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on April 24, 2011
I have only been using this product for about 3 days and I'm ready to write about it. There is only one thing that I find annoying about the setup but I might of missed an option is that there is no way you can mute chat without hearing a chime every 30 sec. (Also if you mute the blue tooth volume you also get a chime). That is my only gripe and that does not influence my enjoyment. First things: you need 2 double A batteries. They last me 3 days of probably 20 hrs of playing. I switch to rechargeable after the batteries that you get with them died. The headset is light, sturdy and confortable. The input is digital optical cable for my PS3 which is the reason I bought it (there are other input options as well but i dont know anything about a xbox/PC/HDTV hook-up). The sound is probably the best you will ever hear and with the video quality of movies and video games as good as they are the headphones seem to enchance the visuals to the level that you cant get with crappy speakers or headphones. There are a number of presets you can mess around with but I havnt the need too. Also it can be update with new firmware. The transmitter is fairly small with a nice rank for putting your headphones on. It also has a feature where you can plug in another set of WIRED headphones and a 2nd person can listen as well with a indepentant volume control. As well you can also answer your cell phone (blue tooth enabled) while wearing the headphones and talk while you are playing or watching a movie. The controls are actually on each side of your headset and these are non-obtrusive but easily identified. In short I got what I paid for and more.
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on July 18, 2013
Sound quality is excellent, treble is smooth and clear, bass is deep and penetrating like with a sub woofer (no it is not the same but damn for a set of headphones its close) and having the ability to stream from the tv/game console as well as a Bluetooth device is an awesome bonus. The first game I played was "The Last of Us" and my god having these headphones on sucked me right into the game universe, the footsteps of people and zombies/infected running behind you, the far off screams of those unfortunate enough not to escape from the hordes of undead, the distant sounds of explosions... truly an all new experience with these headphones. The only downside is battery use. After plowing through an 8 pack of high end AA batteries in no time at all I invested in some rechargeable batteries instead. Now I've got no complaints, on average I'm getting between 8 and 12 hours of use out of the headphones before needing to switch batteries. Definitely a solid investment if you want high end sound quality but don't want to disturb the rest of the household.
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on June 11, 2012
I share a living room with my roommate, so I really need a nice set of headphones in order to watch videos online or play games. I am connected to my PC, and although the setup was a bit of a pain, the overall experience has been awesome. My speaker system is 5.1 surround, so getting that same feel in a set of wireless headphones is awesome. I wish that the sound was able to travel entirely through Bluetooth without the need of a wireless digital optic signal, but, from what I've read, the result isn't as good. I can't say that I have any problems with this headset, and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on January 24, 2013
The only negatif point is that you need to buy 20$ of rechargeable batteries AA(4) and a charger for 10$. The 7.1 surround sound is great but i got few complaints about the microphone making noise in DCUO (only). The headset will only work properly if your PS3 is wired, if your PS3 is wireless you will get lag if you play online the sound of your microphone will be horrible.
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on May 4, 2011
I must say I was torn between these or Tritons, and I'm very happy I chose these. They are very comfy and the sound is awesome. I highly recommend these headphones.
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on September 21, 2013
Seul default sa fonctionne aux batteries AAA rien mentionnais cela dans les detail pour le reste je lui donne une
cote 9/10
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on February 16, 2015
biggest waste of money, broke within a month
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on February 10, 2013
Regardless of how many wireless devices are running in my condo, this thing pops and clicks all the time. Turned off everything, router, laptop antennas, smartphones, not a single other wireless thing running in the condo except the Xbox wireless controller and a single bluetooth antenna. All at least 2 feet away from the base. I'm sitting 3 feet away from the emitter. I've had these for over a year and never managed to enjoy wearing them. Not once. Maybe these are good in the middle of a desert.
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on August 1, 2011
Hello after looking for a good surround sorrand hedged ,finally I find one ,which is Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset + Bluetooth.
I recommend this head set to anybody,it has excellent surround sound it's wireless ,well I'm very happy with it.IT's good for listening music,play video game and watching the movies,thanks manufacture,keep up excellent work
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