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on April 30, 2014
What can I say, there is definitely something reassuring about having a decent mouse and keyboard combo.

The keyboard is solid and has a nice palmrest as well along with two different settings for height/angle. I was dreaming in technicolor I realize but was hoping the screen had some assignable functions but it really just does caps and num-lock, battery indicator, mute, etc. That being said, it is handy to be able to look at the status of the keyboard at a glance, particularly the battery function because its normally just guesswork with the KB just ceasing to function once the batteries die.

As for the mouse, in a word its awesome. The dual scroll rates are great but did take a while to get used to. The assignable buttons are also pretty key. Overall very solid feel, what I equate with Logitech in terms of quality (and this price point for that matter). Conforms very well to the hand, I spend typically 8-12 hours a day on the PC (i'm a grad student) and my hand doesn't cramp on this mouse like it does on cheaper non ergonomic designed mice.

So all in all, great setup would buy again in a second.
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on March 2, 2013
Logitech quality has gone up, from my limited experiences. I still wouldn't recommend their low-end mice to most people, but their higher end peripherals are excellent, as is their customer service.

This keyboard is light, but stays stationary. The buttons feel great, and the hotkeys work as they should.
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on October 11, 2013
I received the package and had the keyboard and mouse working and synced to my laptop in 2 minutes. The USB receiver is very small unlike my past keyboard so i don't have to worry about damaging it when in use on my laptop and never have to worry about losing it as it can stay in the USB slot at all time. The keyboard and mouse are both of top quality and have many custom macros available and has many gaming specific options. If you want to invest in a superb keyboard and mouse this product is for you.
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on September 20, 2013
Battery life extra-long, precise mouse and great overall quality level. I like how the keypad feels cushioned. Don't hesitate to buy one.
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on January 22, 2016
I use this keyboard at work and was apprehensive about it at first sight but after using it for 4 months it quickly became one of my favorites.


- Soft keys seems to reduce finger fatigue.
- Soft keys take some getting use to, but I did turn to like them.
- The media player keys work with the Spotify app and this is one of my favorite features, but they don't work with everything. Having dedicated media player keys really saved this keyboard from a poor review.
- Battery still says 100% after 4 months.

- The LCD display is useless and just make the keyboard feel bigger.
- This keyboard will feel like it takes up more space than a keyboard should because of it's odd shape.
- I do not like the mouse, but it is usable.
- The mouse wheel feels cheap and is completely useless unless you enable the scroll lock button which raises the question why it even has the button to begin with.
- The back/forward buttons are way to small and the forward button is difficult to use.
- I found the mouse weight to lite.

If you have to buy a combo at this price range you might be hard pressed to find a better set, but the Microsoft combo is very comparable in quality as we have that as well at the office. I would have taken the keyboard from this set, and the mouse from the Microsoft set and been happy.
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on September 28, 2015
I've had this combo before, and loved it. When it came time to buy a new one for my other setup, I thought I'd be just as happy. I do believe I received a dud with this one though. There is a mouse button that changes the scroll speed from a "fast scroll" to a "line-byline scroll". This button seems to be broken since it has no effect, and also doesn't make the clicking sound like my other mouse makes. I'll probably just buy a new M705 because I do change the scroll function quite often. The only reason I rated this as 4 stars is because of the broken button, which was probably just a quality control issue, or possibly a shipping or packing issue. If It weren't for that, it would receive 5 stars from me.

Besides that one issue, the mouse and keyboard are both very comfortable for me. The keyboard is quiet as can be, which is good in my case since I use it in a quiet environment. I do still get a slight tactic feedback when pressing the keys, but it's far from the feeling of a nice mechanical keyboard.
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on February 16, 2015
I've always been a huge fan of Logitech products. The MK710 doesn't disappoint. I was using a K800 illuminated keyboard before but after a couple of years of constant use the keyboard stopped charging properly. I do find the MK710 keyboard not to have the same solid feel as the K800 but I do like the feel and find the padded wrist rest comfortable. I was able to link up immediately and was using the keyboard within minutes. I very much enjoy the recessed keys and the hot key functions work extremely well. There are only 2 things that stopped me from giving the keyboard 5 stars. The on/off switch is very small and not always easy to open without moving or lifting the keyboard. Most importantly is that there is no backlight which would have made this a definite 5 star product. Lack of backlightint makes it hard to see the battery indicator and "on" indicator. As for the mouse, I'm still using my M500 wired mouse which seems to be a better fit in my hand. The functions are the same as the wireless mouse and I do like the fast scrolling ability. I just find it a bit inconvenient to constantly turn the mouse over to open and close. The wireless mouse is a bit smaller than the M500 but I have tried it and have no complaints. I suppose eventually if I need an extra usb port I'll use the mouse more often. As usual, the product shipped by Amazon arrived 3 days early and in perfect condition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product whatsoever. It was also $15.00 cheaper through Amazon then one of the major office supply companies. So I definately would rate this four and a half out of five xtars. Very satisfied with my purchase and no regrets..
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on January 18, 2015
Fantastic! The product arrived early and in perfect condition!

The Keyboard

1) Note that this keyboard has softer, quieter keys. It's perfect for writers, but the depressed keys are not ideal for gaming .
2) The handrest is an excellent upgrade from the detachable plastic one. It is well cushioned and firmly attached to the keyboard.
3) Useful screen displays battery life, active keys.
4) Hotkeys are very easily programmable.

The Mouse

1) Very comfortable for medium to smaller sized hands; might be slightly small for larger hands
2) A very handy quick scroll vs. graduated scroll button on top of the mouse.
3) Handy programmable keys on the side

Overall, I would highly recommend this bundle to writers, typists and casual users. Unlike previous version, the wireless connection is actually wireless. A tiny USB connects the devices, freeing up some desk space and wire clutter.

Note that this combo is not ideal for gaming at all.
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on June 1, 2014
Many of the features work as plug and play.

I was very hesitant and when I first started using the keyboard, (I thought the keys were too high, and I didn't like the "cushion". But after 2 hours of typing I can honestly say that this is the comfiest keyboard I've ever used. Definately a $100 keyboard, I could feel it in my fingers.
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on February 3, 2014
I use the keyboard/mouse (mostly the mouse) on a small home entertainment system, which is run through a laptop. The range of the keyboard/mouse is quite good. I mostly use it at a range of about 5 feet (less than 2 metres), and have had no problems so far. After 3-4 weeks of use, no sign of battery weakening, but this is not particularly telling for this type of product.
The keyboard is comfortable, as is the mouse, though I find the left and right click slightly on the sensitive side for the way I use them. The product appears to be solid and I look forward to using it for months (fingers crossed for years) to come. The LCD screen on the keyboard is a nice touch.
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