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3.8 out of 5 stars
She [Import]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$18.81+ $3.49 shipping

on October 23, 2017
This 6th or 7th film version of H Rider Haggard's novel lives up to the best cheesy, sexy traditions of Hammer Films. You will love Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee together again in splendid colour in an equally exciting tale of another African Queen. As She Who Must Be Obeyed Ursula Andress, only a couple of years after her gorgeous debut in Dr No, is beautifully presented. The only drawback is the dubbing of her voice, obvious to those who saw her in that first Bond film or The Blue Max. Lots of fun for adventure films enthusiasts.
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on September 21, 2017
Not perfect but enjoyable to watch.
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on September 1, 2016
I have seen this movie a few years ago and enjoyed it. Glad to own it.
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on March 12, 2016
a reminder of the times
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on June 18, 2014
This is the Hammer version of SHE from 1965, not to be confused with the RKO version of 1935. Neither version is entirely faithful to the Rider Haggard story.

This Hammer version is handsomely done, in beautiful color. The DVD presentation is widescreen. The length is 105 minutes.

This is a Warner Archives DVD-R. It has no special features and not even a scene menu.

The image is occasionally flawed by tiny imperfections on the right side of the screen, little amoeba-like blobs which pop up for a second and then vanish. This happens only about half a dozen times.

The biggest problem is that this is a DVD-R, and even though it is from Warner, whose regular DVDs are always good, it has all the flaws of DVD-Rs. That is, you can't be sure it will play reliably on your machine until you buy it and play it.

The first one I ordered played perfectly for 92 minutes, then started skipping wildly for 2 minutes, during a crucial scene. After that, it settled down, but then skipped some more later. So the climax of the film was ruined. The Amazon merchant I ordered the DVD-R from sent me a replacement without making any difficulty. The replacement played fine for 80 minutes, then skipped about 2 seconds, then was fine for a bit, then skipped 10 seconds, then 20, etc. -- about five or six skips in all, slicing out 2 or 3 minutes of the film during the climactic ending section. However, when I put the DVD in for a second playing, starting it at about 80 minutes, it played fine until the end. Will it play correctly the next time I watch the film, say, 6 months from now? Who knows? DVD-R is a crappy technology. When will these manufacturers learn that customers will GLADLY pay more for a PERMANENT DVD that they can play over and over again, year after year, confident that it will perform? I'd rather pay $25 for a real Warner DVD than $17 for a DVD-R any day.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only true DVDs available for this film are from Britain, and are Region 2, which doesn't do us any good on this continent.

Back to the movie itself: the story is handsomely filmed, with a simple but mostly effective score, except for the overuse of the bouncy "journey through the desert" motif. The acting is good, with Peter Cushing turning in his usual polished performance and the other players, including Christopher Lee, Rosenda Monteros, John Richardson and Bernard Cribbins all being adequate or better than adequate. Ursula Andress is not only perfect in beauty for the role, but acts the role convincingly. One can believe she is an immortal woman and a powerful and ruthless queen. I say this because she is usually knocked for being just a beauty with no acting talent. Well, she may not be a great actress, but she was perfect in this, given the atmosphere of the film. I am told that her dialogue was dubbed by another actress, but one would not know that from looking at the film in a casual way, since the sound is almost perfectly well synchronized with her lips. Whoever the actress was who did the voice, she was perfect: her beautiful and dignified voice matched Andress's looks and acting.

The sets, special effects, etc. are all very good; the film is a feast for the eyes. I would love to see it on the big screen.

Is it better than the 1935 version? Hard to say. The 1935 actress did a good job, but is outmatched in looks by Andress. The 1935 version also departs from the African setting and from other details of the novel's plot. Also, the 1935 original was only in black and white, whereas this movie screams out for color. Fortunately there is a good colorized version of the 1935 available now, in a 2-DVD set which I recommend. So now one can watch both versions with the "color advantage" of the Hammer film removed, and compare them for other things -- script, acting, sets, plot, music, etc. But this Hammer version is very good in its own right, and I recommend both.

If you get a DVD-R that works, you should enjoy this movie, if you like adventure, fantasy, etc. The film is worth 4/5. The DVD-R gets 1/5, for good image and sound but otherwise the usual DVD-R cruddiness.
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on March 5, 2014
I would have given a five star as the DVD itself is exactly what was wanted, but it took a long time to arrive, maybe it is the fault of Canada Post which is not very good , but I did get what I wanted and a fair price.
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on March 5, 2014
Nice image, very good quality, luscious colors. Unfortunatly, I had to put the sound to a maximum level to hear the dialogues.
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on August 14, 2009
After seeing the new colorized version of the 1935 SHE version, i had to
get a copy of this version with Ursula Andrews. I finally got myself a
VHS version. It has Peter Cushing in it, one of my favorite actors and
also Christopher Lee. Once the film starts you can see already the difference in direction. This MGM version, plays a different tune.
But the difference is.........once SHE (Ursula Andrews) starts talking,
the comparaison stops there. She might be a beauty queen that could
enslave any men...but her voice...from this movie, is kinda sqeeky and
small...and that i think affected the rest of the film.
Also, wow, Christopher Lee seems very uncomftable with his part...but
Peter Cushing....when needed, let out this incredible good voice that
confronted SHE at different moments.
Its quite a movie...and im glad they made it...but the version with
Helen Gahagan is better for me.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 6, 2006
Well not quite the novel "She", by Henry Rider Haggard, but a little closer than earlier versions this movie and is quit fun to watch.

Three men back from the war, Maj. Horace Holly (Peter Cushing), Job (Bernard Cribbins), and Leo Vincey (John Richardson) are just aching for adventure. While having a good time in the local bar in Palestine, Leo is vamped by a beautiful exotic girl Ustane (Rosenda Monteros.) He gets abducted and is confronted by a mysterious and mesmerizing timeless beauty Ayesha (Ursula Andress). She gives him a ring and a map and she says "find me." His friend sees the ring and the map and says treasure. So they are off in the desert. They will soon find more than they expected, and so shall we.

The story does not quite follow the book but the adventure is still there.
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on August 12, 2002
I am writing this review here, re: the VHS, but I actually have the DVD which I cannot find in the Amazon store...still the movie is the movie whatever the format...and the review is simply for those who may never have seen this Hammer film.
Essentially, Ursula Andress (who is also in the fantastic epitome of the rainy Sunday afternoon stalwart...'Clash of the Titans'), is the Queen of a strange forgotten land who has lived for centuries due to a life giving fire, and who awaits the re-incarnation of the lost love she murdered centuries ago in a fit of pique, and this transpiring only then to be thwarted by the intervention of the jealous high priest (Christopher Lee). The book on which the movie is based is somewhat less Hammy (if you'll pardon the pun), but still the whole film has a certain class and if you like Hammer films, it is one of the best.
The ending is what makes it though...the special effects here are not so much sophisticated as downright terrifying and as a youth gave me awful nightmares for a while afterwards...didn't stop me wanting to see it again though as soon as I could.
Did I mention Ursula Andress is in it...OK, OK I'll wind me tongue in.
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