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on July 25, 2014
The viewing screen on certain settings looks like I'm shooting through an actual screen and for the most part not high quality. The camera uses up its battery at an very high rate even with when set to go into sleep mode in 1min. Coming out of sleep mode takes to long so don't expect to catch that spontaneous shot and for what ever reason it puts the setting back to auto so if you had it on a setting for under water or night time you have to do that again before taking the shot. I had an older version of this camera that u set the settings with a dial on the back and it stayed that way until you manually changed it. Also the battery lasted all day. I think this new version is only slightly better than the camera on my iPod and once I develop the pictures I'll be either more impressed hoping the picture I see on my screen is better than than or not.
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on March 4, 2017
I exchanged it for a different model so I don't know how it performs.
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on July 15, 2014
Water resistant is nice, but it takes cell-phone quality photos. Either too bright or too dark and you are going to get smudgy blurry photos. It works great for snorkelling, but not much else.
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on January 6, 2016
Nice camera!
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on September 8, 2011
Great picture quality and awesome durability. Works well on land and under water. Only complaint is the flash is very annoying in auto mode and is not the best.
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on February 20, 2013
I love olympus cameras. I had an old one from about 3 years ago that only broke once I had smashed the lens against the side of a canoe one too many times - and even then, there was only a tiny depression in it that let in some moisture, making my pictures foggy. This camera, by all indications thus far, seems like it will be just as hardy. Picture quality is only ok, although they're decently sharp due to the 14MP. It doesn't do well with videos in low light. However, it's what I want in an indestructible camera, and can take some really nice pictures with the right lighting and does well underwater. It also has a snazzy "beauty mode" in which the camera retouches your photos to even skin tone, etc.
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on September 20, 2012
have had 1 olypus tough for 2 years and love it. Not great for precise pics as the shutter is slow, but consistent, reliable, good battery, and tough enough to not worry about packing it anywere. this is my second olympus . 3 other brands gave up all within 1 year
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on July 5, 2011
I'm so happy with it (specially that I got it for sub-$200.
The fact that you can take it any place without worrying about losing it to water (specially that I was dramatized by this before and belive me it hurts).

1- Nice underwater quality (who needs more than 16ft).
2- Good picture quality in general.

1- Mediocre In-room quality.
2- Human interface really sukcs.

Conclusion, belive me, it is still a must for anybody who likes taking picture in outdoor rough conditions.

Good Luck.
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on December 13, 2011
I have owned three Olympus stylus tough cameras and managed to kill them all but this one. There are two reasons this one survives. The first is that Olympus has improved the quality of the seals and water resistance. The second is that this camera is so annoying to use I rarely bother to take it with me. As another reviewer commented, the camera takes a long time to start up, most shots have long since passed by the time it has started. Once started, the default setting "P" for program, is useless, so every startup requires scrolling through levels of menus. Auto setting is ok, but overly automated - it doesn't just mean auto focus and exposure- it means auto mode. Often the camera seems to think underwater mode is called for when all you want to do is snap a photo of the kids, or night time mode when a simple auto flash control is all that is needed. The dial by which you could select the mode on older models is gone - now it is all controlled by drilling through menus. Slow, awkward, and unsatisfactory.

The autofocus is also terrible. The camera chooses what it thinks is important, and the system is very faulty. You can't have depress the shutter button and get it to lock on what you want, for example something in the middle of the screen. It will chose some random object in a corner and refuse to focus on anything else. Cameras worked better a decade ago.

Battery capacity is very poor. It needs constant charging and I've already had to replace it once despite its limited use.

My previous 2 Olympus tough cameras died due to flooding. Perhaps some of the changes, like taking away the mode selection dial, have improved this weakness, we will see. This camera is so frustrating I keep it only for shooting on the deck on my boat and bought another camera for actually taking photos. Its slowness, bad autofocus, terrible mode selection, bad battery, need to constantly drive through menus for a straightforward autofocus autoexposure shot make this little better than a paperweight for most of the time. This is the last of these cameras I will buy, I'll try water resistant cameras by others if I need another. Resolution is very good but not enough to make this camera worth the effort of using it.
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on July 30, 2011
Having purchased this camera on boxing day 2010 ($179.99 vs. $249.99), I've found two areas of concern that you might want to consider: battery life and processing speed. With regard to battery life, the OEM Olympus battery that accompanied the camera did not stand up to even the most light-duty use (whereby 95% of shots were without flash). Then, purchasing two spare batteries, I found that those don't last appreciably longer either. Put it this way: this morning we took our dog on a 30 minute walk, and my camera battery died before we got home. This was the cherry on top; I've been disappointed with it on numerous occasions when on vacation or road trips. Secondly, with regard to processing speed, this camera has a long start-up time and scrolling through the menus takes longer than you would hope for. In the end, this camera has survived under water use, but it looks like Olympus put the most basic lens and processor in a durable housing. I would consider Pentax or Panasonic versions if I could do it again.
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