution is anything but. 20 years later, after conditions keep getting worse and the Prawn population keeps expanding, the decision is made to forcably evict the Prawns from District 9. They will be re-settled in a tent city, a reference to events of the Apartheid era.

Echoing today's private corporate armed forces such as Blackwater, the eviction is handled by a private company called MNU (Multinational United). The man put in charge of this relocation is a junior clerk named Wikus van de Merwe who is hopelessly ill-suited to the task. Wikus, who serves as our protagonist, is at first nothing more than an incompetant fool who earnes the disfavor of the military men. He is protrayed as a real person with family and friends, but completely unsympathetic to the Prawns.

Wikus unwittingly stumbles upon a precious cylinder in the shack of a Prawn named Christopher. This cylindar can re-power the ship, but it also has adverse effects on Wikus, which will change his life forever. Soon, Wikus will find out for himself how it is to be an outsider, but also a valuable commodity. Wikus can now operate powerful alien weapons, the only human able to do so, which makes him a target on the run from both MNU and Nigerian gangs. And Christopher needs that cylinder back.

District 9 is disturbing to watch, both visually and thematically. Feelings of indifference toward Wikus eventually turn to sympathy. There are also moments of graphic sci-fi violence and gore. However, it is virtually impossible to turn away. The CG effects are stellar and look great in 1080p hi-def.

Much like Moon, there is much food for thought in District 9. This is aided by the fact that none of these actors are well-known to North American audiences, but the performances were still excellent.

The blu-ray disc is fuly loaded. There is a neat interactive map where you can explore District 9 and the alien ship, but this gets tiring after one or two viewings. More interesting are "The Alien Agenda: A Filmmaker's Log" and some featurettes on the effects in District 9.

District 9 is an absolute must for true fans of science fiction. If you have been hungering for the real thing, the real deal, then District 9 is for you. For casual fans and movie goers, you will enjoy the aliens, the combat scenes and effects as well as the storyline. District 9 is not for everyone, particurly those with a weak stomach, but is a very rewarding watch.

I can't wait to see what Neill Blomkamp comes up with next, and I hope the success of District 9 means he can continue to make unique films without bowing to Hollywood.

4 stars.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 30, 2011
District 9(released Aug./09)is a film presented and produced by Lord of the Rings wonderkind Peter Jackson.Sony thought by putting his name conspicuously on the trailer credits it would entice the movie goers to give up their bucks at the box office...and it worked.What the tease trailer didn't show however was how long the film was going to be.I saw it on first release,and my opinion then,and after just having re-viewed it on DVD now,is the is a little long.Having said that though,it is a compelling movie and if you stick with it you will be rewarded.
The story starts out in /82 when a huge spacecraft came to hover over Johannesburg,S.A.The locals waited and waited and finally moved on the ship and entered it.Inside they ran into alot of fact over a million of them.They put them into nothing more than interment camps below,which was overseen by the MNU,a private security firm.
20 years come and go and the aliens,referred to as prawns because of their facial resemblance to them(they are bipedal),are rubbing the human population the wrong way.Finally comes the day when the MNU goes into the alien slums and tries to evict them for relocation away from the capital city and the peoples wrath.One Wikus Van Der Merwe(Sharlto Copley)is the desk jockey put in charge of the entire operation by the big boss of MNU,who just happens to be his father in law.Der Merwe is totally green and ill at ease at trying to deal with the situation.As we follow him and MRU around vis a vis a you-are-there type of camera style,we see and learn alot about how the aliens survive in the camp and how they are exploited not only by their own kind but by hard human outsiders,specifically a local band of Nigerian thugs who buy,sell and exploit them ad nauseum for their own wicked ends.
During what was supposed to be just another alien eviction Der Merwe encounters a father and son alien.Inside their shack he discovers a cylinder containing an unknown liquid.It accidentally sprays him in the face and after wiping it off he goes on with his job.The cylinder is bagged as evidence and sent to MNU headquarters for examination.As Der Merwe continues on he displays ever increasing signs of a terrible sickness coming on.After a couple of days his symptoms,such as losing fingernails and vomiting a yucky black ooze,he eventually finds he has grown an alien arm.The infection seems to be bent on turning him into a prawn.Back at the shack from whence the cylinder came from we learn that the father of the father/son aliens has been distilling a liquid for many years to be able to propel a spacecraft,which sits underneath his shack,up to the mother ship so they can leave.Der Merwe's confiscation of the cylinder has kyboshed his plans.
Der Merwe's sickness has not escaped the watchful medical arm of MNU however.In fact with his father in laws permission,they want to eventually dissect him and harvest his body parts.Before they do this however,they want him to try and shoot several alien weapons which have been bio-engineered to work only with alien DNA.Against his will Der Merwe is forced to test fire the weapons,even on an innocent prawn.When they start to try and cut him open he is able to break away from the table and escape the building.He returns to the father/son alien with his dilemma to ask for their help.The father tells him if they had the liquid they could take him to the mother ship to return him to normal.With the aliens help they plan a break in of the MNU facilities,and they actually succeed in regaining control of the all important cylinder of liquid propellant.
Returning back to the settlement,and when all is in place,the alien tells Der Merwe that the process to return him back to normal will take three years(a trip to his home planet and back!).Der Merwe is in shock and as MNU troops close in on them Der Merwe commandeers the ship,but it is taken down shortly after take off.Der Merwe is taken hostage by the Nigerians and at the same time the alien has activated the mothership to move and hover over the downed ship on earth.Both father and son make their way to the ship while Der Merwe barely escapes with his life from the Nigerians,with a walking alien battle machine.Der Merwe battles the MNU troops,protecting the alien as much as he can.The aliens reach the ship and the mother ship,right on cue,lifts the smaller ship into the air until it is safely inside.
The battle ends and the film comes to its conclusion as we see Der Merwe,now fully turned into a prawn,sitting on a junk pile making flowers out of bits of scrap metal,which he deposits on the front doorstep of his home,for his wife to find;waiting for the three years to end.
The film is a definite metaphor for apartheid,coincidentally(?)situated in the very country it originated from.As the film opens we see the tell tale signs throughout Johannesburg of Humans Only or No Aliens Allowed. But this theme has a twist to it,as the very black population which was oppressed by the white minority,which resulted in the apartheid term in the first place,is now oppressing,along with Afrikaners,a new minority in the aliens.
When we first encounter the desk jockey Der Merwe,now put in charge of an operation which is clearly out of his league,we see him as a weak kneed and condescending company man,smiling and talking uncomfortably as the camera follows he and his team from MNU HQ and into the alien ghetto.When he gets violently ill and eventually starts to change into an alien,our original feelings,along with Der Merwes condescension towards the aliens,also changes.In other words as he becomes more compassionate towards them(in fact turning into one),we become more compassionate towards him.Finally,as I stated earlier,it is an overly long movie and it is this along with the directors slight over attention to details(that possibly should otherwise have been left out) that are the two main things that I find that work against it.The rest;the story,the pace and the S/Fx,is all good.
Technically speaking the film is clear and crisp in its original a/r of 1:85:1.Extras include deleted scenes,commentary and a three part featurette on the making of the movie.
In conclusion,though a long and at times an unnecessarily detailed film,the movie as a whole is pretty good and if you stay with it it is worth watching.Recommended.
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on May 29, 2011
An alien movie set in South Africa. The plot seems to be based somewhat on the Soweto slums and the reaction of the govt. at that time. A very good plot with good detail that makes the action quite believable.
A must see for sci-fi fans.
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on September 30, 2013
After seeing Elysium, I wanted to see District 9, and I have to say while I didn't love the movie I did like it. It was more political then I expected, which is cool. There are similarities to how aboriginals have been treated in many countries around the world but most especially South Africa. Definitely a movie to see!!
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on September 17, 2013
Really clever and engaging. Social Commentary wrapped up as a Sci-Fi action. I love it. Knowing that it's the male lead's first on-screen role puts an exclamation point on what an incredible job he did, one of the best performances of the year the year it came out. I could recommend this movie to anyone.
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on January 30, 2014
got this for only 5 bucks and its awesome. i gave only 4 stars because picture quality is only so so. MUST BUY
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on February 6, 2010
Very good movie. I was expecting something completely different...Now it's up for an Oscar or two as well.
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