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on January 22, 2010
To start, I am happy The Final Destination was made. I'm a fan of the series. That said, I would have to say this is probably the weakest of the four movies. The first two had some mythology developing and that morgue guy is in the first 3 and then never explained... Would have been nice to have been given a bit of new meat on this tired story. It's identical to the plot of the first three films, except it really doesn't beat around the bush. It's stripped to a skeleton of the original plot and counts on the fast-paced 3D experience to carry you through it. I watched the movie twice in theatres and LOVED it both times... I also watched a 2D pay-per-view version... Seeing it in 2D sort of exposed it for what it really was... So I definitely would recommend making this a 3D experience. The deaths were unique and true to form for the Final Destination series. There were many nods to the first three films - The entire opening credits, "Clear Rivers" water sign... There are more but I forget them. The series continues to be lazy plot-wise with this installment, however the uniquely disturbing death scenes are there in full-force to keep you interested. Despite it's flaws, I still like the movie and I am definitely buying it to add to my collection... Wonder if they'll make Part 5. If they do hopefully they try something fresh.
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on March 8, 2010
After watching Final Destination I found the Movie unusual but very entertaining with all the events and actions it kept me in my chair and saying "What`s going to happen next".except for the packing box the 3D was not as good as it was in the previous movie I bought "Journey to Center of the Earth" In that movie the 3D was excellent and whilst watching the movie one would think that they were there, however I am pleased that I purchased "Final Destination" to add to my collection and would say it is worth buying

As an additive I am 90 years old and going back 70 to 80 years never thought in my life time I wouls be able to watch a color movie in 3D and also now be able to purchase a 3D Television of
course (when the price is right)
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on January 28, 2017
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