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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 8, 2010
Mutant X: Season 1

I really enjoyed this TV series and would give it a four star rating, BUT these new 4-6 `clipped-stacked' Alliance Films releases are really getting me `bugged' off. I've purchased over the last year Seasons of BeastMaster, Lexx, Earth: Final Conflict, RoboCop, Outer Limits: The New Series, PSI: Factor, Mutant X and all but a few have had at least two to all six discs loose in the case with scratches after opening them. I realized what's the use of returning them for exchange, as it will continue to happen again. The packing gets a one star rating and also because of my following note below, I can only give this Alliance Films release at best a three star overall rating. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: this new re-release of Mutant X: Season 1 on Alliance Films IS NOT in Anamorphic Widescreen (only Full Screen, with the sides cut off the Widescreen version) and DOES NOT contain the great BONUS FEATURES that were both available on the original A.D. Vision release. At least it does contain both English & French soundtracks not available on the original release.
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on February 26, 2005
Alluring , original larger than life characters.Aderenline pumping , heartstopping action. Intruiging mysteries intermingled with drama , light hearted bantering and romance. A complex gripping plot.Brilliantly choreographed fights. Fantasy and aci-fi rolled into one with the modern world as the backdrop this series is the very epitome of creativity and ingenuity.
I am astonished how people manage to watch the monotonous 'reality t.v shows' that are anything but real.How those shows claim the acclaim to fame I'll never know.Some of it is so clearlt scripted that you have to wonder if the people who watch turn a blind eye on purpose.But I digress...
As I was saying , it is beyond me how shows like that can flourish when such a brilliant series gets almost no publicity or courage.This is actually the only show in television that can rival with the grand scope of farscape. Most people think of it as an X-men spin off , but don't be fooled by the marvel stamp of approval.This is far superior to X-men in all forms and better than most sci-fi movies made today.Beacuse unlike them , it has a great storyline to go with its special affects.
There is shalimar , the fiery 'feral' whose mutancy involves the physical prowess and abilities of a feline.She can leap great distances.Twist and turn with acrobatic ease and is a polished martial artists.
Then there is smart Jesse , a molecular. He can control his state going from translucent to as hard as steel in mere seconds.He can walk through walls, render bullets harmless among many things.He also acts as the computer specialist for the group.
Then there is decieving, gentle Emma.A psyonic she can manipulate and influence peoples minds.(I especially like how the show takes this 'over used' power and uses it in new ways unlike anything charles xavier ever used).She can project images to make her appear to eb soemone else.Make mental blocks and sense through many realms.
And then there is cocky Brennan.An elemantal , he can control and wield lightning as well as being a very good martial artists .He can get past almost any security.Break into cars , and even instantly kill anyone who gets in his way.
Led by Adam kane, a brilliant scientist in their mountain fortress sanctuary, they fight against genomex.The creators who gave them there supernatural gifts, and made outcasts of them and many others.Together they must help other mutants and stop Gabriel ashlocke.A mutant who has the powers of every type of mutant and wants revenge on those who created him.
Give this amazing series a chance.It is as great as it sounds.
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on November 27, 2008
I have to say...I agree on the point that this show didn't get the attention it sould have had. Of ALL sc. fiction shows that runs on air those days, none of them got me like that. Mutant x is not just about sc.fiction, it's got heart. U actually really feel for the caracters as they show us each of them getting to know who they are better and evolving among each others and with each others...Friendship, family and romance gets as much of the screen as the action and adventure and it's always entertinning to watch. Give it a try!!
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on September 8, 2015
perfect all the way
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on August 27, 2011
I was looking for a new tv show to watch. I was attracted by the X-men theme, but I had never heard about
Mutant X. Now I know why! The acting is bad, the music sounds like cheap techno music. Too much use of slow motion,
the editing is bad and the special fx are cheesy! I barely got to the end of the first episode! Final review: DO NOT BUY THIS!
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