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4.5 out of 5 stars
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4.5 out of 5

Four friends, all failures. Adam's (John Cusack) wife just left him. His nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke), is a stay-in-the-basement nerd. Nick (Craig Robinson) works at a pet spa and Lou (Rob Corddry) is suicidal.

And it's Lou that gets them into trouble because when a suicide attempt lands him in the hospital, the four friends decide to return to a small town, the glory place of their youth, and try and cheer him up.

Greeted by a bellhop named Phil (Crispin Glover), who lost his arm long ago, the four friends try and party like they used to in a town that is no longer the cool place they remember.

After one drunken night in the hot tub, they suddenly find themselves back in 1986, and what's even weirder is they also look like their younger selves. (Though onscreen we see their present-day selves but in mirrors it's their younger versions and that's what everybody else sees. Nice touch on a time travel story.) Once coming to grips of their predicament and while trying to figure out a way "back to the future," they vow to maintain the space-time continuum and repeat what they did back in 1986 so as to not accidentally execute the butterfly effect and destroy the timeline. They swear to do things as they did it and how they did it back in 1986. Except little do they realize it's much easier said than done because no one wants to go through that horrific break up all over again (great white buffalo), or get their face bashed in, or sleep with a hot blonde though you're married to someone else in the future. (Actually, this last scene was done quite well.)

Guided by the aloof and cryptic hot tub repairman (Chevy Chase), these four misfits either accept the misfortunes of their past or, if they're daring enough, try and right what went wrong in the past in the hopes for a better future.

Being a time travel nut, I had to see this movie. I went opening night. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

This flick was an ode to time travel movies, especially Back to the Future (and having Crispin Glover in it, who played George McFly in BttF only added to it). The 80s fashions, gadgets, phrases, music all amounted to a true trip through time and really convinced you that you were along for this crazy ride via hot tub time travel.

This movie is so tongue-in-cheek yet at the same time wasn't just stupid slapstick comedy, but instead opted to take itself seriously enough to sell you on the concept.

Now, I'm not sure if you're like me or not, but I really appreciate buddy-buddy humor--you know, the teasing, the kicks between the legs, the sarcasm--and the time-traveling quartet were just loaded with it, so much so you wished you were a part of their little group. And, really, the way the tale was presented in this flick, yeah, you were.

So many jokes, so much sarcasm, so much fun. This movie was just amazing and I'm counting the days till I can grab the Blu-ray for my collection and watch it over and over.

My only gripe was the coarse language. A handful of times in a movie--though, for me, a bit jarring--I can live with, but when it's every second word then it becomes too much and it pulls you out of the flick during those little blurts of profanity.

Now I just need a hot tub time machine of my own to go back in time and check this flick out in the theatre again without having to spend the $10.25 (Canadian) all over for it.


A.P. Fuchs
Canister X
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Do you like comedy movies with heart? Characters instead of charicatures? A plot that matters? Then Hot Tub Time Machine is not for you!

This is a modern comedy, along the lines of The Hangover. Outrageous situations, gross-outs, vulgarity and hollow characters. But I liked it. What can I say, I'm easily amused. I don't mind this kind of movie, and to me the performances by Cusack and Corrdry sell it.

Plot in a nutshell: Three dudes plus Cusack's nephew are going nowhere in life and in their relationships. Trying to dip back into the past, they visit the same ski resort that they went to back in '86. It's gone downhill since then, but after a drunken night in the hot tub, they wake up (gasp!) back in 1986, forced to relive one of the most interesting vacations of their lives! Will they do things the same? Will they try to change the future? Can they even get back to the future? Watch to find out!

Each character has his own trip to relive, Corrdry's being the lynchpin of the whole situation. The plot is pretty simple but the movie is fun. Music from the 80's -- Poison, The Crue, and more -- make this a movie for the balding generation. Heck, there's even a vintage-looking Poison concert complete with some dude that looks exactly like CC Deville circa Look What The Cat Dragged In. If you're from the 80's, you'll enjoy reliving these moments. If you're not, you'll wonder how the hell we managed without txt msgs.

The ending was a twist I didn't expect, and I enjoyed the cast plus special guest Chevy Chase. I enjoyed reliving my own 1986 (even though some tunes, such as Kickstart My Heart didn't come out until '89).

Blu-ray special features include commentaries, deleted scenes and extended scenes. The best deleted scenes were multiple takes of Corrdry, who's comes across as a pretty funny guy. Digital copy is included but don't ask me about it, because I don't use them. All I know is that the digital copy is just the "rated" version of the film.

4 stars. For retro-heads. Cusack fans hoping for another High Fidelity better keep hopin'. Don't stop believin'!
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With a name like "Hot Tub Time Machine" I didn't expect a sophisticated movie. I expected a 1980's style sex comedy with gratuitous nudity, potty humor, and a couple of good jokes. That is exactly what you get.

Four people with dead end miserable lives go to a resort that three of them once stayed at back in 1986. They go with the intent to cheer up Rob Corddry, who they believed attempted suicide, when really he just did something stupid. The place is run down and not as they remembered. While drinking in the hot tub they get transported back into time. Chevy Chase makes an appearance as a Hot Tub repair man and hints that they need to do everything the same, or else they might alter the future. Attempting to remember all the bad and good things that happened that night, they go out to reproduce it, finding it equally hard to not to change the past as it is to change it.

The movie includes music from 1986 as well as frequent drug use, drinking, and sex. Chevy Chase's role is almost cameo. A great movie to watch with the guys and have a few beers as long as you are higher than your expectations.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 18, 2010
Hot Tub Time Machine can be described in the same way as its title; ridiculous, stupid and at the same time, funny. Many reviewers have found this movie to be plain stupid and obviously did not get it or simply couldn't get it; HTTM is definitely NOT a smart movie and will certainly not help raise your IQ. Someone who views it could possibly hate it the same way he hated movies such as Superbad I'll be the first to admit that as much as I enjoyed the movie it's dumb, really dumb. But you know what? It's what I like about it, it doesn't try to be smart and it's just a fun movie with this crazy plot that doesn't make much sense. This type of humor will not please anyone and the rating on amazon shows it. But really what do you expect of a movie with such a title?

Adam and his friends Nick and Lou (along with Adam's nephew) go to snowy Kodic Valley, a place that holds great memories for them but they quickly realize that a lot has changed since then. Their hotel rooms has a hot tub and that night they do something that makes the hot go back in time, in 1986 precisely (you probably knew that a hot tub was going to be there at some point and that it would act as time machine, no spoilers there). The fun only starts there as they discover that what they do in 1986 could change their futures. Having a fondness for the 1980's in general (especially Motley Crue!) would really help you appreciate the movie, on the other hand if you can't stand 80's references you should stay clear of Hot Tub Time Machine. The movie references Motley Crue, Michael Jackson, Poison and mostly the MTV era, they even captured the clothes, the fashion and all. What really made me like the movie were the characters, Lou and Nick really carry the movie.

Watching Hot Tube Time Machine may either bring some fond memories, make you hate the 80's even more or wonder why you watched it in the first place. The reviews for HTTM are clearly mixed and not everyone will enjoy it. Oh and the movie clearly earned it's rated R rating, just so you know there is bad language and sex scenes. I like HTTM for what it was, it's a funny stupid movie and should be taken for what it is. 4 stars
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on July 25, 2010
I thought the movie was overly funny, I recommend watching if you like comedies, you will laugh at this movie, I guarantee it
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