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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Style Name: USB Microphone|Color: Silver|Change
Price:$165.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on January 13, 2014
Sound is fantastic, and it's a solid built microphone if you don't consider the nobs. They are plastic and cheap, some are very stiff which doesn't make sense to me because I feel almost as if I'm going to break the mic in trying to switch settings. Overall very happy, but there is ONE MAJOR FLAW they don't tell you about. If you plan on using this microphone with any stand/boom other than the one that comes attached, Blue is going to charge you $80 for the one shock mount in existence that works with this mic. I was very displeased at this, seeing as I already invested so much. These two reasons prevent a 5 star rating, but I am still pleased with the sound quality itself, which is what matters in the end.
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on January 16, 2016
The mix works as great as many have described and lives up to it's popularity as a high quality recording microphone. The clarity in the mic audio is quite noticeable going from a laptop mic, to karaoke mic, to webcam mic, and then to this.

However, on Windows 10 I have been experiencing some issues where the usb would randomly turn unrecognized making it undetected as a device. Even unplugging the usb and putting it in again result in the same issues. Eventually after a few minutes it would work normal, but it is an issue many have experienced.

Update: Feb 15, 2016

I soon found out that the issue I was experiencing was the USB cable itself that came with the mic. The quality is so poorly made that it was broken to begin with. I tried using it to plug in a different device and it immediately I received the usb device is unrecognizable error as well. I used a cable from a different device and the mic works perfectly fine. I have contacted the manufacture and as oppose to them stating they return email within 24-28 hours, it took them a week, and they said it is the microphone that is defective when it clearly is not. As of now it has been a week since I replied to their email. This is type of customer service is unacceptable, and I expected better from the company.

Great product, but terrible customer service.
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on May 10, 2016
If you’ve been using your built-in mic on your laptop to do voice-overs, then you’ll understand why the quality isn’t very good. I was looking for a way to upgrade the audio quality of my voice-overs without spending a lot of money. Some of the really nice microphones, from Shennheiser and Audio Technica, look and sound great, but can get really costly. Then I came across the Blue Yeti microphone. This mic was full of some great features, at a reasonable price.

Taking it out of the box, you get this beautifully all-metal design, which comes with a very nice desk stand. But that is optional as you can always hook it up to a boom arm, if you prefer. It’s got some weight to it as well, so you feel like you’re getting a quality build product. Just looks and feels like a premium and professional microphone. It’s a USB mic, which means you just hook it up to a USB port on your computer and you’re ready to record. It’s that simple.

It has a tri-capsule array, which pretty much means that it’s going to capture sound at very high quality. A feature you would often find in more expensive, studio mics. I was very impressed with that quality of audio it was able to record. It has 4 options of which direction it will pick up sound. And toggling through the dial on the back let’s you switch between them. The 4 options are as followed: Cardioid, which means it will pick up sound from the front for such things as voice-overs. Bidirectional, which means it will pick up sound from the front and back, commonly used in interviews. Omnidirectional, which will pick up sound all around the mic. And lastly stereo picks up sound from the left and right side. Having these options opens up a whole range of things this mic will be great for. It also has a mute button and a volume button on the front, that let’s you adjust the volume to the headphones connected to it.

This is a fantastic microphone, that is great for beginner who what to step up their mic game, to professionals just looking for a solid mic at an affordable price. Not only does it look great, but the quality of audio it captures, sounds great as well. From singing covers, to recording voiceover, to doing interviews, this mic will handle it all!
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on December 19, 2014
While I expected this microphone to catch sounds really well, it came to be much above my expectations. It caught much subtler sounds from very far with insane clarity and, because of this, I'd warn anyone who has a friend with one of those and that have great quality headphone because they'll catch many sounds (gladly with no interferences).

Because it has (apparently) an included speaker, it ends up with a large amount of buttons on it, possibly making it a little annoying to move around to play with its configurations.

Finally, it is very well built, very solid (unlike a few others I've seen that were generally made of thicker plastics), very large and fairly heavy (for microphone standards), although I'd not fear it to break anytime soon. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase, and feel it has a great price tag, even more so when it has specials put on it (seriously, it's horribly cheap for the quality it offers), and offers little to no problems (horribly easy to setup up as well).
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on January 14, 2015
Excellent gain. I wanted a very good microphone for online gaming voice chat. Didn't want to wear a headset all the time, as gaming headsets don't really have the great sound that a high end pair of Sennheiser's might have. This microphone + top end headphones makes for the best possible audio in gaming.
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on March 30, 2016
This product is phenomenal if you're looking for a durable, high quality desktop microphone with superior audio quality. I upgraded from a cheaper clip-on microphone and my friends immediately noticed a significant improvement in clarity and audio quality. I ordered the mic in black and love it's sleek and clean appearance which nicely compliments my other peripherals. I should note that it's larger than I expected: using the stand that's included, the microphone is about a foot tall and the stand has a diameter of about 5 inches. I use the microphone almost exclusively for VOIP/gaming and have little to no experience with music recording, so I can't comment on that aspect.

Pros: Quality construction, excellent audio quality, aesthetic appearance

Cons: Higher cost compared to entry level microphones

Verdict: If cost isn't an object, go for it. If you lack the requisite financials, perhaps consider a cheaper alternative.
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on January 25, 2014
It surpasses my expectations. Great value for a great price! So easy to install and use. makes for superb sound quality and so diverse.
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on September 26, 2016
This is my first microphone I have ever ordered in my life and I must tell you I don't regret about it. Build quality is awesome, looks strong and expensive. Recording quality is best among the top microphones available in the market. It is very easy to use and get connect easily to PC or laptop. User manual is provided too but personally it's not required. The only thing, I don't like about this product is the USB cable, cable looks cheap and you always feel that the plug will come out but nevertheless its not that bad. I would recommend to everyone who wants to record professionally at home.
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on March 24, 2016
Let me explain my 3 star rating and state ahead of time that the microphone is *okay* but spend 20-50$ more on something better and
you'll lose days of hassle.

There is a very low hum/buzz when you use both the microphone and its built in audio jack.
You'll have to google Blue yeti Buzz/Hum to see what I'm talking about, then you'll need to learn how to use some
programs and extra software to remove it, and if your a streamer then you'll have fun learning more about audio
channels and drowning background noise.

The packaging was damaged on the top and bottom and Blue Microphones does a great job protecting your
Blue Yeti while its in the retail box.But there is extensive damage on the top and bottom of the package as well as the tab to open the box was ripped and cut (that's the package that was inside the Amazon packaging) and it looks as if shipping had nothing to do with it (will post picture on edit)

The blue yeti itself has some black scuff marks and paint chipping *OUT OF THE BOX*
(maybe amazon said they sold me something new, but its clearly refurbished) but the mic looks used out of box.

For these reasons I dropped the product score to 3 stars, and after buying a 190$ microphone I expected much better.
I don't feel like I got my moneys worth or received a quality item that was*new* as described by Amazon
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on January 24, 2011
I was very happy to get such a wonderful microphone. Firstly, it looks fantastic, so solid, stylish and classy. Besides its look it has all features that a podcaster might need. You can plug in your headphones right into it to eliminate all delays. It has mute button and four different polar modes. So you can record yourself, an interview with your guest or even a huge group of people. Just choose the right mode. I've begun recording tons of podcasts since I got this mic and the quality of sound is awesome. In my view, it is a great choice for those who'd like to try themselves in podcasting.
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