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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on November 10, 2014
My copy wouldn't play on my dvd due to the area I live
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on February 23, 2015
lips do not match up with the movie.
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on July 15, 2002
Our story opens with Meryl "look, I'm eeemootiiinng" Streep addressing the audience in a ridiculous accent that is not, in any way, Danish. She breaks up with the man she loves and then turns to his brother. Since he has money she wants, and he has a title she wants, they decide that they should get married. So basically, our "romantic heroine" reveals herself to be a trollop in the first scene. Anyway, Meryl goes south to Africa, and the marriage goes south as well. Gee, marrying for greed seemed like a good idea. Maybe her husband was driven away by that ridiculous, so-non-Danish accent. Meryl then spends what seems like an hour moping about her palatial estate, bemoaning how empty her rich, exciting pampered life is, hmm. At one point she takes time out from her moping to apply first aid to the infected leg of one of "her" Africans. This is clearly to show the audience that although she is a foreign colonialist exploiter, she's a good foreign colonialist exploiter. Yes, where would those poor silly Africans be without their benevolent White mother? Then she meets Robert Redford, who is pretending to be a British pilot. Now, Redford's character is written as an adventurous free-thinker, but Redford, a fair actor on his best day, has neither the class nor the flair to pull it off. As such, his character does not come off as a free thinker, but rather as a self-absorbed twit. Anyway, they have an affair. Now, when her husband had an affair that was bad, but apparently when Meryl "Who needs warmth when you have technique" Streep has one, its good. Still, you just know a happy ending is in sight, and that Streep will come to appreciate her rich, exciting, pampered life. If it all seems irrelevent because the heroine is not the least bit sympathetic, that's because it is. And yes, this prententious mess did beat out "The Color Purple" for best picture.
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on March 5, 2002
I had never before attempted to watch this movie prior to a veiwing this evening on TCM (30 Days of Oscar!). I am not a big fan of any of the principal participants other work (director, stars, etc.) but said, "what the hey". Man this movie was [POOR]. After reading some of the other reviews I think even less of it! Robert Redford was suppose to be British?
This may have been a true story, but I didn't find Ms. Streep's character the least bit interesting (nor her cold performance). She had to whip the tiger because she forgot to have a gun handy again. What was up with that? And all those men with her? They are out in the desert and they don't bother having a gun handy?
The score, like the accents, takes away from what could have been told in a pleasant way with foregin actors and a smaller more personal feel. Much of the cinematogrophy is beautiful but I never got the feel that (I suspect) the book conveigned about a very unique life story. Finally, too much sappy stuff for my tastes abounds throughout this one(saw that kid's leg off for pete's sake). I too could not make it past the very slow middle and ended up flipping over to Hud (starring the much more talented Paul Newman) on AMC. That is a great movie that didn't win best picture and, as far as I know, is not available on DVD(?).
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on February 24, 1999
Unspeakable. One of the worst movies ever to win an Oscar for Best Picture. It has all the earmarks of Quality Cinema: foreign accents, Meryl Streep, foreign locales, a doomed romance, excruciating tedium, and a three-hour running time. What it does not have is an interesting script, interesting direction, or really anything of interest or value. Only Klaus Maria Brandauer emerges from this ponderous disaster unscathed. He delivers a performance of wit and dexterity, and leaves one praying for his appearance onscreen. See it for him, and feel free to Fast-Forward between his scenes.
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on March 15, 1999
This movie is excrutiating to watch. The most boring film ever imaginable. This is an example of Hollywood believing that big stars and a big budget does not need to be accompanied by a good plot or a director's vision. The emperor has no clothes.
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on June 29, 2004
This is the worst film ever to win the best picture Oscar.
All the beautiful cinematography is wasted on a trite plot and tepid performances. When you start to probe further into the rationale of the characters and look for any real themes, the search turns up dust. Out of Africa is as empty as a blind man's sockets. It seems to have something there, but it lies.
To see the same type of film, but with real characters, interesting thematic elements and powerful direction, watch The English Patient.
God, I want my 3 hours back! AHHHHHHH! Die Stupid Movie!!!!!
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