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on November 1, 2010
I bought this game based on reviews from the majority of gaming publications and from the reputation of this games predecessor (Civilization IV and it's two expansions - Warlords and Beyond the Sword).

That was a big mistake, I feel cheated, and I wish I could get my money back.

Six weeks after being released, the game still has a whole slew of technical issues. The one that affects me personally is the following. Since the game's release I've started five different games and haven't been able to finish any of them. After around 50 turns into each game, I encounter a bug which causes the game to persistently crash when loading my saved games.

The game has been streamlined to be marketable to a wider audience. Many of the concepts from it's predecessors have been dumbed down. The most glaring of these is the tech tree which has been drastically shrunk - so much so that you are likely to research every single thing in any play-through. This really reduces the game's re-playability - you end up doing the exact same thing each game, it gets boring very quickly. Another issue with the tech tree is that units become obsolete faster then you can build them (a unit may take 13 turns to build, but the technology that unlocks a vastly superior unit can be researched in only 4-5 turns).

The game also has terrible balance issues. For an in-depth exposition of those, please follow this link ([...]). In short, the optimal winning strategy involves building a sprawl of tiny clone cities which don't differentiate from each other in any way. City placement doesn't matter because terrain resource bonuses are negligible. There are only three terrain improvements, and you generally only build one of them (trading post) because the others are mostly useless (mine) or rendered redundant (farm) by another game aspect (maritime city states which provide food to all your cities). Building production and maintenance costs far exceed the usefulness of said buildings so apart from 3 or 4 basic buildings, you don't need to build anything else in your cities. How fun does making the exact same city over and over again sound? Sure, you can spice things up by building more unique cities but the game will punish you for doing so because it deviates from the optimal strategy.

Finally, the AI in the game is abysmally stupid. To quote one of the few negative reviews of this game, "The game's AI can't play the game it was designed for". The military AI will simply march it's vast army of units single file to be slaughtered by a few well placed units of your own. It simply cannot cope with the strategic aspect of the new one-unit-per-hexagonal-tile design.

Patches may be released to address these issues in the future, but many of the game's design problems are deep-set and are unlikely to be fixed.

My final advice to would-be-buyers is to wait a year and then check online to see if the technical issues have been worked out and whether the game's balance problems have been addressed.

Don't repeat my mistake and buy it on the reputation of Civilization IV. This is a much different game with a whole slew of problems at the moment.
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on October 19, 2010
I find the new Civilization is slow and just doesn't have that edge which the 4th version had. Dropping religions the game was to my mind a big mistake. The game feels static. I love the civilization series and have played all of them but I did feel the 4th version was a high point. This version also had a buggy install which forced me to download the "Steam" gaming site. At 4.6 gig over a stillite link in the north this was tedious to say the least - especially when no one was able to help me at the Steam Web help line and I had the disk with the full game in my hands.

Having said that I do like the new combat system but that isn't enough to save this for me. Save your pennies and buy the Gold Version of Civ 4.
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on November 11, 2010
Normally I am not one to write reviews of products I have purchased and used for some time. This game however is so poorly designed that I feel I have to warn everyone (especially "CIV Fans") NOT to buy this game! Like many fans of CIVILIZATION 3 and 4 I looked forward with great anticpation to playing the next challenging level of this series. There in lies the big disapointment! This new game is neither challenging nor an upgrade from the likes of CIV 4, or CIV 4 - Beyond the Sword. It seems like the producers, in an effort to rush out some sort of product by the release date, significantly "Dumbed-down" the game play of CIV 5. Gone are many of the elements that made CIV 4 - Beyond the Sword so enjoyable and re-playable time after time (e.g. Religion, Corporations, Civics, etc.). Game play itself (what little I have managed) is clunky, time consuming, with far too many menus occupying valuable board space. But perhaps the most annoying problem with this new release by Sid Meier's is the fact that is was knowingly released choc full of bugs! The game simply does not play properly on a vast number of systems (both high and low end PCs). I have personally experienced seemingly random Crashes and lock-ups of the game. Somtimes I can play for 50, 60, 100 turns before the game suddenly freezes my entire system. Other times CIV 5 crashes after just 3 turns (and usually before you can save your game)! I have the hastily released patch applied and have even tried many of the "Fixes" suggested on the 2K forums website. None of these have worked to resolve the major crash problem. Hey, I'm not a programmer and should not have to "Fix" the bugs the Sid Meier's people released with this inferior product!! Overall a disapointing waste of $55.00. I will not (actually CAN NOT) play this game again, and would reccomend that anyone seriously thinking about buying this product wait a year or so for ALL the Bugs to be ironed out by those at Firaxis. As others have said, Sorry Sid, you blew it big time on this pre-mature release of your flagship series. Next time .... Write a good game; beta test; patch; more testing; Release; then earn your money (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!).
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on October 20, 2010
Worst game release Ive ever played! Ive played stage 1 beta's more polished then this. If your a fan of Civ you'll know #4 came out pretty badly as well but this one takes the cake on trying to get your money first then finishing the game development later. Hold off a few months on purchasing this one.
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on October 2, 2010
Really, really sad that this was released. All the great work to bring the game to what Civ4 presented... only to be tossed away. It is clear that the developers did not even look at what made Civ4 a success. All the key features of the game are gone. Great graphics... but not worth buying. The history of Civilization will be clearly defined by this release as an absolute failure.

No longer an epic feeling game. The music and feeling is gone. The diverse methods of playing have been dumbed down to almost what you would fine on the Wii or playstation.

Nothing wrong with Steam. Program works fine. Loaded fine. Updated fine.
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on December 27, 2010
Civ 5 is powered by a virtual entity called Steam. Unlike previous versions of civilization, the hard copy is not enough. I don't know whether the faults and defects belong to Sid Meier or to Steam, but my version of the game is unplayable causing my display device to crash consistently. Before you buy, read the other reviews here. I didn't and am I sorry. I have always loved Civ but this experience means the end of the line for me.
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on May 4, 2014
it took half a day to instal from the disk and then it's just boring.

i had civ ii and iii and liked them a lot so i though it'd try this one. but this is just dumbed down to the bare bones.not being able to stack units is a really bad modification. having able to navigate oceans without a ship is dumb.this is just not civ. you may like it, but not if you liked civ ii and civ iii.

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on February 21, 2013
It could be a great game...but it keeps on crashing with Windows 8. I specifically asked Firaxis games and they assured me there would be no problem with Windows 8 so I bought the game.
Every few turns (and more frequently as the game goes on ) the games closes down with a Windows message that there is a problem and Windows has to close.
I have been in touch with Firaxis technical support. They seem to have no idea what the problem actually is. They sent me a long list of things I should disable on my computer and then see what happens ( including virus protection. I don't think so!), and perhaps I should reinstall etc etc. I have no intention of doing any of this.
My PC is a perfectly standard up to the minute piece of equipment. Firaxis are peddling a game that wont work on such a system. I am not a computer techie and I don't understand why they can't produce a game that works!
My strong advice DON'T BUY IT
which is a pity...I have always loved the Civ series and I will miss it
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on November 13, 2016
From the beginning I had trouble loading game. Software wanted me to load something called Steam. Never got it loaded properly. No idea why I should load it. Gave up after several tries.
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on March 5, 2012
bought the game hours ago, disc just prompts a steam install requiring a key, key worked fine, steam install DOES NOT WORK. very poor steam customer support, email only, no replies, not to mention no solutions for other people with my problems. game is probably great, but if you're trying to buy it legitimately, you're going to get screwed.
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