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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: LP Record|Change
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on June 17, 2004
Deftones- " White Pony"

I remember it was in 2000 that I was on my way home from working construction and the radio was on. The DJ gave a little intro and then played Change. I remember being floored and getting goose bumps . I didn't want the song to end it was so addicting.
I bought the cd a little later . Then I saw them in Pheonix Az at The Celibrity Theater. THE BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER SEEN. Chino was all over the place. When we got there all the good places were taken so I was like this sucks, but then Chino came up the railing and sang 2 or 3 songs right infront of us and. He was right there giving everyone high 5's and connecting with the crowd. Life Changing for sure. My buddy Matt was patting him on the back and kick'n it right next to Him. When I say close, I mean like right in front of our faces. It was crazy.
Well sorry for giving a huge story there. On to the review:

Back to school 5/5 :awesome song, they purpose went for the whole high school thing as a poke fun at those kind of bands that try to stratigically sell to the nerds and " picked on Kids".

Just buy the CD.
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on May 22, 2004
I'd have to say this is my favorite Deftones album. Lots of screaming and awesome riffs as usual.
1 -- Back to School 9.5/10 Not much screaming here, its the best song to start off the album with.
2 -- Feiticeira 8/10 Never really listened to this song much. It's an ok song but definitely nowhere close to the best song on the album.
3 -- Digital Bath 10/10 Slower deftones song, no screaming. One of my favorite songs on the album. Starts off slow but gradually gets better.
4 -- Elite 9.5/10 Awesome song, another one of my favorites. Its literally ALL scream!!! took me a while to actually listen to the whole thing but it gets a lot better the more you get into it.
5 -- Rx Queen /10
6 -- Street Carp 5/10 although it is kind of a cool song it gets very annoying very quickly. I can't stand it anymore.
7 -- teenager 8/10 slow song with nice drum beats and vinyl dust static in the beginning, Everything fits perfectly into this song, no screamo.
8 -- Knife Prty 10/10 Very awesome song, starts slow like most but gets up beat by 19 seconds of time. GO GET YOUR KNIFE GO GET YOUR KNIFE!!!
9 -- Korea 10/10 Just an all around good song.
10 -- 8/10 cool song, Chino sounds a lot like Tool in this song.
11 -- Change (In the House of Flies) 10/10 another slow song but one of my very favorites
12 -- Pink Maggit 7/10 not very original starts off very very slow with a ton of high pitched voice until about 2:43 then it all turns into Back to School.
Over all awesome CD still gets 5 stars even when some songs get low ratings.
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on April 20, 2004
While "Adrenaline" (probably my fav.) and ATF were amazing in their own right, "White Pony" was a major step forward for the 'tones. Here, they focus a little more on ambiance and build on their songs from beginning to end moreso than ever on songs like "Digital Bath" and "Passenger". Yet, they still managed to keep their hard edge with possibly their hardest song to date, "Elite" (I don't know what that reviewer who said "Korea" was the hardest was thinking). By anyone's else's standards, this is the achievement of a lifetime. However, with by Deftones' standards this doensn't reach 5 star status. While songs like "Street Carp", along with the highly experimental (for the 'tones) "Teenager", aren't complete flops, they come up a little short of the genious of the rest of the album.
Oh, one other note. I'm glad I have the origional version, without "Back to School", because it's a horrible song and Chino knows it. He openly regrets making that song (it's a shortened and slightly altered version of "Pink Maggit"), which he did just to shove it to the man by showing how easy it is to make a hit single after they were accused by the radio stations of going soft.
Other songs to check out are: "Feiticeira", "Knife Prty", "Change (in the house of flies)"
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on April 11, 2004
Ok, I cant even classify Deftones or stick them to a label. They're too good for that. They're sound is as unique and as beautiful as their songs. To me, they are unparalleled, and this CD proves it. Every song on the cd has a different emotion and feeling that is conveyed. Here is what every song makes me feel...
-Back To School- A rush from start to finish, a feeling of energy, emotion, and action. You'll find you cant get this song out of your head. Awesome in every way.
-Feticeria- Anyone who says this song is mediocre, needs to hear it again. My favorite, the vocals and drumbeat fit together perfectly. Just listen to the drums. The bridge for this song is AMAZING.
-Digital Bath- I can only convey this song in one word... BEAUTIFUL.
-Elite- Get angry! Anytime that you're mad at someone and feel like you need release, listen to this song. Dont pay attention to the lyrics, just the sound of it. You'll think they wrote this song just for you.
-RX Queen- Another song where the drums, vocals, and guitz work together like harmony. Great song. Deep and Dark.
-Street Carp- Good rush of energy and Guitar riffs. Classic song that holds its ground after many times played.
-Teenager- Mellow, dramatic song. Chill out or sleep. Again, the beat is amazing. I love the way the DJ works into this song.
-Knife Prty- Out of anyone I've talked to, they'd say that this was their favorite song off the CD, and you'll see why. Its amazing, deep, and beautifully put together. GREAT.
-Korea- This song is like a suckerpunch. It comes out of nowhere and it blows you away. It comes in hard, calms down, gets hard again, and never lets you forget it. I love the sound.
-Passenger- Maynard's appearance on this is great. This song is so elegant, yet stays true to distorted guitar. Chino's voice and Maynard's are so much on the same level you'll have a hard time differentiating. This song is the best on the cd.
-Change(in the house of flies)- This song is so full of life to me, I can listen to it once only listening to the singing and be blown away, then do the same for the drums, then guitar, then bass, and it all has different effects. Great song.
-Pink Maggit- Perfect ending for a magnificent cd. Instead of just landing a hard song and dropping you off, leaving you wanting more, this song eases you slowly and dramatically towards the end of the cd. Oh, you'll still be wanting more, but this last song will at least make the cd seem more complete.
And thats what I think about this cd. You'll love it, trust me. This CD is worth buying. Through and through.
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on April 7, 2004
Before going into detail about this album i'd like to say that i am very pleased and dare i say amazed by this albums follow up to their album "Around The Fur" which to me was below par for deftones due to the fact that the album had too much rap influences, and also it lacked the originality and majic this album and their debut had. However as for this album the Deftones are as original and experimental as can be, once again proving that not all nu-metal is bad. Vocalist Chino is better than ever showing us more of his stunning vocal ranges and abilities as show on Digital bath, and it looks like the drummer has outdone himself on this album showing us once again his excellent style, making him one of the best drummers in the nu-metal scene. As for the bassist and guitarist they are honestly quite somewhat decent at what their doing, however there not a band you look for if you want technical solo's(if that then just stick to dream theater), and the new percusionist seems to be quite handy for the deftones creating eerie and a moody atmosphere to the songs(digital bath, rx queen). Positives about this album that are worth taking note of, include that this album has a very high replay value, and that you can listen to this album in any mood, and this album also contains some of their greatest songs.
Some songs worthy of my approval include their slow atmospheric song "Digital Bath" which without a doubt deserves the hype its getting by their fellow fans. "Knife Party" is a well crafted medium paced song with graphic lyrics that will send shivers down your spine, and "Passenger" is a breathtakingly haunting song in the veins of "Knife Party", with its memorable chorus, and Maynards groundbreaking vocals.
My only complaint about this album is that while this album like i said features some of their best songs, it unfortunatly features a few rushed ordinary tracks such as "Feiticeira", "Street Carp" and "Change", and although i said this album has a high replay value thats only because of those three terrfic songs i mentioned before. My last complaint is that this album is a tad overated, especialy its creativity, though this album still is creative. Otherwise aside from my negatives this album is great, the Deftones are once again holding the flag for nu-metal. Recommended
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on March 28, 2004
I actually give this record 4.5 stars...
This is a grossly underrated album. The craft and bleeding heart aggro-pathos of Chino and crew cut like a hot knife in butter(sad cliche, I know) and leave the listener with the strong sensation of having survived a night in the heart of Vietnam or something. The emotional assualt is the real killer: Chino's passionate delivery is like a strangling cry in the night, one that wakes the dead and your unfortunate neighbors(have done it in real life, though dead did not actually awaken from their abode, but cranky neighbors did) when played at full decibel in perfect stereophonics. Some of the more mellow tracks, such as "Teenagr", "Digital Bath" and the closing number, afford the emotional connection to the listener without fabrication and stagnation. These moments, along with first rate production (thanks to Terry Date) bring to life a strong and unique presence under the californian musical sun. I havn't listened to the first 2 records by Deftones, and to be honest, I probably wouldn't want to. The fact that this CD alienated a lot of people in it's bold full speed ahead strident swagger, is proof to me that they pulled a Radiohead(albeit, one more convincingly then the aforementioned) and cut their lossess with die hard fans to find a new niche in their craft, and in the process, came out with a weighty, heady, and slightly disturbing alt-art-rock masterpeice. Though sorely underestimated, "White Pony" throughs around more then it's weight, and for that, I applaud the Deftones for bringing originality, passion and art back to nu-metal, or whatever you kids call it. Through and through, a great record with virtually no weak moments. Highly reccomended.
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on February 23, 2004
There are certain people who wrote reviews for this album that completely ripped it apart and only gave it one star. It's easy to tear it apart when you don't even understand it. One reviewer wrote that the song "pink maggit" was just a cliche song that many bands tackle, dealing with the agony of High School long after they are out of school. The person wrote that review didn't understand Chino's real feelings behind the song. I read an interview one time with Chino where explained how he wrote that song to sort of goof on all the other bands who whine about High School, on purpose. He said that with that song, he wanted to paint a picture of being lifted up on people's shoulder's at school like he was some high-school heroe. He was going for painting an image that was very corny on purpose. It's a good song and witty, if you think of the irony.
anyways, the deftones are one of my favorite bands and show definate maturity on this album instead of conforming to the rest of the "nu-metal" hybrids out there. THis is one of the best album's i own. I love the lyrics and how metephorical they get. They're cryptic and mysterious, yet poetic, not empty like other bands.
Digital Bath is my favorite track on the CD and probably the best simple four minute single i have ever heard. Yes, it was released as a single, but you will never hear another song like this.
If you life your music mature and different, i would recommend this CD.
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on February 13, 2004
This album is the greatest album I have ever listened to.Chino Moreno's clean powerful vocals create an earth-shattering,unique sound unlike any other.The lyrics are erotic,deep,and somewhat like a bizarre twist of beautiful,shady poetry.Stephen Carpenter's harmonious guitar,Chi Cheng's ground-breaking bass,Abe Cunningham's rythmic drums,and Frank Delgado's hypnotic turntable sounds make an awesome melody that somehow blends with Chino's vocals and sends an aura of dark and bone-chilling music that embraces your ears and mind.Dont be fooled by my words , this is easily the the most captivating and brilliant album in history.Whether you like to headbang with songs like "Elite",or be caught in deep emotion and suduction with songs like "Change(in the house of flies)"and "Passenger",you must get this album!I give much respect and best of luck to Deftones for inspiring me to become a better person and helping me out with my band.Thank you Deftones. Sincerely , Zach Groth
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on January 14, 2004
This album is nearly perfect. It's so good, in fact, that even the weak moments are interesting. So let's get those two weak moments out of the way. First, this album was re-issued about 6 months after its initial release with the first track (Back to School) added. Back to School is a rap/rock version of the (superior) final track. It works, in a way, because the tempo change and new lyrics emphasize the strengths of both songs. But it's also a cynical marketing plan that needlessly tested the patience of fans --- they already bought The White Pony the week it came out, so the re-release makes them buy it again for just one (not so) new song.
Second, this album is a little too long. Almost every listener will find one song that doesn't quite work. For me, it's Passenger, a duet with Tool's Maynard James Keenan. It should be amazing, but it's a little flat and uninspired. Other listeners will want to axe Teenager (very different from the rest of the CD), or Elite (which is packed with screams, a pure heavy metal track). (Personally, Elite is one of the best hardcore songs I've ever heard. It's so thick, it almost sounds like funk.)
With those exceptions, this is a flawless album. The Deftones picked up where Jane's Addiction left off, comfortably working in the "art metal" genre without apology. In fact, these guys probably couldn't do it any other way --- they're too talented to be squished into the rap/rock straightjacket. Chino Moreno is best known for screaming like a lunatic, but if you pay attention, you'll notice that he spends most of the album whispering and singing beautifully. He's in the same league as Mike Patton, using his voice in unpredictable ways, adding drama to every song.
If you only have room for one Deftones album, make it this one. It's full of brilliant songwriting, veering back and forth between all-out noise and introspective beauty. I bought it over a year ago and it still sits close to my CD player, ready to go four or five times a week.
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on January 5, 2004
First of all, I must ask why alot of the people who reviewed this album said the lyrics were evil. The only thing I've ever noticed is that the lyrics are cryptic if anything. I guess everyone has their own definition of "evil". Cannibal Corpse's lyrics are evil, pansies. Anywho, this is a great album as we all know. I really can't pick a favorite Deftones album. Chino has the greatest voice I've ever heard.
Back To School 8/10 - This song is pretty catchy. I didn't like it at first because it has "rap" parts but it grew on me.
Feiticeira 9/10 - I remember that this was one of the first songs that i liked from this album. Someone said the lyrics are meaningless, I guess some people can't interpret them. The lyrics paint a nice portrait in my head.
Digital Bath 9/10 - Excellent song. Would have given it a 10 but I think it drags on a bit too long at the end.
Elite 10/10 - Great song. I think watching them rehearse this on the cd extra feature is what made me instantly love this.
rx queen 10/10 - sweet song, great lyrics.
street carp 6/10 - the chorus kinda sucks. good riffs though.
teenager 8/10 - nice song, different.
knife prty 9/10 - great song, would be better if they didnt have some lady howling in the background reminding me of Pink Floyd.
Korea 10/10 - This song should have been a single. It's my favorite song on the album. Awesome lyrics, awesome riffs, awesome vocals. Put together very nicely.
Passenger 7/10 - Exceptional song but I think Maynard is overated, ooh, i can sense everyone getting mad about that last comment, who cares, he is. I usually skip this track.
Change 9/10 - This song rocks, the ending goes on and on though. Gets to be too repetitive.
Pink Maggot 11/10 - I know i said Korea was my fave song but this one may be my fave, maybe it's a tie. This is one of the best closers to an album ever. This song can send chills down your spine the first few times you listen to it, it's just a spectacular song.
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