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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 12, 2014
It's a blu-ray! Good!
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Final Destination 4: "The Final Destination" was not what I expected, I mean they had the 3D glasses which made things look like they were aimed at you and all but it wasn't anything new in the Final Destination Franchise. The first three films in the series had creative death sequences and great special effects, this one doesn't have death sequences that were that great but the special effects and 3D was something cool. The 3-D doesn't work with every movie but with Final Destination it works well and can make you jump from your seat, having things thrown at you is surprising and you sort of experience the deaths which was pretty cool. While the first three had good stories this one looks as if the writers didn't know what to do anymore, the story wasn't nearly as good and it was a little predictable.

That said the only good thing about FD4 was truly the addition of 3D, the visual looks great and there's a good chance you will be scared while watching but 3D alone shouldn't BE the movie as it is here. The acting was mostly bad; I felt it was much better in the previous films, this time around you don't really feel anything for the characters. The deaths looked great but weren't anything new they were not really original for the most part. What helps it is the 3D otherwise it wouldn't even be worth watching. I liked the other FD films much better than this one which left me disappointed. It is said to be the final movie, the final destination as its title implies but can we really be sure about this? With horror movies no! If you watched the other FD movies you may want to see this one as well, however I recommend you watch it with the 3D glasses.
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on January 22, 2010
To start, I am happy The Final Destination was made. I'm a fan of the series. That said, I would have to say this is probably the weakest of the four movies. The first two had some mythology developing and that morgue guy is in the first 3 and then never explained... Would have been nice to have been given a bit of new meat on this tired story. It's identical to the plot of the first three films, except it really doesn't beat around the bush. It's stripped to a skeleton of the original plot and counts on the fast-paced 3D experience to carry you through it. I watched the movie twice in theatres and LOVED it both times... I also watched a 2D pay-per-view version... Seeing it in 2D sort of exposed it for what it really was... So I definitely would recommend making this a 3D experience. The deaths were unique and true to form for the Final Destination series. There were many nods to the first three films - The entire opening credits, "Clear Rivers" water sign... There are more but I forget them. The series continues to be lazy plot-wise with this installment, however the uniquely disturbing death scenes are there in full-force to keep you interested. Despite it's flaws, I still like the movie and I am definitely buying it to add to my collection... Wonder if they'll make Part 5. If they do hopefully they try something fresh.
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on January 24, 2017
This review should help most interested people.

First, there is great confusion when reading the customer reviews. Is it in 3D or not? Well, part of the problem is caused by how Amazon posts up the reviews. It appears that Amazon lumps together reviews for the same MOVIE, but not necessarily the same FORMAT. Therefore, the DVD reviews and the Blu Ray 3D reviews show up in both product reviews even though the product itself is different. Check it out yourself and look at the reviews for DVD and Blu Ray. Same comments appear. This creates confusion.

First, I ordered the Blu Ray 3D version (December 2016). When the package arrived, yes, there is only one disk, a Blu Ray 3D disk. The package even included a sticker indicating it is a "NEW Blu-ray 3D TM" and yes, it played in 3D on my 3D blu ray player and 3D TV like a normal 3D movie. NO red and blue glasses came with the box. Reading the reviews, my impression is as follows:
- I am not sure what the previous 3D Blu Ray discs are like. Perhaps there was a real upgrade since it was released? Were they in real 3D before?
- I would assume that the DVD version is the version that comes with the red and blue glasses, and that the movie would be shown in anaglyph 3D where there are the red and blue highlights. (making it unwatchable to some reviewers who don't use the red and blue glasses)

So, if you have a 3D TV and player, YOU WANT TO ORDER THE 3D Blu Ray version, not the DVD version.

3D content: The movie was filmed in 3D. This is important. It was not filmed in 2D and converted. It was filmed in 3D. Older movies that experienced 2D to 3D conversion had a cut-out 3D effect to it. (meaning, it's like if you took a photograph, cut a person and brought it closer to your eye. It still looks flat but closer to you) (newer movies with post conversion are better). When filmed in 3D, the result is that the 3D effect is continuous from objects up close to distant horizons. Everything is continuous, so it looks much more life like and realistic. Less of the weird double image from post conversion. At the same time, watching a 3D movie on your 55" or 65" TV at home will never have the same 3D effect as watching it on big screen in the theaters. The larger the screen, the more things would pop out at you or sink deep into the screen. So if you are watching this on a TV at home instead of a home projected theater, you're experiencing realism of the 3D effect. Some objects might fly towards you, but never really will fly off the screen and onto your face.

Nudity: Yes, there is one scene of nudity of a woman with bare chest while making love. (had to filter the words). It's a very short scene that is less than a minute long. For the curious out there, what is the 3D effect? Well, aside from being slightly more realistic compared to 2D, they are not going to stick out much. On a 65" TV and watching from 6-8' away, things don't really stick out. For an object to be perceived to stand out from more distant objects, they need to be about a meter in front. Given that a woman's chest is not normally protruding a meter, you ain't going to really notice them sticking out much at all compared to the 2D version.

Plot and gore: Very similar to the previous movies. A bit more fast paced because older movies tend to talk more and have less action while newer movies are more fast paced. Slightly different rules. Main character has multiple visions instead of only one. Overall OK.
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on July 29, 2010
but i doubt this will be the final installment.these things are so cheap to make,what with their no name actors.maybe i'm just getting old,but i found myself bored out of my skull with this thing.i guess maybe i'm just not all that entertained by people dying in gross,disgusting ways anymore.that and i just found it all too absurd.not too mention the story is old slightly less than ninety minutes,this thing is slightly less than ninety minutes too long,in my opinion.for the fourteen to mid twenty crowd,i guess this might hold some value,and yes,it would have for me,at that age,and even beyond.until recently in's only been maybe three years since i realized i wanted more from my movie thing's for sure,when the next installment comes around,that's one destination i won't be going on.for me,The Final Destination is a 2/5
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on March 11, 2011
I watched all four movies without any break to get the full experience.

Highly disappointed with the 4th movie. It was rushed, nothing was logical, and again rushed forward. I enjoyed how in the 2nd and 3rd movie they characters at least did some research and tried to understand everything even if I as the viewer already knew the answers. In the 4th movie, seems like they just knew everything! It took the fun out of it and you could see it all coming.

Skip it by far, because they only used the title to get more cash. That's it.
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on January 25, 2015
"Final Destination 4" continues the thrill ride in the "Final Destination" series of films. The plot is pretty simple and is the same as in the other films: a young person, male/female. has a premonition of death in which all his friends one by one dies.

If you like action adventure, suspense and 90 minutes to simply have fun and forget your problems this is the movie to watch. You can also view it in 3D format as glasses come with the set.

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on March 29, 2016
Ça dit partout qu'il y a le français dessus, même sur la boîte... mais il n'y a aucun français sur le DVD. :-(
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on December 1, 2016
Je ne comprend pas du tout ,C'est bien écrit français et anglais ,mais il est seulement en anglais , c'est surement une érreure de la compagnie de dvd .car j'ai une grande confiance a Amazon , je suis déçue du produit car il dit que la bande sonore est en français ,et c'est faut .
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on August 8, 2015
Why? This is not a bad movie but i don't understand why the 3d is red and's not supposed to be anaglyph 3d cardboard glasses well... So why do i have a copy with old 3d colors?
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