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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on February 23, 2004
There are certain people who wrote reviews for this album that completely ripped it apart and only gave it one star. It's easy to tear it apart when you don't even understand it. One reviewer wrote that the song "pink maggit" was just a cliche song that many bands tackle, dealing with the agony of High School long after they are out of school. The person wrote that review didn't understand Chino's real feelings behind the song. I read an interview one time with Chino where explained how he wrote that song to sort of goof on all the other bands who whine about High School, on purpose. He said that with that song, he wanted to paint a picture of being lifted up on people's shoulder's at school like he was some high-school heroe. He was going for painting an image that was very corny on purpose. It's a good song and witty, if you think of the irony.
anyways, the deftones are one of my favorite bands and show definate maturity on this album instead of conforming to the rest of the "nu-metal" hybrids out there. THis is one of the best album's i own. I love the lyrics and how metephorical they get. They're cryptic and mysterious, yet poetic, not empty like other bands.
Digital Bath is my favorite track on the CD and probably the best simple four minute single i have ever heard. Yes, it was released as a single, but you will never hear another song like this.
If you life your music mature and different, i would recommend this CD.
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on January 5, 2004
First of all, I must ask why alot of the people who reviewed this album said the lyrics were evil. The only thing I've ever noticed is that the lyrics are cryptic if anything. I guess everyone has their own definition of "evil". Cannibal Corpse's lyrics are evil, pansies. Anywho, this is a great album as we all know. I really can't pick a favorite Deftones album. Chino has the greatest voice I've ever heard.
Back To School 8/10 - This song is pretty catchy. I didn't like it at first because it has "rap" parts but it grew on me.
Feiticeira 9/10 - I remember that this was one of the first songs that i liked from this album. Someone said the lyrics are meaningless, I guess some people can't interpret them. The lyrics paint a nice portrait in my head.
Digital Bath 9/10 - Excellent song. Would have given it a 10 but I think it drags on a bit too long at the end.
Elite 10/10 - Great song. I think watching them rehearse this on the cd extra feature is what made me instantly love this.
rx queen 10/10 - sweet song, great lyrics.
street carp 6/10 - the chorus kinda sucks. good riffs though.
teenager 8/10 - nice song, different.
knife prty 9/10 - great song, would be better if they didnt have some lady howling in the background reminding me of Pink Floyd.
Korea 10/10 - This song should have been a single. It's my favorite song on the album. Awesome lyrics, awesome riffs, awesome vocals. Put together very nicely.
Passenger 7/10 - Exceptional song but I think Maynard is overated, ooh, i can sense everyone getting mad about that last comment, who cares, he is. I usually skip this track.
Change 9/10 - This song rocks, the ending goes on and on though. Gets to be too repetitive.
Pink Maggot 11/10 - I know i said Korea was my fave song but this one may be my fave, maybe it's a tie. This is one of the best closers to an album ever. This song can send chills down your spine the first few times you listen to it, it's just a spectacular song.
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on May 1, 2002
The Deftones are one of those bands that has become a victim of its own success (and fans). Too often, they're grouped in with the current wave of rap/metal bands polluting the airwaves and MTV. On the contrary, the only thing that the Deftones share in common with bands like Korn, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit is their fanbase. "The White Pony" demonstrates why this band deserves a second look from critics and fans alike.
Although this is really a rock album at heart, there is much diverstiy among the songs on this disc. "Elite" and "Street Carp" showcase the Deftones roots in hard rock, as both tracks are relatively straightforward and guitar-driven. On the other hand, there's the acoustic "Teenager" and drum loop-heavy "RX Queen". There are also more experimental tracks like "Passenger", which features Maynard James Keenan of Tool (another band that's often misjudged in critical circles) sharing vocal duties. This song and "The Boy's Republic" (a track that, unforunately, is only available on the limited-edition version of the album) are the two standouts on a disc with few low points.
The rest of the album is populated with groovy, slower paced (yet still heavy) tracks like "Change", the first single from the disc. Most of these songs, if released by another band that was marketed differently, would probably appeal to many indie and college rock fans. In fact, despite my admittedly eclectic tastes, this is probably the album that's spent the most time in my cd player all summer. "The White Pony" serves as both a guilty pleasure for indie rock eletists and perhaps a gateway to better music for rap/metal fans. Definitely Recommended.
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on July 1, 2003
the deftones have been one of my favorite bands for a while now. their debut cd, Adrenaline is definately worth checking out as well as their 3rd cd, White Pony. The two are much different however. Adrenaline is almost a hardcore-punk cd. it's great. it really really is. White Pony shows a gloomy hardcore-punk band exploring w/ a new sonic, almost "spacey" sound. i love it and i think you would too.
the album varies a lot from style to style, which i think is nice. the opener is "back 2 school". it's a deafening anthem for anyone ending their summer and going back to school. (as corny as that sounds, this song actually is pretty damn good.) other nicely done heavy songs on White Pony include "elite" and "knife prty". both just deftones doing their thing...kicking bum.
there are also some damn good slow jamming songs too. "digital bath" and "change (in the house of flies)" both equally rock lyrically and musically. "passenger", one of the album highlights f/ Maynard of Tool, is quite amazing. "teenager" is a hauntingly beautiful song.
THE POINT: this album rocks. it shows a lot of growth from their last cds. it shows that they can be different and versitle and still be good. it's not a lot like their other cds, musically, but its still damn good and worth checking out.
Stand Out Songs:
1. Change (in the house of flies)
2. Passenger f/ Maynard of Tool
3. Knife Prty
4. Elite
5. Digital Bath
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on July 18, 2003
I have to say Deftones have been my favorite band for a very long time but even i wouldn't expect them to churn out something this excellent. This album singlehandely in my opinion showed that this band can do whatever the hell they want and all the other bands are going to have to work alot harder when they around, and this band isn't going anywhere. The band kicks in with "Feiticeira" and just let loose. Then what has to be one of my favorite songs ever "Digital Bath" the song is so beautiful and it just enthralls you into the sound and make you believe you are living the song and that is what i love about this band. They can play some of the most heaviest sonic blasts ("Elite","Korea") but at the same time some truly beautiful music ("Teenager","RX Queen"). I think the other standout tracks have to be "Knife Prty" which is more reminscent of Jane's Addiction then Limp Bizkit (no offense to Fred and the boys), and "Passenger" which features the guest vocals of Maynard James Keenan of Tool/A Perfect Circle and aids the perfect amount of atmosphere to the track. This is something any fan of music should own (just excuse the first track)and if you don't own it already this is your wake up call.
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on November 4, 2000
First of all, I didn't have the original White Pony. I got this because it was the same price, and had an extra track. If you don't have this version, you can download Back to School from the CD Xtra. Okay?
Now to business. This is a wonderful album. Each song is unique, so I have to reveiw it song by song.
Back to School: An excelent song/single. I'm glad I got this version because it's so cool. The second most agressive song on this album, sounding like a combination of Minus Blindfold, My Own Summer, and Pink Maggot. It's argualbly the best song the Deftones do live, too. 10/10
Feticeria: This is not as good an opener at Back to School. It still is good, however. The lyrics are a bit clear for a Deftones song, like My Own Summer. However, it still isn't personal, so in the end, it's just your regular Deftones song. 7/10
Digital Bath: One of my favorite songs of all time. This features Chino on the guitar, and has weird lyrics like Root. However, this is NOT a mosh pit song. It is a bit slow, but makes up for that in its great sound. 10/10
Elite: Yuck. This is nothing but ultra heavy riffs, and Chino screaming, "When you're ripe, you'll bleed out of control!" After reading the lyrics, I discovered what this song is really about. If I say it in this review, won't post it. 3/10
RX Queen: This is a weird song. It features the new DJ as a second percussion part. Nice cryptic lyrics, though. 5/10
Street Carp: Short and heavy. Sounds like a shorter version of Feticeria with better riffs. Probably the fourth heaviest song on the album. 8/10
Teenager: SOFT is the key word. This slow song abot high school romance is toughing, but doesn't sound like the Deftones. If you like this song, get any Eels album; it sounds a lot like them. 6/10
Knife Prty: A combination of all the styles of this album like Root and Far Away were on their respective albums. I like the screaming female vocals in the background 10/10
Korea: This is a great aggressive song like 7 Words. Great transition in the middle like Root. It's the opener in the Back to School tour, and in my city, it got everyone up. 10/10
Passanger: The best song on the album. It features Maunard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame. The vocals and riffs are amazing stuff. 10/10
Change: A bit slow; too misleading for a first single. If you ask me, Korea would have been a better single. Oh well... it's still a good song 7/10
Pink Maggot: In every Deftones album, there's a good, long closer. This is no exception. Starting off with slow power chords and vocals, this evolves into a song that I like as much as Back to School. There's a nice heartbeat noise at the end. 10/10
Well, that's my two cents. If you haven't got this album already, buy it. It totally rocks.
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on June 16, 2001
I was never really into the Deftones, but being a huge TOOL fan a friend told me to buy "Adrenaline" back in 96. As soon as I heard it the Deftones were instantly my second favorite band other than TOOL. I personally think White Pony may be a bit better than any of the other two albums. I think they have found their sound with white pony. I enjoy it because it isnt the "KoRn poser" some bands try to be. But every song on White Pony is Great! My favorites are "Passenger" (Maynard and Chino's voices go perfect together), "Elite" (the heaviest awesome song), "Change" (great song even though it has been played nostop on the radio), "Digital Bath" (Awesome song), "Back to School" (A little too Bizkit but pretty good), sorry if I dont mention any of the others but i havent memorized the titles. Listen to it before you buy it because if you are a rap hardcore ICP listener you might not like it. If you like t check out TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE, STAIND, NOTHINGFACE, COLD, SEVENDUST. It is great
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on August 4, 2003
i LOVE this album. i bought it b-cuz my mom says it is her favorite. i bought it with an open mind, expecting at least a mediocre CD. what i found shot me through hell and back again. it was so good! here is my personal review of each song on the album:
1. back to school (mini maggit): rap/rock song, sorta like LP or limp bizkit. it is actually a grow-on-you song because it doesn't sound like deftones. but listen to it with an open mind and you will love it. one of my favorites. (only featured on re-release.) 10/10
2. feiticeira: a mediocre song, no chorus! the beginning beat is pretty cool, but the lyrics don't mean much. 6/10
3. digital bath: my mom's favorite song in the world. i like the beat. they lyrics are kind of disturbing... 10/10
4. elite: the hardest song on the album. it has a good meaning that all celebrities should think about. 8/10
5. RX queen: OH GOD!!! MY FAVE!!! this is the best song on the album! the chorus is so melodic and it also has a good meaning that all celebrities should think about too. 10/10
6. street carp: an OK song. it is the shortest one on the album. the chorus has a "sum 41" feel to it. even though i like it, i find myself skipping it alot. 6/10
7. teenager: slow. terrible singing. worst song on the album. it sounds like my great-grandmother singing with a hernia. 4/10
8. knife prty: second worst song on the album. too slow and long. i skip this, teenager, and street carp alot. 4 1/2/10
9. korea: second hardest song on the album. a good one too. not quite "a fave" though. it has a good beat and a good song to skate to. 8/10
10. passenger: my second favorite song on the album. maynard james keenan from the band tool is on this song. too long though, but the vocals more than make up for that. 10/10
11. change (in the house of flies): my third favorite song on the album. it is a sad sorta song an a good song to listen to if you are sad. 10/10
12. pink maggit: i don't like this. has similar lyrics to back to school. to slow and long. has a good meaning, though. 6/10
this got 91 1/2 out of 120. doesn't sound like it made very good, but it did. trust me. buy this CD with low expectations and it will grow on you like a wildfire on a redwood tree. (funny, huh? :P)
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on February 13, 2004
This album is the greatest album I have ever listened to.Chino Moreno's clean powerful vocals create an earth-shattering,unique sound unlike any other.The lyrics are erotic,deep,and somewhat like a bizarre twist of beautiful,shady poetry.Stephen Carpenter's harmonious guitar,Chi Cheng's ground-breaking bass,Abe Cunningham's rythmic drums,and Frank Delgado's hypnotic turntable sounds make an awesome melody that somehow blends with Chino's vocals and sends an aura of dark and bone-chilling music that embraces your ears and mind.Dont be fooled by my words , this is easily the the most captivating and brilliant album in history.Whether you like to headbang with songs like "Elite",or be caught in deep emotion and suduction with songs like "Change(in the house of flies)"and "Passenger",you must get this album!I give much respect and best of luck to Deftones for inspiring me to become a better person and helping me out with my band.Thank you Deftones. Sincerely , Zach Groth
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on May 26, 2001
An excellent cd. The songs range in emotion, from heavy to soft. There is a great contrast between a more sedated sound then, to songs like elite. Also, for anyone who likes Tool/APC, you'll love Passenger, which uses Maynard James Keenan's vocal talents. personally, i feel that this cd is as good as around the fur and adrenaline. if you don't have either of those, be sure to get them. my personal favorite songs are: street carp, elite, change (in the house of flies), and pink maggit back to school (also known as mini maggit)is ok, though pink maggit is better
i'd like to add Chino's comments on elite (it's full of metaphors, infinity 2)
"this is laughing at everybody trying to become what they already are. if you want to be one of the elite, you are. im sort of the a**hole in the song, pretty much talking sh*t about everybody else. you're supposed to feel stupid after listening to it and wonder what it is to be elite." - Chino
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