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on August 26, 2010
At long last season two is now available. Interesting it is now marketed by Visual Entertainment, licensed by Universal. Season 1 was marketed by Universal and unfortunately the quality is a not quite as good. It comes in one package with 4 discs
1) The Night of the Wizard
2) Blues for Sally M
3) Cop of the Year
4) Terror Times Two
5) No Hearts, No Flowers
6) The Fine Art of Staying Alive
7) Two Dollars on Trouble to Win
These appear to be full episodes, but no Mystery Movie theme this time either. There are no additional features. Boy would it be nice to have Susan Saint James do a commentary! Lets do a write-in campaign to have her participate in the next season release! I had no problem reading the discs, and there was a bare bones menu with the episode choices, with a snazzy yellow do not cross police tape as the cursor. I thought the image quality was not quite a sharp as season 1, with visible film defects on occasion. However, the sound and color quality was fine, and it is clearly a professional product and not some copy from TV broadcasts. Fans of the show will be pleased, but its too bad it will never be on BluRay! Hopefully sales will be adequate to get the remaining seasons out soon! I would rate this as a 5 for content and 3 for quality.
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on October 2, 2010
PLOT: Season two from the NBC series McMillan and Wife after YEARS of waiting for SEASON TWO~ here it is and it WAS worth the wait~ San Francisco Police Commissioner Stuart McMillan and his lovely wife Sally solve crimes~

SEASON TWO~ Season *one* has issues with nearly all the DVDs with freezing~ THIS SET PLAYS JUST FINE~ hats off to VEI Canada for releasing this along with NBC Univeral~ HIGHLIGHTS ARE: NIGHT OF THE WIZARD~ Sharon Aker and John Astin as a seance gone very wrong~ (John Astin also directed several McMillan Episodes) Good~ BLUES FOR SALLY M~ EXCELLENT~ Blues prodigy Keir Dullea dedicates a song to Sally M ~ whom he has never met~ soon everyone is receiving death threats including Sally~ very good mystery here~ and Mildred as her SARCASTIC best~ COP OF THE YEAR~ SGT. Enright has his ex wife murdered and it looks like he is the chief suspect~ HO hum~ TERROR TIMES TWO~ WHY DID EVERY 1970'S TV SERIES HAVE AN "EVIL TWIN EPISODE?"..LOL... this one has Mac's evil double show up and Sally and Mildred and wondering why Mac is acting so "odd"~ VG~NO HEARTS NO FLOWERS~ Sheree North as one of the FIRST criminal "profilers" on TV when Sally is receiving Candy Hearts and Flowers followed up with death threats~ very good story and Susan James at her BEST~ BEST episode of this set~ THE FINE ART OF STAYING ALIVE~ When Sally is kidnapped and her ransom is a "masterpiece" ~ lots of GREAT flashbacks on how Sally and Mac met and his proposal~ VG* * ADDED fun is MILREDS "view of the courtship is hysterical"~ TWO DOLLARS ON TROUBLE TO WIN~ an adopted Uncle has someone ADDING STRESS hoping to his severe heart condition hoping he will die~ I GIVE THIS SET 5 STARS FOR CONTINUED MCMILLAN FUN AND LOTS OF GREAT STARS AND GOOD WRITING~and of COURSE MILDRED (NANCY WALKER) AT HER SARCASTIC "BEST"~

A FEW MCMILLAN FAST FACTS~ SEASON two was the HIGHEST rated of all the 6 years it was on TV~ several Emmy and Golden Globe NOMINATIONS occured and also see Susan St. James SISTER who looks just like her but has BLUE EYES in two "bit parts" one if NO HEARTS NO FLOWERS as a police woman "double" and in THE FINE ART OF STAYING ALIVE ~


LETS hope SEASON three does not take YEARS to be released~~ HINT HINT HINT~
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on September 5, 2010
Since Season 2 is not available in the U.S. yet, I ordered it from The reviewer who wrote about the noise was correct. There is such a loud humming noise which emanates from the DVD player that you're forced to turn the sound up very loud on the TV to drown out the noise being made by the DVD player. With that said, however, I am still pleased to finally have Season 2 on DVD. The sound on the episodes & the video quality is acceptable. No extras, but hey...Season 2 is finally out on DVD!
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on June 23, 2010
This is an update as I have just received the dvds. The prints look good and clean but there is something wrong with the pressing of these discs. They would only play in one of my two dvd players and made so much noise in the unit that played that the noise was too loud to enjoy the program. Everyone should check all 4 discs as soon as they receive them.

The second season finally arrives! Many thanks to Universal for for contracting this series out to another distributor after they decided not to release it. This series is classic 70s mystery and deserves to be released in it's entirety.
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on October 4, 2010
Great to see more of my favourite of the Mystery Movie set after so long.The picture quality is verey good and thankfully the disc plays without continualy freezing,like the first seasen did-i hope we don,t have to wait years again for the remaining four seasens.
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on October 15, 2010
VEI has done a Great Job with the release of this classic NBC Mystery Movie Series. If you like great mysteries,and great stories,with timely humor,good action, and great chemistry between Rock Hudson and Susan St.James this series is a MUST for any TV fan whether it be past or present. Picture and sound quality are great! A Great series to enjoy a good stroll down memory lane with, back in the days when they "Really used to know how to make classic TV shows!"
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on March 8, 2011
Where to start? mcmillan's first season was a gem,season two brings us back to sweet seventies .
The seven épisodes are classics featuring many guest stars,among them sheree north,jackie coogan
and more.Susan saint james and Rock Hudson's witty lines are a delight!Rock Hudson,unlike many current actors,
doesn't play coolness,he IS cool and smart!look for episode 4"terror times two"where he's replaced by an "evil
double",I can't wait for season 3!
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on June 14, 2013
Mcmillan he is a chief of police and this wife helps him find out the truth about a lot of crimes. They find out how kill people on the crime scene. It is a great T.V. Series. You need to watch all the t.v.series because it a mystery and it makes me laugh because because the chief police hired a maid to do the chores in his house and she is so funny also. Francine
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on August 6, 2010
I have preordered mine good price too can't wait to get this been like 5 yrs since the 1st season release if its anything like the ist season i know this will be just as good or better cross my fingers.
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on October 23, 2010
I really like the pairing of Rock Hudson and Susan St James. Probably the reason I never cared for the later seasons when Sally was not on the show.

If you liked the first season you will enjoy the second as well. Alot more of the same. And when Sally is involved whether with the maid, Mac's mother or whoever it just adds to the whodunit enjoyment for me. The fashions are another reason I love watching this show. I can easily watch these episodes over and over again and still enjoy them.
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