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on April 1, 2017
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on March 28, 2017
Music and videos from all their years - such entertainment!
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on August 2, 2003
I first saw this movie in 1983 at a 'Who Film Festival'. To see it on the big screen was incredible. This film cemented in my mind, who was the best live band ever. Have been waiting for this DVD release patiently for a few years now. I am blown away by the special features that come with this movie (DTS surround, director commentary, Roger Daltrey interview, alternate camera angles, 5.1 mix of the studio version of "Who Are You", assorted featurettes). The producers of this DVD really did a great job with the mastering and packaging of this product. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
Reasons why you should buy this DVD:
1. You will not find a better live version of any of the songs in this movie, on any other Who release. Trust me, I own every Who release there is, and many bootlegs.
2. Interviews with the band - Townshend and Keith Moon are in rare (not sober) form. These really show the four distinct personalities within the band.
3. Rare performances from the very early years & television programs that have not been released on anything else.
4. The special features mentioned above. Check out the multi angle feature for "Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" - 4-6 camera angles are available on each, so you can watch any member of the band for the entirety of the songs. Also contains a feature to view/listen to the same two songs with John Entwistle's bass part on an isolated track. Besides being an interesting feature, imagine this would really appeal to somebody that has tried to learn his bass lines.
5. The 'My Generation' opening on the Smothers Brothers show. If that kind of performance went down on Leno or Letterman today, it would probably result in authorities shutting down the show and some arrests being made.
6. Song selection - Live cuts from every Who studio album through Who Are You, except Quadrophenia. Plus some off cuts thrown in like 'Cobwebs and Strange', 'Success Story', 'Shout and Shimmy'.
7. The tour scene through John Entwistle's home, showing off his guitar collection and gold record skeet shooting ability.
8. Last live performances of Keith Moon before he died in 1978.
There may be other bands with better production in the studio, such as Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones, but this movie does a great job of showing you who the best live performance band is. Hands down it has to be The Who. Live performance was and is the Who's niche. Production can't hide what other bands are not capable of on stage.
If you need your live fix of Quadrophenia songs, I strongly recommend 'The Who: Live at Royal Albert Hall'. Townshend acoustic version of 'Drowned', Entwistle "BASS Cam" solo on '5:15' is a masterpiece.
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on June 19, 2017
I definitely recommend this item. I did a overall test after receiving it. does what it says amazing product , amazing service , amazing item, unbelieveable quality pretty nifty for the price There's better out there
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This music DVD of the Who outdoes any music DVD I have seen, simply the quality is 10/10 and content and added features are amazing.
A must get for any Rock fans who enjoy DVD technology at it's best.
The producers of this DVD have used every trick in the book.
Well done
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on June 10, 2004
This DVD is phenomenal. Extreme care - and as much passion - went into the restoration of making this one of the best rock DVD presentations ever. The Who was the greatest band on earth, and even today, they still are one of the best. Originally released in 1979, this movie chronicled the band's time with original drummer Keith Moon, who sadly died the previous fall (Sept. 1978). The color is rich with many textures - notice the sweat on Pete's forehead during "Won't Get Fooled Again," which wasn't apparent in previous, inferior video versions. Entwistle's isolated bass tracks on "WGFA" and "Baba O'Riley" will remind everyone what a pioneer the Ox was on the bass.
As a response to "a viewer from the UK," how can you call Daltrey and Townshend "two old rockers" pretending to be what they were, now simply being "their own tribute band." It's odd that people like you say this, being the fact that the only reason why Moon and Entwistle no longer are in the band is because they passed away. Watch this new DVD's interview with Daltrey and listen to his memories of watching a rough cut of this film with Moon. Pay close attention to Daltrey's face as his voice pauses, and then tell me that Moon and Entwistle wouldn't be in The Who if they were alive today. Rubbish. I always have to laugh at people when they make reunion tour jokes and bash The Who now - 99.9 percent of those people have never even seen The Who in concert after Moon died. Talk to someone who actually saw them on their 2000 tour, and be prepared to be told how they were blown away by the band's roaring performance.I saw them on that tour in Aug. 2000, the last tour with Entwistle and the first post-1982 tour where Pete was the only guitarist onstage, and they were brilliant. Entwistle sounded better that night than anything I had heard before, including "Live At Leeds." (I've been a bass player for 20 years). It's still The Who today as long as Pete and Roger call it that. (Zak Starkey has been with them longer now than Kenney Jones was). It's not quite the same, granted, but it's as much The Who today as it is The Rolling Stones today. The Stones have had more personnel changes over the years than The Who ever did (and I like The Stones too).
Anyway, this is a fantastic DVD that surpasses the quality of the original VHS tapes (which were sped up!) and laser discs. A must-buy for any rock and roll fan.
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on June 29, 2004
It took far to long for The Kids Are Alright to get out on DVD. After seeing and hearing the new special edition, it was worth the wait! Keith Moon has to be seen to be believed. The extended A Quick One really shows how amazing and entertaining he could be. The Ox Cam on the 2nd disc is a fitting tribute to the man who held the band together, but is rarely seen compared to his more flashy band-mates. This is a great package with great content and should be required in every home where music is played. Just don't smash your TV when it's over.
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on June 16, 2004
This is a "must see" Rock N Roll movie, there are not bands like this anymore. Thankfully, the movie has been fully restored,and the quality far exceeds the cinema release.
Although I would have loved it if Jeff Stein could have located
more concert footage or even added more of The Who's Woodstock
performance. I know for a fact that 5 songs were filmed, as I have seen them, years and years ago.
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on October 4, 2003
I never had to suffer the VHS 'TKAA' (which by all accounts is "flipping lousy"), as I had a Betamax recording of the theatrical release (no omissions) that was shown on a UHF pay-per-view service (c. 1980); of course, the sound wasn't so hot, as Beta Hi-Fi wasn't to be for another 15 years. I'd always watch it straight through -- never pausing, stopping, cueing, or reviewing, hoping to preserve it till they invented what I'd imagined would be "recordable video CDs" or something.
So, I bought a DVD recorder to save it with, though time [20+ yrs.] had taken its toll on the videocassette anyway (shock, horror) and then only a few months later they release this 'restored' DVD.
I'm glad to have the stereo sound, now.
I'm sure it's a real treat to see for somebody who hasn't seen it at all in all this time (Roger), as well as for those who put up with the VHS-trash (pity.)
So, now, I can crank it, and go back and look at thus & such, and pick & choose, too. Splendid.
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on November 13, 2003
Coming from a 16 year old who's never seen the Who live, or even videos of the Who live, this is the greatest DVD of all time!!! Having been a fan of the Who since I got Tommy for Christmas last year, I bought this DVD shortly after it came out and was absolutely blown away.
Reading the liner notes for each song gives you insight into each performance, and quite often made me laugh out loud. The very first song, My Generation, from the Smothers Brothers comedy hour, is hilariously funny just because Keith's drum explodes like a bomb at the end, setting Pete's hair on fire. There are also such clips as Entwhistle taking a vintage tommy gun from his bass cass to shoot down Roger solo albums in his back lawn, which is excellent, and of course, the music.
My favorite song on the DVD, and now perhaps my all-time favorite Who song, is Baba O'Reilly. The picture quality is incredible, the energy of the band is unbelievable, the sound is amazing! The cut of Won't get Fooled Again from the same concert is also one of the best moments on the DVD, when the lasers and smoke cut out in perfect sync with the end of Moon's drum solo and Roger lets out an amazingly cool scream and Pete goes sliding across the
Even if you're not a Who fan at all, you wil be after you see this. Go, buy now! Enjoy!
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